Road Trip and Holiday Escapade In Kenya (Mombasa and Watamu) for 10 days

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Hellooo... Has Kenya ever been on your bucket list at any time? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you find partying and travelling to be something you can do? If yes or no, this is your perfect opportunity to get to have to experience wild fun while doing many different activities across the city. I am Elisha, 27 years old, outgoing, likes to have fun with friends and I finished my Bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism management but currently im in the mood for trip before i start my masters. I've always loved the idea of hiring a car and go on a road trip around, engaging in different activities with friends, enjoying the nature, taking pictures, trying different food (I love food 😀), seeing wild animals, heading to the beach, boat riding, snorkelling and even camping somewhere for a camp fire. My travel plan is open to suggestions from my TripMates and I don't mind sharing rooms as long as we all get the chance to have an experience of a lifetime. I have planned routes and accommodation, where we will get an apartment and share in Mombasa and Watamu. We will do a split cost amongst us, while the car hire and activities will be paid on site. See you soon 😊
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Trip Itinerary

Haller Park

Day 1-2
We will take a train to Mombasa for accommodation and it's where we will visit the first spot that is haller park. At haller park we will get a chance to visit a game sanctuary, reptile park, see a small demonstration fish faming, palm garden, crocodile pen and a giraffe viewing point. Before we do that we will have checked in to an apartment that we will stay while in Mombasa after arriving.

Mombasa Marine Park

Day 2-4
The second day we will visit the Mombasa marine national park where we will engage in activities like sun bathing, marine life viewing, fishing, boat riding, diving and bird watching. We will do that almost the whole day and if we wouldn't have completed we can always continue the following day where we can also eat while floating in a boat.

Mamba Village Centre

Day 4-5
East African largest crocodile farm. Here we will get the chance of learning about the life cycle and behaviour of crocodiles. We will also get the chance of seeing them fight for morsels during feeding time and also carry baby crocodiles. we will also walk through a garden that displays carnivorous species too, plants and even get to taste game meat.

Gede Ruins

Day 5-6
We will have a chance to go through the ruins and the museum where we will learn interesting things about fascinating culture of the Swahili people and the ancient town they created. Since we will be at Gede ruins we will also pass by kipepeo butterfly house and also take part in a small traditional dance with Randu Giriama dancers.

Bio Ken Snake Farm

Day 6-7
Ever had an interest in knowing about snakes and even hold them. As a kid i liked visiting a snake park after school just to hold and at bio ken snake farm which has the largest collection of snakes in Kenya we will have a chance experiencing that. we will also learn about 127 different species of snakes, 93 harmless, 10 that inflict pain but non lethal and 24 deadly. We will also see how they milk venom, how to locate and capture.

Watamu Turtle Watch

Day 7-8
Here we will get to see and learn about the areas prized turtles , how the injured are treated and released back to the ocean. Its the only facility in East Africa. At the same place we can also get to see a marine green garden with eco activities like tree nursery and worm farming. from here depending on the time we will go to Mida creek and explore in a canoe exploring the many small inlets and channels through the mangroves or or a sunset cruise with a drink in your hand watching the water.

Watamu Marine National Park & Reserve

Day 8-10
Our last destination in the coast region and trip, we will be at the watamu marine park where we will engage in some fun. we will get to swim with dolphins ( how exciting would that be), big game fishing, see the coral gardens where snorkelling will be done, kite-surfing, wind-surfing, swimming, water-skiing in the Mida Creek, and sailing as well. If a day wont be enough we will do it for two days but make sure we do have enough time and memorable moments.
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