Grand Tour of Egypt - part two - Pyramids of Giza, Hot air balloon ride, Abu Simbel, sailing in Aswan + Luxor temples

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Starting in chaotic Cairo, we'll first get to know each other and watch the sun set over the pyramids with drinks from a nearby rooftop bar. The next morning, we'll set off early to see them up close. Camel or horseback - you choose! We then fly to hot and sunny Aswan to sail a tradition Felucca on the Nile around Elephantine island, visit Philae Temple and journey down to Abu Simbel to learn of its impressive history. This part of Egypt is home to the Nubian people, and we will even have a chance to visit a traditional Nubian village. A short train ride brings us north to Luxor, home to the well known 'Valley of the Kings' - the burial place of the rulers of Ancient Egypt. See the impressive Hatsheput temple, Colossi of Memnon and weave between the giant pillars at the temple of Karnak. This trip also takes you up into the air - courtesy of a giant balloon with a flamethrower inside! Can you spot the places you visited on foot the day before? This trip will bring about a solid mix of having fun and enjoying the sights of Egypt. What's included: - 2 nights private accommodation in Cairo (3* or better) - 3 nights basic accommodation in Aswan (private room) - 3 nights basic accommodation in Luxor (private room guaranteed for first 3 bookings, then subject to availability) - Transfer to airport + flight to Aswan + transfer to accommodation in Aswan - Train to Luxor - Minibus to Abu Simbel + entry - Fallucca sailing experience - boat ride and entry to Philae temple - Karnak temple entry - Sofitel Winter Palace entry - Entry and minibuses between Valley of the kings, Hatshepsut temple and colossi of Memnon - Hot air balloon ride What's not included: - Food and drinks (very cheap in Egypt!) - Afternoon activities in Aswan (day 5) Please note: this is part 2, of a 2 part trip in Egypt. These can be combined and must be booked separately. Booking both will allow you a free day in Cairo in the middle, to rest or explore other attractions, whilst those only on the second part visit the pyramids + a $40 cash refund or equivalent. Part 1:
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Traveling with Dominic was great! The trip was well organized but still some flexibility for activities. Dominic was very friendly always in a good mood and took care of all trip members. Exploring Mexico was so much fun and I would definitely recommend.
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
Day 1 - In chaotic Cairo we will get to know each other and dine together in the afternoon, then we will watch the sun go down over the silhouette of the great pyramids of Giza from a nearby rooftop bar! Day 2 - We will make an early start to the day and after breakfast make our way to the complex to see the Sphinx and the pyramids on the back of a horse or camel! We'll take great pictures and have a great time as our 4 legged friends carry us over the sand dunes surrounding these magnificent 5000 year old monuments. The last remaining of the seven ancient wonders of the world! A seafood late lunch to follow, and after a recharge at the hotel - dinner besides the Nile before heading to Cairo Jazz club to end the day.


Day 3-6
Day 3 - A late breakfast. A very short flight to Aswan. Pizza and beers on the Nile. Cheers! Day 4 - Visit the amazing temple of Abu Simbel. Learn about how the whole thing was literally moved to avoid it being lost with the construction of the Aswan damn. Come sunset we'll set sail with a Nubian sailor on board a traditional Felucca for a 2 hour tour around Elephantine Island. Day 5 - A boat ride to Philae temple and back in the morning + a free afternoon. Some options are: - The Nubian village - Aswan museum on elephantine island - Hiking to the monastery of St. Simeon (West Bank)


Day 6-9
Day 6 - Just a 3-4 hour train ride north brings us to this popular tourist spot. We'll check in to Bob Marley Hostel where we'll have beers on the rooftop and eat local street food. Day 7 - The Instagram perfect temple of Karnak. Famous for its labyrinth of gigantic pillars covered completely in ancient hieroglyphs. Then the opportunity to relax and swim at the Sofitel winter palace. Day 8 - The Valley of the Kings (including venturing into 3 tombs of your choice) + Hatshepsut temple + Colossi of Memnon Day 9 - Before the sun rises we'll already be up in the sky, waiting to pop those perfect pictures!
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9 days trip
Cairo, Aswan & 1 more
Plane, Train
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