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We are honored to invite you to this thoughtfully curated group journey through the 5 elements in the vibrant jungle of Maui! Lush waterfalls, dynamic wellness practices, delicious food and amazing company! A transformative process to launch you into a new chapter of creation and authenticity! Our team of facilitators will guide you through a cultural and spiritual exploration including yoga, sound healing, breathwork, hawaiian culture, dance, somatics and sound healing! While exploring sacred valleys and mountains of Maui!

Supporting the whole person through exploration, release, balancing and integration in nature adventure, ceremony, energy healing and empowerment. I combine my years of experience as a nature guide, adventure leader and teacher, along with my natural gifts of channeling, energy healing, mentorship and sensitivity to the magnetic communion between self, others and the natural elements. I bring 20 years of teaching experience, 5 years of cultural training with Kekuhi Kealiʻikanakaole and 17 years of connection with the Hawaiian Islands into my Rites of Passage and Group Space Facilitation. My channel opens widest when in prayer with a focused group and in deep 1:1 connection space with kindred spirits on the path to self discovery and divine mission.

The Villa House is an ultra-luxurious lodging space on our Maui eco-retreat that welcomes you with its large lounging and living room area, its warm wood, vaulted ceilings, grand marble fireplace, curving loft area, large family-sized kitchen and exquisite Koa wood staircase. In summary, the Villa features a large bathtub, 3 showers, 2.5 bathrooms, a sound system, a fireplace, a fully-equipped kitchen, a large table for meals, and an outdoor hot tub with an expansive view of a 150′ waterfall, Maui’s dormant volcano and 30 miles of untouched Hawaiian coastline all the way to Hana. A totally exquisite view! The Villa guests enjoy access to all Hale Akua Garden Farm amenities including our sixty-foot saltwater swimming pool, large hot tub, and infrared sauna. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

What's included?
6 nights stay at the Eco Retreat
15 Catered Delicious Meals
15 Group Offerings / Workshops
Use of Sauna, Jacuzzi, Pool, Waterfall
Transportation to and from Retreat
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A mystic scientist with a deep love for nature, healing containers and adventure! Gathering with amazing people for amazing experiences!

You can chat with Liana once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary

Hale Akua Garden Farm & Eco-Retreat

Day 1-2
A transformative process to launch you into a new chapter of creation and authenticity! We will harness the power of conscious movement, breath, somatic practices, connection to the land, authentic communication, sound healing and personalized support to assist you in your growth in a nourishing way. Through the care of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies our circle of experienced facilitators honor you with open, humble hearts. We have kindred souls from Hawaii all the way through Europe joining us for this beautiful experience, will you be one of them?? *** During our first day together we will pick people up from the airport, gather snacks and supplies, relax into the eco retreat, enjoy the hot tub and sauna and then enjoy a delicious catered meal before an opening ceremony and tea social together in the Villa <3. Arrive: There is a shuttle option from the airport in Kahului if you land between 1 and 3pm on Aug 19th. Or you can find your own way to Hale Akua before 5pm :) Our private villa on the property is a beautiful, shared living and sleeping space with other Phoenix Rising Retreat guests.

ʻĪao Valley State Monument

Day 2-3
The next morning after breakfast bar we will start in the element of Earth - with our gentle yoga practice, grounding into our bodies and moving with the breath. After picking up lunch in Paia town we will head into Iao Valley to weave leis, learn cultural chants and make an offering to the valley after an amazingly refreshing dip. In the afternoon we will enjoy Kuau Bay beach and learn about some of the history of the coastline. Back at the retreat center we have more time for enjoying the sauna or hot tub before our dinner is delivered. After dinner, a yoga nidra meditation is offered on our large lanai, overlooking the ocean. *** The vision of this weeklong experience is for self-initiation of internal evolution, soul alignments and collective healing. Letting go of what is holding us back from becoming the best version of ourselves - diminishing limiting beliefs, recognizing, honoring, and transforming our patterns into our true authenticity. Focusing on connecting to our bodies, nature and each other through the 5 elements.

