Lets Discover the Chinese Culture in Beijing and in Xi'an, China

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Now that the border in china is open, lets go in adventure through the chinese culture together ! After two years and half living in China, I want to share my experience and my feeling about this fabulous country ! There are some much things to do, that it difficult to visit and discover every thing in two year. Lets discover together the capital of China, BEIJING with the great wall and one of the famous place in the world, XI'AN with the terracotta warriors !! I also plan to organize a hike in one of the best mountian near Xi'an, Hua Shan 华山. The aim of this trip is to show you as many facets of China and its rich culture as possible. We'll be focusing on the historical and cultural sites, but also on the food, which in my opinion is an invaluable part of China. Be prepared to eat a lot! But don't worry, we're going to get rid of all that by visiting the most beautiful places in China. Dont forget to bring good shoes so. Knife and fork are not authorised :D IMPORTANTE INFORMATION: And I know it is complicated to travel to mainland China,here are some kind reminders, 1. Normally you need a visa to mainland China for Europeans. 2. If you don`t speak any Chinese, it will be very difficult to travel by yourself, this is for the people who want to travel alone after our trip. 3. You cannot connect to Google, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Uber, and other popular international websites or Apps in China, unless you use VPN to connect to the internet. I recommend you prepare it by yourself before your arrival. The best VPN for China is : ASTRILL. 4. For non-Chinese, it is also complicated to register a phone number, considering you might need to use the internet everywhere by using your mobile phone, i can also help to rent you a phone number which can be used in china. 5. In China, basically we pay everything by Alipay and Wechat pay, but it is also complicated to non-chinese travelers, i highly recommend you prepare some cash before your arrival. You are not going to stay with me 24 hours after all. In China, the cash is less and less used. Its possible that sometime the shop will not accept your cash. (cf point 6 to solve this issue) 6. App to download before to come in China: - Wechat: You can put your current number. But you need the authorization from someone you has wechat. I will help you on this topic. - Alipay: This app will be used to pay. You can put your credit card inside and pay with it. It's very useful, believe me. - Baidu maps: Chinese name: 百度地图 (Bǎidù dìtú). Its the chinese google maps. Most of the app are not in english, dont worry I will explain you everything before the departure. - Google translate: You can download the language before. It saved my life a lot. 7. The fee is not included in international flight. We will fight back to our contry from Xi'an. 8. I will share with you a list of the basic word in chinese in order to survive if you are alone one day.

About me ! I am Antoine, a french guy living in Shanghai since 2021. Working as engineer in a french company. I love to travel and I managed to visit most of the famous place in China but Beijing is still missing from my hunting list. Living china is a unique experience and everyday something happens, I never get bored since my first day.

About the accommodation! Only a small part of the hotel has the license to host non-Chinese people, and only a small part can provide English service during your stay. So we will discuss which kind of hotel you guys want to stay in. My lodging preference is a quiet and safe B&B or hotel. Youth hostels and 5-star hotels are not considered. Each room is around 200-500rmb, (25-60 euros), the price will produce some changes according to the seasonal area, but not too much. Internet, water, and electricity are always included in the room. I try to find accommodations that are well-located and have a better feel for the local culture. You can choose between a single room or a twin room. In order to save costs, we will automatically pair two individuals of the same gender to share a twin room. If you have a preference for a single room, please inform us in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Let me know in the Q&A section on this trip if you have any questions!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-4
Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China. It is a city with a long and rich history. It was the capital of several Chinese dynasties, including the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. The city is home to many historical sites. We will stay 3 nights to visit: - The Summer Palace - The Forbidden City - The Temple of Heaven - Walk in the old Beijing via Hutong tour. Try the local food and see the nightlife of Beijing.

Great Wall of China

Day 4-5
Its time to visit the wall of china, one of the 7 wonders of the world!Leave early in the morning from Beijing to arrive on the great wall. The plan is to visit all the day and to set up our tent on the great wall for the night. Wake up in the morning, pack our stuff and keep walking on the wall before to go back to Beijing The rest of the day in Beijing is a free day.


Day 5-6
After coming back from the great wall in the afternon, we wil stay in Beijing only one night before to go to Xi'an by train. This day is chill day. You can visit the city by yourself, go shopping and buy souvenir for your familly. We can meet for dinner and chek the night life of Beijing.


Day 6-8
Welcome to Xi'an ! Often called the birthplace of Chinese civilization, Xi'an is the oldest of China's Four Great Ancient Capitals, serving as the capital city of 13 dynasties spreading intermittently across a 1,100-year period from 221 BC. The main attractions of Xi'an are its historical sites, delicious food, and Muslim culture. We will stay 2 nights here. After arriving at noon at the hotel, we will drop our bags to hotel and go directly visit the city : - The ancient City Wall - Bell Tower - Big Wild Goose Pagoda - Muslim Quarter The second day will be focus on the Terracotta Warriors with his museum. Then head to the Lishan Garden.
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8 days trip
Beijing, Great Wall of China & 2 more
Car, Train
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International flights
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