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Hi Travelers, This is the perfect time to travel in Nepal From (Feb to June). Over here, the weather is so pleasant right now that you don't want to leave this country once you are here. Trust me, sunshine, cool breeze, natural beauty plus friendly people will melt your heart. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Don't miss this. Therefore, I am looking for a 2 to 3 like-minded TripMates to make this trip amazing. Nepal is a beautiful country with a diverse range of landscapes, including lush jungles in its southern region. If you're interested in a jungle trip in Nepal, you may want to consider visiting Chitwan National Park. Chitwan National Park is located in the Terai region of Nepal and is home to a variety of wildlife, including tigers, one-horned rhinoceroses, elephants, and crocodiles. What to expect on a Jungle Trip in Nepal? - Warm Nepalese Hospitality - Culture, People, Food, and Lifestyle-Travel like local with me - Jungle Safari, Wildlife, Thick Forest - Local Community - Surprises - Natural Beauty, Nature, Relax - Historical City (UNESCO World Heritage sites) with amazing architecture from the 5th century to 15th Century - Last goodbye to the city - Farewell/Departure How do we start? - First of all we will meet in the same location (I will provide you with the location after the booking), and then we will have a short introduction. Then we will see Kathmandu at glance. We will see the historical temples, and the narrow alley, go around Thamel - which is a tourist street, eat street foods, go for local Nepali Dinner, and tomorrow morning we will start the bus ride towards Chitwan. Please see the itinerary for more information. The cost of the Jungle Trip in Nepal include: - Airport/Any location inside Kathmandu, Pick-Up and Drop-UP service - Accommodation- Shared Room (Let me know if you would like separate/private room-will be charged a little extra) - Breakfast and Dinners (Alcohol not included) - Transportation only in Kathmandu - Surprises - Fee for arranging the tour The cost of the Trip to Nepal doesn't include: - Flight Ticket - Sim Cards - Jungle Trip, Jungle Safari - Transportation outside Kathmandu - Insurances (German and Austrian Citizens are provided free insurance with the bookings) - Entry Passes - All additional costs Additional Information: - Note: This is a local tour. So I have tried to keep minimum as possible. We will travel like a local people, and we will cut off all the luxury expenses such as luxury transportation, hotel, foods and so on. However, the sharing rooms, places to eat, and other activities will be the standard one. Don't worry, I will take care of you all. - Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for adventures. - After bookings, I will create a WhatsApp group and shall update you with further information. Please do contact me for more information you need about the Trip to Nepal. I will be happy to share with you. Do you want to experience some wild adventure in your life? Hope to hear from you soon. I am excited to meet you. About me: Hi, my name is Yuwraj Rizal, and I am from Nepal. I am a former cabin crew and a graduate of the UK. I have been traveling many places in Asia. I am familiar with Asian culture and lifestyles. Also, I have lived in the UK for 5 years, and I have experience with European culture and lifestyle as well. In addition, I am a friendly, energetic, fun, and thrill lover. So, let's explore the world together. The reason I choose the Jungle Trip in Nepal is because Nepal is just not famous for Temples, Culture, Himalayas, Trekking etc. Also, Nepal has many thick rainforests that's having preserved many Trees and Wildlife species. (According to the U.N. FAO, 25.4% or about 3,636,000 ha of Nepal is forested, according to FAO. Of this, 14.5% (526,000) is classified as primary forest, the most biodiverse and carbon-dense form of forest. Nepal had 43,000 ha of planted forest). There are very few people who really understands the importance and having fun with the nature and wildlife. You may be the one, so go ahead and book this trip now for an ultimate fun with me, nature and wild. Yuwraj Trip made with 🖤
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
1st Day: First of all we will meet in the same location (I will provide you the location after the booking), Let me know if I have to pick you up from your location or the airport. Then, we will have a little introduction. Then we will see Kathmandu at glance. We will see the historical temples, the narrow alleys, go around the Thamel - which is a tourist street, eat street local foods, go for a local Nepali Dinner. 2nd Day: We will go towards Chitwan National Park by a bus ride.

Chitwan National Park

Day 2-5
2nd Day: We will walk around a small city and village in Chitwan, and stay overnight here. 3rd Day: We will wake up early and do the Jungle Safari. 4th Day: We will relax in the beautiful forest and nature. If the local community has any cultural events, I will let you know. Play with elephants. 5th Day: Morning we will go towards Pokhara. It is the most beautiful city in Nepal.


Day 5-7
5th Day: We will walk around the city and explore little Pokhara in the evening and stay overnight here. 6th Day: From Morning, here we will see the lake, caves and do other adventurous activities. 7th Day: On Morning, we will move towards Kathmandu.


Day 7-9
7th Day: If we have a time, we will walk around the city and stay overnight in Kathmandu. 8th Day: We will see the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. - We will do some farewell program and prepare for tomorrow's departure. 9th Day: Farewell/Departure.
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Kathmandu, Chitwan National Park & 2 more
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