Hanehoi Stream

Day 3-4
On day 3 we move into the element of water. In alignment with the full moon, we will have a powerful and intentional yoga class moving us deeply into our bodies before a very restorative and rejuvenating day. Lunch will be a catered picnic around a salt water pool where hang drum or gongs are played during the afternoon. This is a time for self care, private massage or reiki sessions or an afternoon nap, journal or walk through the gardens of the property. In the later afternoon we will regather for a beautifully releasing meditation journey, water qi gong/ hula and then a catered dinner. After dinner our treat is a shavasanna sound healing with one of Mauiʻs beloved yoga teachers and facials to soak in the elements. *** Modalities during our week long experience include Yoga, Breathwork, Elemental Immersion, Dance, Qi Gong, Hawaiian Cultural Practices, Land Journeying, Sound Healing and Council. There is a woven group prayer field that is created when people gather with intention, and our joy and desire is that our individual healing ripples out to benefit the land, water and people in our lives we hold dear. The retreat is held at Hale Akua, facilitated by Liana (culture, dance, council), Heather (yoga, qi gong, meditation), Jessica (somatic workshops, emotional release and mentorship) and guest teachers Sarah and Lydee for additional sound healing and breathwork modalities.

Hale Akua Garden Farm & Eco-Retreat

Day 4-5
Each of our days will start with guided movement, flow into land connection, private sessions, self care & reflection and end with a circle after dinner - sound healing, meditation, fire ceremony or ecstatic dance. On this fourth day, we move into the element of fire - we will harness this elemental breath in our morning yoga practice, have a few hours to integrate, transition and relax and then regather after a delicious catered picnic lunch spread. Inside the yoga room we will experience a dynamic movement meditation designed to shed deep layers, and then bring ourselves down to the waterfall on the property to give water offerings from all the places we live! (Bring a little bottle of rain, lake or stream water with you :) ) And learn about how in Hawaii waiwai - or "water" twice - literally means wealth, and how the ecosystems here thrive together in cooperation. After a sauna / jacuzzi warm up and a yummy dinner, we will open up the circle around the council fire and be served a traditional ceremony drink of ʻawa or "kava" which opens and relaxes the mind and allows one to speak directly from the heart. *** This experience can be accessed and fulfilling to those at all levels of experience. Opening slowly, piercing through deep layers together and weaving in to integrate. Anchoring blessings and new opportunities into your life.


Day 5-6
Our Fifth day opens into the element of Air - with a beautiful breathwork class offered by a dear Naturopathic doctor friend who lives in the neighborhood and travels worldwide to other healing retreats! After Sarahʻs session, we will have another leisurely mid day open time to lounge around the pool to sound healing, get a massage or reiki session, go for a walk or rest in the villa with your catered meal. After we will we regather for a connective practice and learn some Hawaiian chants together to activate our voice. Following dinner, a special dessert :) A cacao ceremony and dance session to move the rest of what wants to move in our hearts and bodies! **** Supported by Maui community members and nestled in the Jungle, this experience is a deep dive that is also restorative and playful. Journeys off property to sacred valleys and mountains adding in cultural connection, adventure and exploration. It is time for the layers to shed! And to ignite the passion and creativity bubbling under the surface! Join us :) and return with a renewed sense of self along with new soul family friends and meaningful connections to yourself, others and the Earth <3

Haleakalā National Park

Day 6-7
On our last full day together - we move into the element of Ether - the liminal space that encompasses all. Here, we integrate, we float, we open and condense. Starting the morning with a group channeled visualization flow to really delicious music, and then bringing prayers from two cultures blended together (Mayan/ Incan and Hawaiian) through the lens of Despacho created at Hosmers grove, and a traditional Kuahu, or Hawaiian plant altar, at the top of Haleakala Mountain. The landscape up here looks like something from another planet, and the awe and spaciousness it evokes inside of someone is something to not miss. After dinner on the way back in Paia, we ground out through a guided crystal meditation. (The last morning we will have a closing circle, breakfast and help everyone gather items, pack, journal together and trade contact information for those who want to :) and then help everyone get to the airport or their next stop on Maui <3 **** Dive into what is pulling you to this retreat. What is desiring to be re-birthed within you? What is ready to be alchemized through this elemental journey? Do you feel a special connection to Hawaii? What comes up, when you say YES to this experience. Spend time, here and there, when you feel it, to journal and reflect on what is occurring internally. Bring this with you. Also bring: comfortable movement clothing, bathing suit, journal, water bottle AND a small 4oz bottle of water from where YOU live <3 This will be part of our water ceremony and land offering.
Trip Summary
7 days trip
Hale Akua Garden Farm & Eco-Retreat, ʻĪao Valley State Monument & 4 more
Car, Trekking
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Flights to Maui
Private Sessions (Massage, Reiki)
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