Rafting Experience In Mesmerizing Nature Of Montenegro-Camp Fire, Stargazing, All Inclusive

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Are you ready to visit the largest and deepest canyon in Europe with me? Let's go together on a rafting trip in early spring to Montenegro! I am organizing a rafting adventure in Tara Canyon with many interesting things to do apart from rafting trip. Tara River Gorge is the largest and deepest canyon in Europe, it stretches over eighty-two kilometers and is up to a thousand and three hundred meters deep. The canyon is protected as a part of Durmitor National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Who am I? I am Balsa, 27 years old, and I love travelling and meeting new people. In the past, I have already organized trips via JoinMyTrip that were very successful and fun. The TripMates loved it, and so did I! 📍 What's the plan? First day once you arrive either to Podgorica or Tivat airport we will spend a day in Budva and next day we will go directly to our destination which will take 3-4hours driving. Day 2 once we arrive we will go to our accommodation which is located in the heart of the Canyon where landscape is so beautiful that will leave you speechless. Our accommodation will be right next to the crystal clear river, the color of the river is turquoise green and is something not very often that one can see. The color of the river clear due to the untouched wild nature that is being protected by locals. During this day we will get to know our surroundings, walk around the area whilst taking picture and get to know each other :). Day 3 will be the rafting day. Each of us will get the unnecessary equipment and education for the upcoming adventure. We will be taken by a car a couple of kilometers to the starting point, and then our rafting adventure will truly begin. We will be given an instructor. After the adventure we will go to get some warmth and get some drinks and later on have an amazing dinner. Day 4 we will be going on a canoeing adventure. We will be divided in pairs and each pair will get a canoe. Once we are taken to the starting point, we will start canoeing. Best thing about canoeing is that we will be in control of our direction, our speed and our safety and everything done in crystal clear water. Day 5 we will go to the top of the canyon, we will hike and take amazing photos. Day 6 will be resting day, and we will start preparing as our journey will come to an end. The location of our stay has, restaurant, bar, cozy rooms, showers, everything needed for a perfect stay. Every night we will sit next to the campfire and enjoy both company and nature. The trip is also for beginners so if you never did rafting, this is your chance! The price includes: - Airport pickup - Car trips - Accommodation - Breakfast and dinner - Rafting trip - Canoeing trip - Hiking trip Also in the Canyon there is no light pollution, so there are big chances of seeing Milky Way! Are you in? Send me a message! 📭 See you soon :)
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Balsa is a great host, Montenegro is beautiful. Balsa knows all the hidden gems (bays, beaches, caves, view points). The trip is a great combination of boat, beach, nature, towns as well as relaxing. Highly recommended! :)
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Day 1-2
Day 1 we will spend in Budva. Once I have picked up all of you from the airports we will spend a day in getting to know each other, we will do some sightseeing of the city and prepare for the adventure the next day.

Šćepan Polje

Day 2-6
Day 2 we will pack and hit the road to the Tara Canyon. During our car trip which will last around 3 hours we will have opportunity to enjoy the landscapes we are passing by. Once we arrive at our destination we will go to our apartments, get to know our hosts, our camp and other visitors that will be going on a trip. Day 3 we will meet our instructors, and they will provide us with all unnecessary equipment and safety information. Later on they will take us to the ''drop off'' point where we will officially start our adventure. We will be rafting through the canyon, pass by beautiful waterfalls, downstream etc. Once we are done, we will get some drinks and go inside a warm place in case we feel cold. Later on we will have dinner made of organic food that tastes amazing and later on make a campfire. Day 4 we are going to be divided in pairs and each pair will receive a canoe. Whilst in a canoe we will be doing it without the instructor, therefore the speed, direction and duration will be in our hands. Later on we will take our canoes and put it back in our base camp. We will have dinner, drinks and explore some areas of the camp during the evening.

Šćepan Polje

Day 6
Day 5 the hosts will drive us to the top of the canyon where we will take amazing pictures! We will do some hiking and explore the canyon from above. Later on we will go to the restaurant in the camp and enjoy homemade products. During the night we will make a party :) Day 6 we will be the farewell day, we will pack our stuff and I will drive you to the airport. I am very flexible, so I will make sure that each one of you is feeling comfortable with flights and timing.
6 days trip
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