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Visit 9 powerful Energy vortex points on a 13-day journey of personal transformation. The best travel reveals parts of ourselves that we never knew existed. As we move through Romania's 7 active chakras + 2 other powerful Energy points, you will have the opportunity to 'open up' and experience yourself in a new, very insightful way. The time is split between traveling, visiting, and relaxing in beautiful natural surroundings in the company of a small group of like-minded people. It is a journey for your body and soul alike and it is my strong expectation that you will feel like a newborn at the end of this trip: full of energy, creativity, and a new zest for life

I am a traveler and spiritual seeker. This tour is for people who are interested in spirituality, energy work, and personal development. We are going at a very relaxed pace, the focus is on getting to know oneself and each other, conversations and activities to create personal breakthroughs! As you will see, Romania provides the perfect space for doing just that.

The accommodation ranges from 3* and 4* hotels to boutique traditional guest houses. We will spend 2 nights in the middle of the trip, in a hotel with a full-fledged spa, and 2 nights by the beach. The basic price is based on shared rooms. Single rooms are available as well for an extra charge. Did we get your attention? 🤩 Book your seat on the spot or reach out for full details ☝️

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Accommodation for 12 nights
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
You will arrive in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, on your own terms. We'll have a welcome dinner, get to know each other and talk about the trip. Spend the night in an iconic hotel right in the heart of the city (tip: look up :)


Day 2-3
Welcome to your ... Chakra! After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast, we start our journey. Driving right into Romania's beautiful land and strong energy, about 4 hours later we go straight inside the 1st energy vortex of this tour and get acquainted with our unique individuality. Can you guess which chakra is it? In the afternoon Dr. Laura Elena Cojocaru, an experienced psychotherapist, NLP trainer and energy worker will give us an introduction into the body's energy system. End the day with a tasty Romanian dinner and spend the night in a traditional guest house.


Day 3-4
Cross the mountains at 2000m altitude, visit a cave, take in the beautiful scenery, go back in time to the first mining town and pass through another Energy vortex, the 2nd of our trip, or is it the 1st? Towards the evening we will reach our last stop of the day, the Land of Decebal and the 'Dacians', Romania's indigenous people and one of my absolute favourite places throughout the country. This whole area is so vivid and infused with such strong energy that several shamans, Tibetan yogi's and modern day explorers moved here in the last decade. We'll spend the evening and night here while enjoying a strong shot of Romanian hospitality in yet another traditional guest house. River walks and traditional bathtubs are in order.

Șimleu Silvaniei

Day 4-5
Today we visit the ancient site and temple of the Romanian indigenous people from more than 2000 years ago. It is a time for deep grounding into a strong cultural identity, meditation, and a quest for Truth. Indeed, they all come together in the 3rd Energy vortex of our journey. Afterwards, we will continue our journey towards the next point. About 3-4 hours later, we will reach our destination, and have the rest of the day free. It is time to unwind, relax and prepare for the next day, maybe the longest and most mysterious day of our journey. You know what they say, "The hardest journey in one's life is from the mind to the heart"

Câmpulung Moldovenesc

Day 5-7
We start the day with climbing the ruins of this old fortress and diving deep into one of the most mysterious and dense parts of our energetic body. Today is about exploring partnership, relationships, and the power to choose in our own lives. Many of our ancestral archetypes and family patterns live here. The diseases originate in this energy center and they are activated by the fear of losing control. After we are done exploring this very controversial center, we try to gain back control and set ourselves on the road. A long journey awaits us, blessed with beautiful scenery and a lot of famous stop opportunities in the North part of the country. We will reach our destination late but we will spend 2 nights here, in a 4* hotel with SPA. The next day is an opportunity to relax and enjoy to our Heart's desire. We can visit 1 or 2 Unesco heritage monasteries, some of Romania's most popular touristic attractions but only if you want to, this whole activity is optional. You can choose to have the entire day for yourself and do something completely different instead. I am sure everybody will feel just at home at this 'core' point of our trip.


Day 7-10
Welcome to Brasov, welcome to Romania! We will travel most of the day and visit two important points along the way. I can't tell you much about them, but this is the day to get friendly with your 'higher self'. It's a day filled with spirituality and practicing your connection to the divine. We'll reach our destination towards late evening. Brasov is a beautiful medieval town with a well-preserved citadel and home to one of Europe's largest cathedrals, Biserica Neagra. It is one of Romania's most visited cities, by foreigners and Romanians alike, and there is something to do for every taste in here. We will be spending the next 2 days in Brasov with enough time to enjoy some of its attractions. For the 1st day, there is an optional visit to Dracula's Castle or any other activity you might prefer. On the 2nd day, we will take advantage of Brasov's location to visit one of the country's most iconic, beautiful, and famous energy points: the Romanian Sfinx. Many stories have been written about this mysterious monument, including ones that connect it to the pyramids of Giza and Machu Pichu.


Day 10-12
It's time to make our way to the last of the 7 chakras, the 9th energy point in our journey, the 6th chakra, also called the Third Eye. Are you confused? Good, because here is your chance to get some clarity. Ajna is the chakra of vision, intuition and mental power. Conveniently situated close to a body of water, in a very quiet and empty space, this place will bring you lots of peace and wisdom. It is an opportunity to look within with an open mind and solve some of your most confusing dilemmas. It is the last energy point in our trip and the best way to conclude all that we have learned, experienced or decided through this journey. We will spend the next 2 nights in a location close to the beach, where you will have a full day to enjoy the sun and the Black Sea.


Day 12-13
Our trip comes to an end here! On the last day, we will only be taking the journey from Constanta to Bucharest and have the whole day in Romania's capital. Free time until the end of the trip. Accommodation will be in the same place where we spent the 1st night of the tour.
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