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Hi fellow Morocco dreamers, This is a trip to my by far most favourite solo travel destination, and I am excited to arrange my first shared trip with you to Morocco or as they call Aaaaal Maaaghreeb! The best time to visit Morocco is ANYTIME! So I am setting up THREE trips in 2024! About me: I'm Nasiba, 31, from Germany and Uzbekistan. I have been travelling a lot?: mainly Caucasus region, Iran, and Central Asia. (Shared trips to one of these regions are yet to come!) and I KEEP FALLING IN LOVE with travelling. My style is to be sustainable while travelling, so we will be taking shared/public transportation as much as possible, or we share a Moroccan Taxis! The cost of the trip includes all the accommodation, assumed costs of transportation, and a trip to Sahara. Everything else, let's wing it! For the "winging part", we will do some group expenses sharing which I'll set up. The following route can be arranged in reverse order(we will align on this once the group is formed). Here are some of the experiences we will explore together: - Wandering the souk of Agadir: the center of Amazigh(Berber) culture and agricultural heaven: meaning lots of arghan oil and co! - Explore magical Taghazout and try surfing at one of the world's best surfing spots(seriously, it is a host to world championships in surfing)! - Visit Essaoira where filming of some of the Game of Thrones episodes happened without any specific movie set arrangements. - Go shopping and street food discovery in the madness of Marrakech while staying at a Riad in Ouarzazate. - Sahara Tripping: camels and a little bit of getting dirty! If interested too, staying in Amazigh(Berber) farmer camps under the sky of Sahara! - Stop by Casablanca and see for ourselves the epicness of this city. - Roam around historic Fez - to be honest, if you ask me, I would do shopping here instead of Marrakech! - Visit the somewhat artificially too colorful Chefchauouen (again, this one is, honestly, too touristic). - End our trip in vastly contrasting from our starting point (Agadir) - Tangier - according to most of the Morrocans I spoke with, their favourite city! When I don't specify the trip costs like the hiking trip or surfing trip, it means it's super optional(and not expensive anyway), hence can be skipped or alternated. Most important thing is to be able to afford a great accomodation and hang out together at the major outings, cook sometimes together and be for each other while making epic memories! I will have some other Morrocan trips posted here, stay tuned!

I am most of the time solo female traveller who loves to explore "off the beaten" paths and dive into local ecosystems. I visited Morocco in 2022 alone, and I fell in love with culture, food, people, language, nature. It's the country that made me curious in Arabic language! I have been travelling since 2015 and some of my favourite solo trips have been to Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, and Morocco.

Details about the accommodation: Some cities, we will stay at houses with seperate beds, with some of the people sharing rooms. If anyone wants a room for themselves, this is easy to arrange, just let me know beforehand. We can rent a whole Riad for ourselves as a group. If enough people would be interested, we will go desert camping staying with the nomads! Let's try to stay with locals whenever possible, because those are, from my experience, are most of the time heart-felt!

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Adventures with Amazigh shepherds
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
We start our coastal trip from the agricultural capital of Morroco and such an underrated gem - Agadir! Our main activitiy here will be food and souk exploration! After all, the largest souk of the country, as well as most of the argan oil production comes from here. Let's spend a night here and eat our way to getting to know each other closer!


Day 2-5
Next, we'll take a taxi together or try the public bus (in my experience, it was the most authentic way to see Morrocan way of life) to the surfing paradise, fishing village and rising tourist hotspot of Taghazout. This is the place where I learned surfing. Don'w worry if you are not into surfing, there are plenty of other activities or just relaxing here would be a great start of our trip! We will share a house here and indulge ourselves in fresh seafood and fresh/organic everything since would be still in agaricultural capital - Agadir's village!


Day 5-7
From Taghazout, we'll have to come back to Agadir to catch a taxi(we will share again) to Essaouira, an authentically/naturally magical city which repeatedly appeared in the Game of Thrones TV show. But this is not why I travelled here, in fact I had no idea at the time. Essaouira has one of the most authentic old towns in Morroco. I really loved my time strolling around the narrow and touristless old town streets and find little cute family owned restaurants(if they can be called so). We'll start learning about the rich history of Morocco as the whole city is like a museum! Inside out.


Day 7-10
I haven't visited Ouarzazate myself, but it has been on my bucket list. I particularly know the Oasis Eco Lodge where we could base ourselves at and take multiple trips around. This town has also been part of movie sets for several Holywood movies including the Lawrence of Arabia!


Day 10
We'll take a day trip to Marrakesh from Ouarzazate. Honestly, I could skip going to Marrakesh, but I know it's the most popular city of Morroco and you might probably want to visit for sure. Marrakesh is a chaos, overcrowded with both tourists and locals coming from all corners of Morroco. Everything is way more expensive than it is in other souks of the country. But it is considered the party capital of the country with the best artists coming together in this town. The nights can get quite jazzy and merry! We can discuss on this once the group is formed.


Day 10-11
Let's go to Casablanca and dive into the twenties vibe. The port city is gorgeous, but also dramatic. Here, we will start returning to Europe. We can stroll along the coast, visit the mesmerizing Hasan II mosque at the Atlantic, have a coffee at the famous Rick's Cafe (another famous movie set site) and delight at Morrocan art museums. And at the same time, we'll start coming out of our Arabian fairtale by checking out some modern bars in the downtown. It will start getting quite European from here.


Day 11-13
We'll visit the Fes medina with famous leather tanneries and have a look at the 9th century active university founded by a female scholar. We can go shopping items here instead of Marrakech as it offers very good prices. Some optional activities here would be: - hiking the dunes and hills around together. - take day trips to the surrounding interesting areas - make our tajeen by taking a cooking class from a local family


Day 13
From Fes, we can take trips to Chefchaouen, or the northern Atlas mountains. Chefchaouen is a city only for tourists, barely anyone living there, so this could be discussed in chat. The alternative would be to take a day trip to the Atlas mountains while we are here and get to know the authentic Berber/Amazigh culture!


Day 13-15
We'll end our trip in Tangier by taking Morroco's fastest train which really impressed me by the quality (and I am from Germany). Tangier, for me, is completely European vibed town. Here, you'll feel like you're in the south of Spain or Portugal. The route's end in Tangier will give you a good taste how the transition from Morrocan Arabic Muslim world to the South of Spain and correspondingly to Europe takes place.
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