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🏙️ Naples (Napoli) is one of the most underestimated cities in the world for traveling. People often come here only for visiting the famous Amalfi coast, which is marvelous but overshadows all the history, folklore, and beauty you can find in Napoli city and around. 🌋 In this tour, I will bring you to discover one of the most famous volcanoes in the world, the "Vesuvius" in a hike for reaching the cone. Then we will visit Pompeii, the Roman city that in the 79 d.C. it suffered the consequences of the eruption and today we can admire its grotesque power with the evidence that is tangible today. 🔱 Speaking of decayed Roman cities, do you know that in Baia there is a tangible Atlantis? We will visit that too. Thanks to a boat or submarine with glass windows in the lower part it will be accessible to all to admire this city frozen in time, you will be amazed. For those who have a first-level diving license, we can discuss the possibility of diving together on this archaeological site. Near Baia, in Bacoli we can also enjoy the wonderful beaches and visit a castle and other Roman finds. 🏛️ Aren't you tired of historical uniqueness yet? then I will surprise you once again. In Pozzuoli, a city overlooking the sea, we will see another Roman city, this time under another modern city which was in turn abandoned in recent decades due to bradyseism, another volcanic phenomenon present in the "flegrei fields" which causes periodic rises and falls of the ground which thus created this superimposition of civilizations, layer upon layer. The city we will visit is called "Rione Terra" and is built on a hill that offers one of the most spectacular views of the Campania coast. ⛏️ Speaking of dungeons. The subsoil of Napoli is crossed by a large network of tunnels, galleries, aqueducts, and spaces excavated and used by a man during the history of the city from several centuries BC up to a few years after the end of the Second World War, and still, today can be visited. These sites are located in the center of Napoli city. But don't think that Naples is just history. After all, summer is approaching and it's time to start enjoying the sun, eating together, and feeling good in company. 🍕In Naples, I will take you to taste various sweet and savory specialties, in historic places where the quality of the food has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, or places characterized by typical Neapolitan folklore where we can spend evenings full of fun. You will taste different types of pasta, pizza (normal and fried), puff pastry, baba, and so on and so forth. 🚢 Did you know that besides the VIP island of Capri, two other islands are nearby that deserve to be visited? These are Procida (Italian capital of culture 2022) and the larger Ischia. We will visit the two islands sleeping one night in each and enjoy the wonderful sea it can offer us. 🟩 What's included: - Accommodations in Napoli, Procida and Ischia (Shared rooms) 🟥 What's not included: - Transportation - Activities tickets - Foods and Beverage - Travel Insurance (free for Austrian and German residents by JoinMyTrip and Allianz) - Other expenses not listed 🙋🏻‍♂️ What about me: I'm Francesco from Naples, I'm 24 years old, I have a master's degree in Sport Management🏅 and my dream is to travel in any Country in the world. I love road trips 🚘 , the sea and every activity related to it, and sharing experiences with new friends. I have a wide range of passions and I'm always ready to discover new ones. Usually, I'm the clown in the groups, trying to put a smile on everyone's face and involve them in new activities. 📩 So do you want to enjoy us on this sick experience? Do you have a question? Ask in the Q&A below! and welcome to JOIN MY TRIP. 🙋🏼‍♂️
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I'm 24 years old, I have a master's degree in Sport Management🏅 and my dream is to travel in every Country in the world🗺️.

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Francesco is very friendly & jovial person who is flexible in terms of schedule of the trip. Ours is a well organised trip, where he made a list of all the good attractions to see in each place we were visiting with perfect schedule and we are glad that we were able to cover all of them. Personally, i am looking forward for his future trips.
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Trip Itinerary

Metropolitan City of Naples

Day 1-2
Naples city is full of things to see. Walking through the streets we will be able to visit "spaccanapoli", which is the heart of the old city. Along the way, there are palaces, churches, and monuments in large quantities. We will also visit squares, palaces, museums, and viewpoints in Naples. We will distribute these activities during the different days in Naples.

Mount Vesuvius

Day 2
Exciting and very suggestive, a visit to the Vesuvius crater is undoubtedly one of those experiences that you absolutely must try. Thanks to the nature trail n° 5, known as "Il Gran Cono", it is possible to follow the itinerary that runs along the lower edge of the Vesuvius crater. The path, almost 4.00 km long, reaches a maximum altitude of 1175 meters and offers an incredible view of Monte Somma, the Valle del Gigante, which turns yellow in spring due to the presence of broom scrub, and the whole Gulf of Naples. The crater and its particular substrate are also the ideal habitat for various bird species.

