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I'm Zehra! I was born in Germany. I grew up in Turkey, and I am an Archaeologist and Art Historian. I studied photography at a second university, so amazing pictures will be guaranteed on this trip! 📍 What's the plan? Our trip will start from Reykjavik, and we will see the most enjoyable photo routes of Iceland, which has many different beauties. Sometimes we will find ourselves having lunch in front of a beautiful waterfall, then we are together with the seals in front of the glaciers. Daylight will be with us for almost 15 hours. Living it will be a different experience. We will share a house together on this trip. You will have a friend with whom you will stay in the same room. There can be 1 toilet in the house. We will have our own vehicle. Every day we will go to a different place and take pictures. We will cook and eat our own meals at home. We will get to know each other closely and have pleasant conversations. We will pay for the gas of the car together. We will also shop for cooking. For all this, about 100 Euros per person will be enough. This is the total amount to be paid for one week. If we run out of money, we will raise money again between us. But it's usually enough. To summarize, what is included in the price? - Accommodation - Transportation Capture the magic of Iceland on this photo trip. From top highlights to hidden gems, find the unforgettable experiences in Iceland. Join My Trip to Iceland, looking forward to meeting you soon!
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I was born in Germany. I grew up in Turkey. I am an Archaeologist and Art Historian. I studied photography as a second university.

Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Today, according to our flight time, we will start our photo exploration after we arrive at the place where we will stay in the afternoon and have a rest. The places we will see will be the streets of Rekyjavik, the famous Hallgrímskirkja Church, Sun Voyager and iconic buildings. We will return to our accommodation for dinner.


Day 2-4
After breakfast, we will visit one of Iceland's great waterfalls and a geyser today. We will see the glaciers on one side and the bottom of the boiling ground on the other. Towards evening, we will reach our second city, where we will stay. If we are not tired after dinner, we will visit a very, very pleasant waterfall, which we will walk through, and if we are tired, we can leave it until the next morning.


Day 4
Today we will head towards Vik Village. Today we will see very pleasant landscapes. We can see Puffin birds, the mascot of Iceland. Black Sand Beach (black sand beach) is another place we will visit. We will finish the day by taking pictures in a few different areas around Vik Village. Then there is Iceland's indispensable horses. We will both love and take pictures of the horses, which are very close to humans and used to stopping at convenient places on the side of the road. After pleasant photos, we will return to our accommodation for dinner.


Day 4-5
After breakfast, we will go to take pictures in a bay, where we will have a close look at the Vatnajökul Glacier. This is the first time we will be this close to the glaciers. Sometimes we will witness that they break and float into the ocean. On the opposite shore of the bay, we will also take pictures of the shining pieces of ice on the so-called diamond beach. In the evening, we will stay near the glacier. What we call close will be 2 hours away again.

Blue Lagoon

Day 5-7
After breakfast, we will depart for Reykjavik. Those who wish can make a reservation for the Blue Lagoon (they need to make the lagoon reservation at least 4 weeks before departure) and relax in the volcanic hot spring water with a temperature of 36-38 degrees. Those who do not want to enter the lagoon can continue to take pictures outside. Today our accommodation will be in Reykjavik.


Day 7
After our breakfast, we will go to the area where the Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones) series was filmed, and take beautiful photos today. This will be a shooting trip that will take a full day. Our stay will be in Reykjavik again.

Reykjavík Airport

Day 7
Our return to Istanbul will begin with a morning flight. On this trip, you will feel like you have traveled to a place out of the world. Many film companies have made films about space or a place other than earth in Iceland with the same feelings, and there are still films that are still being shot.
7 days trip
Reykjavík, Mið-Mörk & 5 more
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