Fall Japan Trip to Akiu Town with some Tokyo and Sendai Experience!

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This trip will include some sightseeing in Tokyo and Sendai. There will be at least one night stay in Tokyo upon arrival in Japan on day one. I'm very flexible on what you want to see in Tokyo, and the group could suggest a few locations for us to visit in the megacity. In Sendai, you have a guarantee to visit the Aoba Castle Ruins and Miyagiken Gokoku Shrine. There could be an extra day to spend in Sendai or a half day in Tokyo, depending on the group's choice. ✈️ Looking for flight deals to Japan? I could assist in research; but contact me the soonest after joining this trip. 📍 While in Akiu Town, you can experience the highlights listed below. ✔️Akiu-sato Center ✔️Rairaikyo Gorge ✔️Traditional Craft Village ✔️Kaleidoscopes Art Museum ✔️Castle Tower Nature Park ✔️Akiu Village Garden ✔️Sasaki Art and Doll Museum ✔️Shiraiwa Rock ✔️Akiu Great Falls You will be staying at Kounosu Onsen (aka Akiu Canada) for three nights. It does have outdoor camping areas along the Natori River and an available BBQ cooked out. There are plans for a BBQ dinner during the 2nd night at an inn. Also, you can swim in some areas of the river. There is a rabbit farm at the inn as well. Please watch the video to learn more about the inn and the surrounding countryside. 💰 The trip price will cover the following: - Tokyo Hotel/Hostel (Please let me know on preferences or concern) 🛏️ - Highway Bus (Night Bus) 🚌 - Kounosu Onsen (aka Akiu Canada) 🛏️ - Two Breakfasts and Two Dinners at Kounosu Onsen🍜 - BBQ Dinner (Please let know on preferences in type of food and drinks) 🍜 - Local transport on bus and subway. 🚌 - Possibly some group admission to some venues. (Price is not yet included.) - The guide's WiFi hot-spot. - The guide's counseling and accompanying services. 🚌 Transport will be mostly done by highway bus from Tokyo and Sendai. Traveling by train is possible, but increases the overall trip's cost with an extra night's stay somewhere. The main plan is to take a night bus from Tokyo and Sendai. Please let me know if you have concerns about a night bus? 🔴 --Please contact me in "Chat" and give some feedback. After signing up for the trip.--- 🔴 There is no current Covid-19 travel restrictions. But, please have masks available in crowded indoor areas and around the elderly. Are you looking forward to exploring Japan? Send me a message or as a question in the Q&A!

👋 Dear JoinMyTrip travelers, I'm Russell, a Japanese guide enthusiast; travel with me to the sleepy town of Akiu and enjoy the nature and culture. Off the beaten path, away from most international tourists. Witness the countryside life with wonderful views of the landscape and see the local wildlife. You will stay three nights at a Japanese mid-century retro inn along a marvelous river. Each night, relax in the inn's natural hot spring, which feels sublime.

Tokyo accommodations are likely to be a Business Hotel or a Hostel with some amenities. For a better sleep after traveling a long international flight. Kounosu Onsen (aka Akiu Canada) has two types of accommodations from camping outdoor to traditional room with futon beds. Campers are free to use the indoor amenities.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo. I will meet everyone at the Haneda International Airport. *(If you happen to arrive at Narita International Airport? I will do my best to guide you to an alternative meeting place.) Then we will travel to our hotel/ hostel and book in. After that, we will have a short briefing about our trip overall. Later we will have dinner before returning to the stay.


Day 2-3
With the group's suggestions, we will be sightseeing at least one district of Tokyo. After the end of the day, we will travel to Shinjuku Station or Ikebukuro Station to get on our night bus to Sendai. This bus will arrive between 22:00 to 24:00 depending on our schedule and booking.

Sendai Station

Day 3
The night bus will arrive outside of Sendai Station sometime from around 05:30 to 07:30. Soon after, we will place our luggage in the station lockers. We will have some breakfast and a short rest till at least 09:00 or 10:00.

Sendai Castle (Aoba Castle Ruins)

Day 3
We will take the Sendai Subway system to Aoba Castle Ruins Museum and Miyagiken Gokoku Shrine. We would have to take a short hike to the top of the hill where everything is at. There are amazing scenic views of the city on a good day. Aoba Castle Ruins Museum has a few exhibits about Aoba Castle's history.

Miyagiken Gokoku Shrine

Day 3
This is a Shinto shrine for the kami of "martyrs of the state". Anyone may join me in donating and praying at the shrine with me. Where you can ring the shrine's bell after you pray. Also, the wooden architecture is stunning.

Sendai Station

Day 3
We will have a late lunch and shop for any necessary items you might need for your stay at the inn. Then we will go to the station to pick up your luggage from the lockers. After that, we will head for the bus stop.


Day 3-4
There are three ways to travel to the inn. 1. Travel by train and then take the local bus at Ayashi Station. 2. Sendai City Bus and then transfer to the local bus in Akiu. 3. Local bus company and then transfer to the local bus in Akiu. After checking in at the Inn, you're free to explore the area and relax. I will be available to assist in tomorrow's plans.

Akiumachi Yumoto

Day 4
It is ideal to leave early in the morning for this day. This day, we will spend a day in the Akiu Town and could visit any of these places below. Akiu-sato Center Rairaikyo Gorge Traditional Craft Village Kaleidoscopes Art Museum Castle Tower Nature Park Akiu Village Garden You have a choice of walking or taking the bus into town. If you choose to walk into town, I would guide you on an hour-long scenic path into town (5 km). Where we would pass by the Castle Tower Nature Park. Most of the town's cafés and restaurants are open between 10:00 and 11:00. I can guide the group after lunch to Traditional Craft Village, Kaleidoscopes Art Museum and Akiu Village Garden.


Day 4-5
We returned to the inn by the local bus from Akiu town. Possibly we could have a BBQ for our dinner that night as well. If this is comfortable for the group, maybe this setup is like a mini-party. Suggestions are welcome, and I could see if any supplies are ready beforehand.

Shiraiwa Rock

Day 5
In the morning, we travelled by bus to Shiraiwa Rock, then onward to Akiu Great Falls after a stop. Shiraiwa Rock is an amazing view of the cliff-side cutting into the mountains that was created by the Natori River long ago. There is also an old bridge nearby which we can see as well.

Akiu Great Falls

Day 5
Akiu Great Falls has a nice complex to explore. There are a few nature trails, Akiu Otaki Botanical Garden, and a Buddhist temple. You can travel down to the Natori River to see the falls up close and the smaller streams feeding into the river.


Day 5-6
Our last night at the inn. Before the trip starts, we will decide to return to Tokyo sooner or later by the highway bus. Traveling by "Night Bus" means we can visit a few more sites in Akiu or in Sendai. Taking the "Day Highway Bus" means extra evening time in Tokyo to do something. But this requires another stay in someplace else.

Sendai Station

Day 6-7
This day is your suggestion as a group. It can also be a free day for yourself. I can give you suggestions for activities in Sendai and Tokyo. If you believe, you can go solo to a place and return to our meet up again.


Day 7-8
With the group's suggestions, we will be sightseeing at least another part of Tokyo in the morning. During the afternoon or evening, I could assist anyone with local shopping for souvenirs. Later we can have one final dinner together.


Day 8
I hope everyone departs in the evening or at night, depending on your stay in Japan. So we can do one more group activity in the morning. If you need assistance back to the airport or train station? I could guide you there. I hope everyone would have a great time.
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