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Coworking trip
Hi, I'm Norci (and Jordan) and we love rocks and traveling :) We work 6 months in our home country New Zealand and then, we have 6 months traveling around the world. This year we decided to discover Canada, Washington State (USA), Slovenia, Croatia, Italy(northern and later Sardinia (for a surf&climb trip), Greece, Spain, and Portugal. This trip is about Sardinia. We are so lucky in Europe that everything is so close to each other. I booked 3 double bedrooms for 3 weeks. Every room has its workspace, its own bathroom, TV, minibar and AC. There is also a bar and restaurant in the hotel overlooking the pool. Please let me know if you would be interested in only a week or two, or all weeks, it was cheaper to book more rooms for more time, so I did. :) The price is for one person IF shares the room with another person, friend or SO (or a total stranger?). If you would be interested in a room by yourself, let me know and I need to adjust the price but you won't need to pay double for sure :) There are waaay tooo many climbing and surfing spots to include all of them, but we are flexible about the where and what. Surf board rental is 50 euros per day but I think they are happy to do some deals for us. We have our climbing gear for sport climbing, I think it would be the most ideal if you had your own and you were confident with outdoor climbing. Price includes: - Double bedroom - wifi - Daily housekeeping - Breakfast! yumm - Rental cars (we'll split the fuel) - Fun and sarcastic jokes You can reach out to me in the Q&A section if you have questions or would like to make sure of some details about the trip! Later on, we can have a video call where I can make sure this trip covers your expectations.
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I am a hungarian girl living in New Zealand.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-31
Oristano. I was baptized here! City in the middle of the island, close to the surf beaches (200 days of surfing a year!) and close to some rocks. We would be flexible about where we go, what we do.

Putzu Idu

Day 31
When it comes to surfing, the shallow waters and rolling waves make Putzu Idu one of Sardinia’s top surfing spots. Fun fact— Putzu Idu beach is surrounded by salt pans. These make for popular places to see flamingos. What is a salt pan, you ask? It’s simply a shallow depression in the ground that salt water naturally slips into and then evaporates as the water dries in the sun, leaving a deposit of sea salt. Flamingos love salt pans!


Day 31
Rock Climbing in Isili, located in the centre of the island, is one of Europe's premier roof-climbing areas. Many of the routes require superb pocket pulling on an outrageously steep rock that overhangs up to 45°. In total, there are 18 separate crags in this area. There are easier routes, for instance at the Pietra Filosfale sector, but the minimum you need to climb at is F6a to fully enjoy the area. First developed in 1988, many of the 250-odd routes have recently been re-equipped with new bolts.


Day 31
limestone, single-pitch climbing area. there are 18 sectors here. Great canyon crag. Really interesting rock formation, formed like melted rock but variations of rock formations through the canyon. Watch out for the cactus!
Trip Summary
31 days trip
Oristano, Putzu Idu & 2 more
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