Immersive, Slow Travel in Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, in Indian Himalayas

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Spiti Valley is home to some of the most stunning landscapes & surreal high-altitude lakes. Experience offbeat and unique trails first-hand on our Himalayan lakes and highland desert trek. Prepare to be thoroughly captivated on walks through bronze folds, green meadows and stark blue skies that surround the moonscape of turquoise waters. This adventure is also one where you experience life closely in Spiti while also exploring the self. A journey where the central theme revolves around becoming part of the lives of the people whose lands one visits instead of observing from a distance. How? Through getting involved in activities that form part of the daily lives of these hardy mountain folks. This is a rare opportunity to experience Spiti as an insider. Live their life, toil their soil, eat their food, care for their cattle, and in turn, be rewarded with one of the most memorable experiences of your life - up close and personal. Understand the joys and challenges of living in one of the remotest regions in the world! In spite of the incredibly challenging living conditions and villages with populations as small as 40 people, Spiti homes are some of the warmest and most welcoming mountain communities in India, who are deeply ingrained in the teachings of Buddhism.

About me! My name is Milena, please you can call me Mima. :) I am a former volleyball player, passionate traveler, adventurer and nature lover. I am single mum of curious and playful toddler twins, girl Lenka and boy Novak. My life journey took me across many countries and continents, including Antarctica, which was an expedition that changed my life in many ways. I am licensed mountain guide (UIAA), 3rd category in summer conditions. In past years I trekked and climbed peaks in mountain massifs of the Alps, the Julian Alps, Balkan mountains, Indonesia and Indian Himalayas. Here is my personal message to you: ''Dear friend, Thank you for considering to join Spiti Valley adventure, that is crafted with a lot of love, passion and dedication. My dream with this adventure is to empower and strengthen people's (re)connection with Mother Nature, as well as with pure, authentic ways of life in small rural communities of the Great Indian Himalayas. I wish that along this new path we grow and nurture community - where people of all ages feel included, respected and gathered around common values - holistic approach to health by taking care of and learning about physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of human being; embrace, protect and learn from the nature and small rural communities we immerse ourselves in together. '' Love & respect, Mima

Details about the accommodation: Accommodation is on a twin-sharing basis in local homestays in the local villages. If you have questions about the accommodation of the itinerary, you can let me know in the Q&A section on this trip! We can arrange a video call, or I will make sure to answer your questions as soon as possible!

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My name is Milena, please you can call me Mima. :) I am a former volleyball player, passionate traveler, mountain guide and nature lover.

You can chat with MILENA once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary

Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, Chandigarh

Day 1
The excitement kicks in as soon as you touch down at Chandigarh Airport, and I will be there to give you a warm welcome. From here, it's time to hit the road on a scenic drive to Narkanda, a journey that typically takes about 5 to 6 hours. Dinner & overnight stay in a local homestay.


Day 1-2
Today we leave Narkanda and drive along the famous apple-growing belt of the state and zig-zag our way to the Satluj River Valley which originates in Tibet. We follow the Sutlej River for most of the journey till we start the ascent for Kalpa which is a quaint village offering breathtaking views of the Kinner Kailash range. Total drive time is 5-6 hours.


Day 2-3
Today we leave Kalpa and the beautiful view of the Kinner Kailash to head to Tabo. The journey today takes us from the lush Satluj Valley into the stark desert landscape of the Spiti valley. The drive is spectacular as we cruise along viewing this gradual transition. We will cross Nako enroute and if keen, we stop for a quick visit to the Nako lake. If time permits we will visit Giu famous for the Self Mummified Monk!


Day 3-4
Tabo is known as the Ajanta of the Himalayas and the Tabo Monastery is over 1000 years old. After exploring the Monastery and the village of Tabo, we head onto Dhankhar, the erstwhile capital of Spiti. A treasure of traditional architectural marvels, Dhankhar houses an ancient Monastery which was recently declared one of the 100 Most Endangered sites in the World and also remnants of the Dhankhar Fort, the former residence of the Royal family of Spiti. One can trek to the pristine Dhankhar lake if keen and time permits (2 to 3 hours). Later we head into the Pin valley. We drive to the last village of Mudh if time permits and later head into the Pin Valley National Park to a unique village dedicated to meditation.

