Last Spot!!! 😨 HUGE Coworking Villa on Bali 🌴☀ Work, Surf, Ricefields & more

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Coworking trip
Oops, I did it again 🤭 Booked a HUGE villa on Bali 🌴, in the heart of Canggu to spend one month living, working, laughing and enjoying Bali with a fun group of remote workers and travelers from all over the world. I’ve organized 10+ workations worldwide, with groups of up to 12 people… I met the most amazing people on my trips and learned SO much. About business, about life, about myself… Although my groups are usually super diverse—in the end there is one thing we all have in common: the passion for traveling & for working remotely!🌍 Strangers become friends … and my trips have already changed lives—including mine. (Might sound cheesy…but it’s true). My idea for the coworking villa is: to enjoy the time together 😃. We can all do stuff together like workouts, cook together, to go surfing, to do yoga, to enjoy food, to explore the island, for skill sharing sessions, deep talks .... everything is possible 🤩 Work 💻 Most of the people will work CET hours, we will start in the early afternoon and finish late at night. I see it like a shared flat ( a really nice one 😉) for a certain period of time. Everyone is responsible to keep the villa clean and to take care of their stuff ;) We have a cleaning lady coming in once per week, but we'll be a big group, so it's important to be responsible. 💰The trip costs only include a bed in a single room with a single bed. As well as a little bonus for myself for organizing everything plus the fee for JoinMyTrip. Are you in? 🥳 Happy to learn more about you and why you want to join this unforgettable trip 🌍 Please note that I won't accept any booking without having spoken to you on the phone before :) Feel free to text me. Anna ☀️
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This was already my fourth trip with Anna and it was once again wonderful. Anna is a person of the heart who takes care of you with everything and just makes you happy and positive. She is an organizational talent, knows Seville like the back of her hand and is also a gifted cook. Anna has allowed me to get to know Seville as if from a local's point of view: the best tapas restaurants, sweet bodegas and secret Insta spots all inclusive. Anna has long been more than my travel buddy, but a real close friend!
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Day 1-16
Our villa is located in the heart of Canggu - ca. 2 km walking distance to the beach, surrounded by cafés, bars, restaurants etc. We have 3 villas with 8 rooms in total, a big pool and a huge garden. For some reason, I can't upload pictures from the villa here, so feel free to send me a message and I'll send them over.


Day 16
Canggu is the paradise for backpackers and remote workers. Surfing, Yoga, Café hunting, Sunsets, beach parties—you'll have everything walking distance from our villa.

Bingin Beach

Day 16
This is supposed to be a really nice beach in the South in Uluwatu. Potential stop for a scooter trip on the weekends or before work, depending on working hours ;) also nice for surfing 🏄‍♀️
Bed & Breakfast & Apartments
16 days trip
Canggu, Canggu & 1 more
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Questions and Answers

Oh no... And now it's already full? 😮😢

Yes, I have a waiting list. Text me on IG if you want :) travelbuddyanna

And further you write that it will be a big group, but it says 1-3 tripmates.... Does it mean there ... Read More

I have other people from my community joining :) we’ll be a group of 9 in total

Hi Anna, in your description you speak of a month but above is only 16 days indicated, what is right... Read More

It’s a spot for 2 weeks :)

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