One week Tanzania: culture, nature and beach adventure - Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo, Mbudya island and Bongoyo island

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📍 village museum and national museum: the village museum is filled with the collection of authentically constructed dwellings, illustrating traditional life of various parts of Tanzania. And the national museum houses a copy of the famous fossils, discoveries of zinjanthropus from olduvai gorge and other archaeological finds. 📍 Pugu hills : the forest reserve is recognized by its high biodiversity value with spectacular flora and fauna. It is rich in plant species, great bamboo stands, Minaki lake, Dar es Salaam view points and bat caves. It is the best place for hiking, canoeing, kayaking and bird watching 📍Bagamoyo: an old settlement and once the most important trading port on East Africa. As an old slave town, Bagamoyo is filled with the historical and amazing places like the kaole ruins, the Germany old boma and cemetery, the old Catholic Church, the fish market, miracle water well, and the beach 📍 Bongoyo island: the island is near Dar es Salaam, it is an amazing and recreational island that's generally utilized for relaxing as snorkeling and swimming beach 📍 Mbudya island: it's a short boat ride from Dar es Salaam. The island has a white sandy beach, crystal clear turquoise waters and abundance of marine life.

So who am i? Hi! I am Martha, I love traveling and will gladly take fun and adventurous people on my trip. I will be your trip buddy and hopefully a friend during and after the trip. I am looking for 4-6 TripMates who are ready to experience the authentic and natural beauty of different places in Tanzania, specifically in Dar es Salaam and costal region. we will have a driver during the trip who will pick us and take us to our destination, and that part is covered in the transportation expenses. And we will also have tour guides as we visit our destinations (stop).

Details about accommodation: - Hotel we will spend our nights in nice resorts with the local (swahili) vibe while in Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo. The resort is close to the sea, and of course has an outdoor pool😊. - Tent for Mbudya island, Bongoyo island and Pugu hills forest reserve, we will be camping at a very nice site with the tents opening to a very beautiful nature. All the hotels and camping site are decorated with Tanzania traditional source handmade furniture.

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Iam thrilled having to plan and organize a group trip. Am happy to assist and share experience with different people

You can chat with Martha once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary

Dar es Salaam

Day 1-3
Day one I will be receiving my TripMates from the airport. Head to the hotel where we will rest for a bit. Then later head for a walk or a drive around the city as we get to know each other. We can later go have some drinks, if we aren't tired from the journey. Day two We will visit the village museum, see the culture from different tribes of Tanzania. Later, own head to the tingatinga community, famous for their unique painting style and sculpture making. and later visit the national museum where we will be able to explore the different discoveries and archaeological findings.

Mbudya Island

Day 3-4
Situated in the north of Tanzania's major city (Dar es Salaam). This breathtaking island in the Indian Ocean now nicknamed the Dar es Salaam's Zanzibar is the best place to be, especially during the weekend. The island has nice relaxing white beaches and clear waters, thus we will go swimming, trekking, tanning and snorkeling.

Pugu Hills Nature Forest

Day 4-5
Also known as Ushoroba, the forest is filled with different kinds of plants and bird species, a lake (minaki lake), bat cave, worshiping ground (ritual area) and also an amazing Dar es Salaam view point. The reserve provides a nice ground for hiking, kayaking, canoeing and bird watching. We will go for each and every one of these.


Day 5-6
This is an historical town and once the most important point for trade in East Africa during the German rule. While in Bagamoyo we will walk around the Bagamoyo old stone town: old fort, Germany cemetery, German old boma, fish market, old port, German school, old slave market and the liku house. We will also visit the Catholic Church, which also the first East African church; here we will visit the sisters and father's house. Kaole ruins will include; old mosque, miracle water well, lovers grave and historical baobab tree. The snake park; different birds and snake species, and crocodiles.

Bongoyo Island

Day 6-7
Located just four miles north of Dar es Salaam, Bongoyo is a popular getaway destination near the msasani peninsula. we will board our ferry from slipway (masaki), which takes about 30 minutes. We will explore the beautiful hiking trails, head out for a refreshing swim and try out seafoods. And later spend our night in their beautiful tent.

Dar es Salaam

Day 7-8
We will spend our last day in a hotel, preparing each trip mate for departure the next day. We can go for a drive around the city. Try out different swahili foods for the last time. Go for shopping and evening walk and later share drinks. if anyone has an activity they plan to do the last day before we go back home, they can reach out.
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Camping & Bed & Breakfast
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Dar es Salaam, Mbudya Island & 4 more
Boat, Car
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