Let's Eat Our Way Through The Nature of Armenia

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Let's visit Armenia - my last country to explore in the Caucasus: the one with extremely rich in nature to having the low range Caucasus mountains, in culture and history: the first country that adapted Christianity whose culture is a unique blend of the Middle Eastern and Caucasian elements, and finally rich in food! Growing up with a big Armenian diaspora in Samarkand, I can vouch for the top-notch Armenian cuisine and hospitality. This would be my own first trip to the country, so I would be only going with 3 people. Some of the things I am definitely planning to accomplish and see there would be spending time in Yerevan, and some villages, for now only planned those of Syunik, but can change.

About me: I'm Nasiba, 31, from Germany and Uzbekistan. I have been travelling a lot?: mainly Caucasus region, Iran, and Central Asia. (Shared trips to one of these regions are yet to come!) and I KEEP FALLING IN LOVE with travelling.

Let's rent some Soviet style or Armenian house style Airbnbs and share in Yerevan, everyone will have their own seperate room. In this way, we can experience culture even more! In Syunik, we will stay with locals in bed and breakfast arrangements, so we might end up sharing rooms, if you don't wish too, this can be rearranged later. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-4
This part of the trip will be highly cultural and historical, after all, Yerevan is the capital with over a century history, hosting numerous historical artifacts about the country's development. We will also get to see the vibrant modern Armenian culture with its bars, music and food.


Day 4
Within the modern and bustling Yerevan, it's a must-do to visit the old one - and this is Kond. In this pre-Soviet, well-preserved historical part of Yerevan we will see old abandoned mosques as well as ancient churches reverbating the painful history of the region and taking us back in time.

Syunik Province

Day 4-6
Let's head over to the tropical and mountainous Armenia from the modern one(Yerevan). In this part, we will walk through fantastic green town with cobblestone streets and tropical trees. Apparently, they grow kiwis, bananas and all kinds of tropical fruits here. I would like to try the post-Soviet union-wide famous Armenian lavash made by local Armenian ladies wrapped into equally famous Armenian barbeques, and in this way explore the local cuisine deeper and further here! Since we will be there in spring, it's supposed to amazingly green and not like in the video blog - yellow: massage for the eyes! After 2 nights and 3 days in Syunik, we will go back to Yerevan for our departures. We will rent another Airbnb just for one night(something very practical just to sleep).
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Yerevan, Kond & 1 more
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