Guided Baltic Sea Vacation in June - Seaside Apartment, Wellness, Sauna and Bike Trip!

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Hey, traveling friends. As you all know, I am from Lithuania and I can't wait to go to Lithuania myself, but also I would love to show you around this beautiful local summer place. Let's connect wilderness together with a city break. Tasty food, wellness, nature, sport and creative rest. The best is to fly to the seaside of Palanga city and from there it is only 14 km away from the place I want to take you to. We will stay in Sventoji (Saint) town next to the Baltic Sea. Šventoji is a family-based town, very peaceful, and inspiring for artists. Palanga is a town to go out and have fun. So we will have a balance to see both of them at this time. There will be a sauna evening for us, also nice walks around, beach and a trip with bicycles to Palanga city. In Palanga we will go to Amber museum and famous Basanavičius street. There we will have nice food in my favorite place called Apetit. Be sure we will try different foods for food lovers, hopefully it will be nice and sunny on those days for a beach and the sea, and definitely for those who are willing to rest and get creative ideas. If you will be interested, I can also lead a meditation or energy practice in the morning. I chose particular not a weekend, so we can have more freedom on a bicycle path to Palanga, also fewer people on regular days. Let's go to the hidden and popular places in the seaside. The trip price will include: - Hotel apartments close to the sea - Trip with bikes to Palanga - Amber museum - Sauna entrance - For those who are willing to do morning well-being exercise Where are we staying? Our accommodation is an apartment next to the seaside, with 2 single beds and a double bed. The food there is also very tasty. And I am very selective about that, so I will take you to the best places. If you wish to continue traveling and go to the capital Vilnius or Kaunas, I can help you find out the best way to go there. It is very easy to reach it by bus and have a walk in Old Town streets before your trip back.
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Hey lovely earth humans! I am Zivile, originally from Lithuania but most of my life a traveler. I call myself wild princess.

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Trip Itinerary

Palangos Oro Uostas

Day 1
Pick up from Airport of Palanga to Sventoji. There are either Bolt taxi or public transport bus. The taxi cost should not reach more than 20 Eur. If you decide to come from another city, I will help you find the easiest way to come by bus. It depends on the time you come, I will give time to settle and will show you the main objects to go to before everyone else is coming.


Day 1-5
Šventoji it is a town of seaside. We will go for nice dinners and in the daytime enjoy the sun. You will stay in this beautiful Hotel apartment place next to the seaside, which also offers tasty food, so you don't need to go far away, everything is 10 minutes walk. We will walk around the town, I will show you Baltic hill, lighthouse, and this beautiful wooden houses surrounded pine trees. This is a very special local town which has different charming than the rest of the towns. It is a calm, not touristic, family orientated place.

Nendrinė pastogė, sodyba

Day 5
We will have dinner at Nendrine pastoge restaurant. It is a special place of family business. The restaurant is surrounded by pine trees forest, they usually have a musician playing in the evening. It is not touristic place and has a special atmosphere.


Day 5
Here we will have a trip with bikes in amazing path of pine trees by the seaside. It will my our adventure. We will visit Amber museum, beautiful park and walk in Basanavicius street. Basanavicius street is famous for many activities, bars, clubs, street of artists, amber market and beautiful church in which you can go up to see the town. We will stop at some nice locations on a way, and we will enjoy a nice lunch in Palanga family business casual restaurant. It depends on we can stay until the late evening or come back home with a stop of the sunset. This place is famous for clubs and parties if someone is interested to stay and come back later.


Day 5
We will enjoy Sauna in one of the evenings together with the sunset at Sventoji. It will be wonderful to have this experience. Sauna is very important for Lithuanian traditions. Sventoji is famous for families, peaceful rest, and pine trees forests walks. We will stay here for a beach, for walks, activities and rest. My 'must' during every day is every morning to do exercise or meditation by the seaside and have a little swim and sunset every evening. The sunsets here are unique every evening.
Apartments & Hotel
5 days trip
Palangos Oro Uostas, Šventoji & 3 more
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