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Spend some time in Prague and beyond to explore some haunted sights and stories and see history-haunted or not. And did I mention that Czech Republic has the ORIGINAL Budweiser (Budvar) beer? Not the American garbage they say is beer across the pond. My name is Jai, and I did live for a few months in a flat outside Brno, Czech Republic and also visited both Prague and Olomouc. Come relive some good memories with me and make amazing new ones! We will stay in a hostel in Prague. I have stayed in this hostel before, and it is a good hostel with a bar downstairs for meeting people and events almost every night. We will explore Prague, including Prague Castle (which has haunted Daliborka Castle), go on a walking tour (when I took it in 2018, it was a good intro for a first time into Prague), guided tour to a concentration camp (The most haunted story cannot compete with the horrors of this), a day trip to a nearby village to see the famous bone church. Included - Accommodation (shared rooms) - Breakfast Not included - Food and drink unless specified - Entrances unless specified See you in the Czech Republic!
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I am Jai. Former IT. Trying now to travel and enjoy life while I still can.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-7
Prague has become a destination for many people for a variety of reasons, such as partying and history. We will, of course, have all of that and take time to focus on some haunted happenings in Prague and beyond. We will stay in a hostel and have breakfast at the hostel. Staying in this hostel will also allow us to meet people from around the world.

Černín Palace

Day 7
In the 1700's, there was a famine in the Czech Republic. Royalty head a banquet for only the rich people in this Palace while many in the country where starving. One of the women was so evil that she made slippers out of bread dough to dance all night. She did dance alright with nine spirits who grabbed her and made her dance until she could dance no more. Her night ultimately ended with her slippers catching on fire and the spirits ripping her to pieces and dragging her off to Hell. It is said that she roams the place at night, but today this palace is used by the government. Who are the real ghouls?🙂 I do not know if it is possible for us to get in at night to investigate, but maybe we can try. Or we can certainly settle for taking pictures because the Italian baroque architecture is worth seeing.


Day 7
We will take a train to a village called Kunta Hora. We will go to the famous bone church. This old cathedral is full of bones that are made into sculptures, chandeliers, and wall hangings throughout the church. Outside the church is a graveyard. We will eat lunch in a nearby café before heading back to Prague.


Day 7
While there are no ghosts here (that I know of), it is easy to see who the real monsters are. Thereisenstadt was a transfer camp amongst the network of camps that the Nazis used to kill Jews, political prisoners, homosexuals, and disabled people. We will take a guided tour and learn the history and just how the Nazis were able to get by with the real life horrors that they did.

Houska castle

Day 7
This is an optional day trip since we will need to drive. Houska Castle was buult in the 1200s to keep spirits underground. You read right. The villagers saw winged demons, among other things, coming from this crack in the earth that they would dub the portal to hell. Some stories surround this castle, such as a prisoner serving a life sentence volunteering to go into the earth only to climb back up having aged 30 years and dying 2 days later because of what he saw. The Nazis also used this place for research and possible experiments. If we are brave, we can run the car to drive to go here.

Vzorkovna Dog Bar

Day 7
This is the only club I will step foot into, even if I may not stay out as late as I used to. But this club/bar is nonjudgmental, alternative, underground, and there are events every night. It gets very busy and packed, but there will be every type of person you can imagine here.
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