Hiker's Paradise in Utah, USA: A Week Exploring 5 Stunning National Parks

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Hey, everyone! 😁 My name is Parker and I was born and raised here in the USA! I’m 25 and still trying to figure out what what path I want to take my life. I’m currently in between jobs, so I figured while I have some free time, I’ll take a little trip! You’ll notice I like my trips to be extremely laid back and “go with the flow” as opposed to being tied to a schedule with reservations and time frames. I typically like to decide what to do on the go for the most part! I’ve always wanted to visit Utah because of all the gorgeous scenery I’ve only been able to see in pictures. Utah has five different national parks in the state, and from what I hear, they each have something unique to offer. I think we’ll stay in Moab! I found an Airbnb that sleeps 10 people, and I’m looking to take 5 people with me, so we should have plenty of space! I’m thinking two more guys and 3 girls so it’ll be balanced! It does have 5 beds, a sofa bed in the common room included, but I figure we can make the proper adjustments once we get there and see the layout! But some of us will have to share rooms, either way. As this is my first trip here, I’d like for this trip to be super relaxed and chill! I do have some plans (lots of hiking) but other than that, I’d like to just go with the flow for the most part. After all, we’re on vacation! It’s not supposed to be stressful! At the end of the day, I’d just like for everyone to have a good time! Included in the price listed is: - Accommodation for 5 nights: $60 USD per person, per night (Shared rooms) - Entry passes + reservation for National Parks: $20 USD per person (just to be safe! If $20 is too much, I’ll reimburse everyone the difference!) (Optional) Mountain Bike Tour: $89 per person There are some other costs we can work out in time like gas for the car, food, or a car rental. I have my own car, which I may drive to Moab. It seats 5 comfortably, but all 6 of us if we really squeeze in the back seat 😂 so we can rent an extra car if we want, or if we’re okay with squeezing, we can manage just with mine! If this sounds fun to you, write me a message telling me a little about yourself! I know it’s incredibly relaxed, but that’s usually how I like my trips! Look forward to hearing from you!
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My name is Parker! I’m 25 and I love good views, coffee, new restaurants, and good music! Excited to get to know you all!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
This is where we’d be staying! Known for its dramatic scenery, Moab is the biblical name for a land just short of the Promised Land. It is “the gateway to Arches and Canyonlands national parks, as well as Dead Horse Point State Park, and the cool water of the Colorado River.” We can meet at Canyonlands Regional Airport. It’s not an international airport, I don’t believe, so if you’re flying, I think you’ll need to go from the Salt Lake City Intl. Airport to the Canyonlands Airport. Here we’ll meet for the first time, and we can head to our Airbnb to unpack or set our stuff down, and spend some time getting to know each other over a meal downtown! I can find a quick trail for us to hike or if we want to just relax after traveling, we can do that too!

Dead Horse Point State Park

Day 2
I think today we can take a guided mountain biking tour through the state park with stops along the Colorado river! Again, this is optional, as maybe not everyone wants to pay $89 to ride a bike for 4 hours when we could walk! 😂 but i’ll put it on here just in case! Any of these stops could easily be replaced by any other state park or hiking trails in the area, as there’s so much to see in this state!


Day 2-3
After we spend time in Dead Horse State Park, we can. head back to downtown Moab or our Airbnb for some dinner and prepare ourselves for the next day. There are a few grocery stores in Moab, So we can prepare meals at the Airbnb, or head out into town to try out some of the local restaurants!


Day 3-4
This stop is definitely optional, because like the bicycle tour, not everyone is going to want to spend several hundred dollars more to ride a hot air balloon. So, I’ve left this out of the listed price, but is we decide we want to, I can make the proper adjustments and reservations! After some more exploring, we can make our way back to town!

Mill Canyon Dinosaur Bone Trail

Day 4
This trail offers a look at one of the largest and most diverse dinosaur track sites in North America! I don’t know about you, but that sounds so cool to me! Not only do we get the incredible scenery, we get to see fossilized tracks from approximately 112 million years ago!

Fisher Towers Trailhead

Day 4-5
For one of the last stops on the trip, I chose Fisher Towers Trail. According to VisitUtah.com - “The Fisher Towers Trail explores the Fisher Towers, one of the Utah canyon country’s most bizarre landscapes. The area is a maze of soaring fins, pinnacles, minarets, gargoyles, spires, and strangely shaped rock formations east of Moab. The towers, soaring monuments to erosion, are composed of dark red Cutler sandstone topped by harder Moenkopi sandstone and draped with mud curtains.” It says this is perfect for someone who loves amazing views, and who doesn’t love amazing views?! After more exploring, we can make our way back to town to close out the day with one last dinner together.


Day 5
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. That includes our time in Moab.. We can have some breakfast together, depending on time, and then start making our way out of Utah with some unforgettable memories of one of the most unique looking and breathtaking states in America.
Trip Summary
Bed & Breakfast
5 days trip
Moab, Dead Horse Point State Park & 5 more
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