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I am creating the trip as a way for us to visit historical architecture near Paris, France during the beautiful transition from fall to winter and take awesome memorable photos! This trip is also about making friends within our group and with other travelers. I personally love staying at the best local hostels and meeting new people. This is a great way to make new friends with similar travelling interests and to indulge in some of the culture with the locals! I also want this to be a relaxing trip of enjoying the city, French culture, architecture and cuisine. Think a morning walk through the city and market; croissants and coffee at a local cafe; photos at the Palace de Versailles in the afternoon and finally wine and conversation to practice your French in the evening. I plan to take you to some of the local spots which can include the nightlife and in the daytime carry my dslr camera for any phots youd like to take during the trip if you were not able to bring a camera!

About me! Hello my name is Precious. I am 29 and born and raised in California. I have traveled to Mexico, Peru, Japan, the UK, Europe and all around the states. I certainly love to travel as it gives me the opportunity to learn and make new friends and most of all I am able to show you all these great places! I am currently working on learning a few different languages through immersive personal studies. I find hands on learning to work best as languages are best learn when spoken. So I have made it my mission to visit as many places as I can and learn about the people and speak the language. In the process I get to see all the beauty of the countries I visit and leave with a greater understanding about the world. Some of my hobbies include writing, painting, drawing, reading, photography and open-mic nights.

About the accommodation: I personally prefer Hostel life as it is a great environment for meeting new people and making friends however I also love my solitude and relaxation hours. So it is likely that a private room or two will be split between us for a sense of closeness and also the availability of privacy. We can always discuss for cheaper options such as a dorm bed or a private room. Currently I have the price set for a private room!

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The Eiffel Tower
Entry fee to versaille
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Hello! I am Precious, 29, and I am a travel enthusiast and a hobbyist!

You can chat with Precious once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary

St Christopher's Inn Paris Gare du Nord

Day 1-5
This is one of the most popular Inns in Paris. It lies right in the center of all the action and attractions and is placed right on the very scenic la Bassin de la Villette. This will be where we will stay the four night as we will have access to all of our destinations and more.

Palace of Versailles

Day 5
Palace of Versailles is a must stop for photos and learning about the history of France. This will be relaxing and enlightening experience. A beautiful walk through a historical palace with ease of access and less crowds in November!

Louvre Museum

Day 5
Another fantastic spot to visit for its beautiful and historic presence. This area is typically crowded during tourist times and is projected to be perfect in November for a nice stroll. This is a great photo opp as Louvre takes us back in time to revisit the dynamic French history.

Eiffel Tower

Day 5
The Eifel tower is a typical spot to visit in France yes! However in late November the festivities begin. The Christmas market opens up and we will have the opportunity to drink hot wine and regional foods while surrounded by decorations and the great Eiffel Tower!
Trip Summary
Hotel & Hostel
5 days trip
St Christopher's Inn Paris Gare du Nord, Palace of Versailles & 2 more
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