Pin Valley National Park

Day 4-5
Today we will visit the only Nyingmapa monastery in Spiti (the oldest sect of Tibetan Buddhism) at Kungri and thereafter head to Demul Village, fast becoming Spiti’s model of a sustainable village. Demul is a beautiful village set on the highlands of the Spiti Valley, famous for its local brew – Arak and Folk performances*. Enjoy a breathtaking Satellite Imagery of Spiti Valley where you can spot upto 18 villages! Spend the day exploring Demul and learn some local delicacies with your homestay host and immerse yourself in some local activities to give you a flavor of Spiti life and culture.


Day 5-8
We spend the day today immersing ourselves and getting involved in village life by participating in the on-going activities/development needs in the village. The major activities in the villages during the summers are: farming, herding, local development. On day 7 we will begin our trek into the breathtaking vastness of the Trans-Himalayas. We climb above the dreamy village and into the expansive grazing pastures of the village livestock and wild herbivores (such as the Blue Sheep). We reach our first charming campsite which, until recently, was used as a summer settlement by a few Demul families where they ran a small, home-scale dairy industry. The yaks would be milked and delicious butter and cheese made and sold to the entire Spiti Valley!


Day 8-9
Today we continue our trek along the beautiful Pasham range in the shadow of the Chau Chau Khang Nilda Mountain – a stunning peak, till we reach Komic – the World’s Highest Village. We will visit the monastery if we are keen and head in our waiting vehicles to Hikkim (4.400m altitude) – the World’s Highest Post Office, an ideal opportunity to post a postcard back home. (Trek time 3-4 hrs) From here we head to Langza village, a picturesque village adorned by a Buddha Statue and a temple, popular for Mud Craft/Pottery. Explore the village of Langza and if keen delve into your creative side by signing up to learn the basics of Pottery* from the last-surviving traditional potter of Spiti. Adventure lovers can try Mountain Biking* back to Kaza from the highest village in the World. After spending some time in Langza we head to Kaza, the capital of Spiti where we will spend the night.


Day 9-10
Kaza Drive to Kee – 30 mins | Drive to Kibber & Chicham bridge – 30 mins | Drive to Chandratal – 4 hrs Get an insight into Tibetan Buddhism in practice today – we get up early and experience a resounding prayer session of the monks. Later we head to the iconic Kee Monastery perched beautifully on a conical hill – it is Spiti’s most photographed monastery. From here we head to Kibber and drive over the Chicham bridge – the highest bridge in Asia. Today we will also get an insight into the ancient tradition and science of Tibetan Medicine – meet the local Amchi (traditional Spiti doctor). Learn more about this science and the subtle art of diagnosis through reading the pulse. Get one-on-one with him, have your pulse read, and learn more about your internal health as well. In Kaza, one may explore the vibrant markets.


Day 10-11
Today we will head to a Buddhist nunnery (a place where Buddhist nuns reside) were we will spend the day – getting a unique insight into Spiti’s rich Buddhist culture – aspects which have been preserved for 100’s of years being passed on from teacher to student. Spend the day in a Nunnery – a rare chance to experience life in a nunnery and get an insight into their life and aspirations. Hear fascinating stories of how the Nunnery was formed, learn some Bhoti (the Tibetan script) and Buddhist mantras if you like, attend evening prayers or just chill with them over numerous cups of tea and stories.

Chandra Taal

Day 11-12
We bid farewell to Spiti today and head to one of the most picturesque lakes in the region – Chandratal (Lake of the Moon Goddess). Enroute we cross the spectacular Kunzum Pass (4551m), visit the Buddhist shrine and spend the rest of the day at Chandratal. (Please note camping is not permitted near the lake) Pic by Lodhra


Day 12-13
Today we start our journey to Manali. We drive along the beautiful valley of the Chandra River and cross into the Kullu valley through the famous Atal Tunnel – the longest tunnel in the world above 3000m.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, Chandigarh

Day 13-14
After breakfast, it's time to bid farewell to this enchanting place and head towards the Chandigarh airport for your onward journey. If you need any help finding transportation for your next destination, you can let me know, and I will try to help you find the best route.
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