Metropolitan City of Naples

Day 2-3
We will definitely visit the "Veiled Christ" by Giuseppe Sammartino. The sculpture, according to many art critics the most beautiful ever made, is located inside the Sansevero Chapel. We will also continue to visit famous streets such as that of San Gregorio Armeno, where artisans produce statuettes, nativity scenes, and lucky charms


Day 3
The city of Pompeii has a particular charm, given the fact that it was made immortal by a catastrophic event such as the eruption of Vesuvius. Pompeii is a unique place in the world from the historical and artistic point of view. Walking through the basalt streets it is possible to imagine what the daily life of its inhabitants was like.

Metropolitan City of Naples

Day 3-4
In Naples, we will also visit "Underground Naples", a guided tour into the bowels of the city to discover its Greek and Roman influences and, above all, to relive the tragic days of the Second World War, when about 40,000 Neapolitans took refuge underground to escape the Allied bombings and to German retaliation.


Day 4
Here we will visit the ancient Roman city of Baia, submerged over the centuries by the phenomenon of bradyseism, which houses the remains of domus and villas, spas, mosaics, and extraordinary testimonies. Furthermore, statues, amphorae and other finds from the submerged city are exhibited in the Aragonese Castle of Baia, home to the Archaeological Museum of the Campi Flegrei.

Metropolitan City of Naples

Day 4-5
About the museums we will surely visit the: - MANN: boasts a very rich heritage of works of art and artifacts of enormous archaeological interest. The main attractions are the Farnese collection, the Pompeian collection, the Egyptian collection, and finally, finds from Campania archaeological excavations. - CAPODIMONTE MUSEUM: The museum is housed in the homonymous palace designed by the Roman architect Antonio Canevari for King Charles of Bourbon. Along an exhibition itinerary made up of more than 150 rooms on 3 levels, you will be able to appreciate ancient and modern art and a royal apartment. The flagship of the Museum is the Farnese Collection.

Rione Terra

Day 5
The Rione Terra is an urban agglomeration that constitutes the first residential nucleus of Pozzuoli, in the metropolitan city of Naples, inhabited since the 2nd century BC. In the entire Pozzuoli area, the fortress of Rione Terra is the only place that has been the protagonist of all historical evolutions, from the early years of Greek and Roman colonization up to the modern era. Closed on the top of the hill on which it stands and with no possibility of expansion outside it, the city, therefore, began to stratify. Successive cultures have built their shops and homes on what were once Roman walls.

Metropolitan City of Naples

Day 5-6
The squares of Naples have a notable artistic, historical, urban, and monumental value; their history has accompanied that of the city for centuries, and they have always been an integral part of city life, from the markets or from major public and political events. The most famous is certainly "Piazza del Plebiscito", where we will also visit the royal palace.


Day 6-7
Procida, from the first minutes in which you disembark from the hydrofoil, presents itself with a series of colored houses, worn by the sea wind, cobbled streets, walls that would have endless stories to tell and then clothes hanging everywhere that smell of freshly done laundry , so as to catapult you in just one second to when we were children. Procida is the island of images and sounds, such as those heard passing under the windows of houses, people talking, people listening to TV, the noise (but also the scent!) of cooking sauce, and children they play hide and seek in the square and then the ladies who meet in the house, seated, discussing even animatedly the events of the day and the bells that ring in celebration as during the celebrations of San Gennaro.


Day 7-8
In Ischia we will visit: - Aragonese Castle: it is a fortification that stands on a rock island located on the eastern side of the island of Ischia, connected by a 220 m long masonry bridge to the ancient Borgo di Celsa, known as Ischia Ponte. The islet on which the castle was built derives from an eruption that occurred over 300,000 years ago. It reaches a height of 113 meters above sea level. - "La Mortella" Gardens: In the garden there are collections of plant species from various countries in a true oasis of peace and tranquillity.


Day 8-9
The attractions to see are countless, so if we have time we can visit more like "Castel dell'Ovo" and "Maschio Angioino". One of the most beautiful panoramic points where we will surely go is the "Certosa di San Martino". Inside the Certosa, completed in 1775, it is possible to see countless paintings and artifacts that tell the story of Naples from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century. Also, let's not forget that in Naples we will try different gastronomic specialties in typical restaurants. Naming just two, we will certainly eat a Margherita or marina pizza from the ancient pizzeria "Da Michele" and have fun trying typical pasta dishes from the trattoria "Da Nennella"
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