GLAMPING! - Small Weekend Getaway to Kos, Marmari Greece

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special Camping in luxury
special Greek food
special Meeting new tripmates
Did you ever wanted to go camping but prefer glamping ? We will stay in a modern luxury tented-villa encampment, nestled in idyllic Greek farmland, with sweeping Views of mount Dikeos. Surrounded by green gardens. Need a fast getaway trip ? Then come and join me to do a beach hoping In Kos greece : ) We will visit a few beaches around the island, plus the old town. Some Greek islands are tricky to explore without your own transport, but thankfully Kos is one of the best for non-drivers. It’s possible to cycle the whole of the east coast and a big chunk of the north on cycle paths and quiet roads. We can also rent a car if we all agree. This is a trip to unwind and relax. This will be a budget friendly trip, so we will share all expenses. ​♥️​ What will make this trip special ? The new friends you will make along the way ! And of course I will help you to get Instagram worthy pictures and videos! 📸​ 💰​ What you are paying for and what's included? - The accommodation with shared rooms - A small organizational fee - Breakfast included -airport transfers from Kos airport

I have never been to Kos, so I'm coming with an open mind ready to explore as well as relax. Look forward to meeting you! Let's explore together, hang out on the beach, maybe get to know locals and other travelers, and see historical sites.

We will be glamping. We will be in a tent but equal to a 4 star hotel. There will be plenty of room for sleeping and socializing. The glamping site is rural and quiet. It's what many love the most about being there. There is 1 beach nearby. The rest we must take transport too. We also need public transportation to get to city center too. If you have any more questions about this trip, once you pay the first part on the platform you can chat with me directly. You also have some day to cancel the trip or join : )

What's included?
Airport shuttle from Kos airport
Organiser fee
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I am Jai. Former IT. Trying now to travel and enjoy life while I still can.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1
We will first meet at the accommodation and get to know each other and leave our things, then we will head to town for a walk. Depending on the time of arrival of everybody, we will either get dinner or lunch.

Agios Stefanos Beach

Day 1-2
Like I said before we will be doing some beach hopping along the island and I have selected some of the nice beaches along the island. On the first day, we will go to the supermarket and get some things to have a picnic around the beaches.

Camel Beach

Day 2-4
Around the corner, there’s a smaller cove called Camel Beach. There are two cafe-restaurants at the top of Camel Beach and it’s a steep walk down to the beach. This is one of the most beautiful beached on the island!


Day 4-5
During days 4, 5, and 6 of our trip, we'll take it easy and continue exploring the beautiful island of Kos. It's the perfect place to unwind, soak up the sun, and maybe even dip our toes in the clear blue waters. We'll spend our time relaxing, strolling around, and discovering hidden gems. And who knows, one night we might even hit the town for some fun and partying!


Day 5-6
We'll have plenty of time to discover all the cool spots Kos has to offer, from hidden beaches with water so clear it's like swimming in liquid crystal, to ancient sites that'll make us feel like time travelers. And hey, when the sun sets, who says the fun has to stop? We might decide to mix things up and hit the town for a taste of Kos's nightlife scene. Think lively bars, catchy tunes, and maybe a bit of dancing under the stars. But no matter what we get up to, the main goal is just to chill, have a blast, and make some epic memories. After all, that's what island life is all about, right?
Trip Summary
Other & Camping
6 days trip
Kos, Agios Stefanos Beach & 3 more
Train, Trekking
What's excluded?
Bus transport/taxi on island
Car rental and fuel if we decide to do t
Bike rental
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