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Hello! My name is Zehra and I'm an archeologist and art historian. My trips are based on photography. Those who want to join my trips will learn how to take good photos. If you are ready, we will take you to very impressive lands, where the civilization after the Mu continent lived, where Pagan customs continue, where we will see the burial rituals, and where we will be there during a very special ceremony, on a breathtaking route to Mexico. You will see the details of the Mexico Photo Trip below What is included in the price? - Economy class airfare from Mexico City to Oaxaca with Local Airlines - Economy class airfare from Oaxaca/Mexico City with Local Airlines - Economy class airfare from Mexico City to Merida with Local Airlines - All hotel accommodations 3 and 4-star hotels (Private rooms) - Morning Breakfasts - 8 dinners written in the program - Transportation with our private vehicle in Mexico - Frida Kahlo Museum entrance fee - Teotihuacan tour and entrance fee - Anthropology Museum entrance fee - Entrance fees to museums, parks, and ruins written in the program - English guide service - In-car refreshments Not Included in the Price: - International round-trip airfare - Visa fee if you need a visa - Tips: USD 80 per person - Dinners and lunches are not included in the program - All alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks taken during the meals in the program Let me know if you have any questions in the Q&A section at the top of my trip! Hope to see you soon in Mexico!
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I was born in Germany. I grew up in Turkey. I am an Archaeologist and Art Historian. I studied photography as a second university.

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Trip Itinerary

Mexico City

Day 1-2
October 30: We arrive in Mexico City early in the morning today. Our private vehicle and guide will be waiting for us at the airport. We will transfer to our hotel, have breakfast and rest a bit. After a short rest, we will start our trip to Mexico City. One of the first places we will see will be the Frida Kahlo Museum. We will take the first photos of the trip in this very colorful museum. We will walk through the city to get to know the historical center of Mexico City, which has been included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO and to take photos. The giant Constitution Square, known as the Zocalo, and the Metropolitan Cathedral, which was built on the site of an Aztec Temple, will be our main visiting points. After our tour in the city, we will return to our hotel, having finished today's photos. If you wish, you can take a walk to Garibaldi Square, where Mariachi musicians sing and play the guitar as a group. Accommodation and dinner at our Mexico City hotel.


Day 2-3
October 31: After breakfast at our hotel in the morning, we will freely go out on the streets and take pictures. Today, we will photograph the places we visited with a guide, at a much slower pace, and rest. We will transfer to the airport in the evening. Today we will fly to Oaxaca. We will transfer from the area to our hotel and leave our luggage. Since today is the "Day of the Dead", we will mingle with the people commemorating the graves of their loved ones and take photos at the cemetery. For the Day of the Dead, we will be surrounded by people in many colorful costumes and masks. Tonight we will spend a night with families dancing, eating, and singing by the graves. At the end of the night, we will return to our hotel for accommodation.


Day 3-4
1 November: After breakfast at our hotel in the morning, we will set off for Monte Alban with our vehicle. Monte Alban is an ancient pre-Columbian archaeological site located in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. In addition, Monte Alban is a very important region in terms of astronomy. What we learned will be of a kind that will make you wonder how they knew about them at that time. It is located in a mountainous area rising above the plain in the central part of the Oaxaca Valley, where the cities of Etla to the north, Tlacolula to the east, and Zimatlán and Ocotlán (or Valle Grande) to the south meet. After our visit to Monte Alban, which is on the Unesco World Heritage List, we will go to the public cemetery to take pictures of the families who came to visit on the Day of the Dead. At the end of our trip, accommodation and dinner will be at our Oaxaca hotel.

Mexico City

Day 4-5
November 2nd: We will transfer from our hotel to the airport in the morning. We will return to Mexico City again. Our photography program today will be a village visit. Our village is not very untouched and touristic, but we will still have the opportunity to attract the people living there. Transfer to our hotel after our tour. Dinner and accomodation in our hotel.

Mexico City

Day 5-6
November 3rd: This morning we will take our breakfast package. Because we have to catch the sunrise and take pictures. Our journey will take 1 hour. Our destination will be the area where the Teotihuacan Pyramids are located. Here we will visit the Teotihuacan Ancient City, which has been included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO, by photographing it. Teotihuacan, meaning "Place of the Gods", was the oldest city in the new world and also the largest city and religious center in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. On the tour to the Archaeological Park, we will see Teotihuacan's grand structure, the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Path of the Dead, and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, dedicated to the great God "Feathered Serpent", and the Butterfly Palace. After our tour, we set out for Mexico City. Accommodation and dinner at our Mexico City hotel.


Day 6
November 4: After breakfast at our hotel this morning, we arrive at the airport for our connecting flight to Merida via Mexico City. We continue to the city of Merida. In this city, which is the capital of the state of Yucatan, we will see the Plaza Mayor Square and colonial buildings from the colonial period and photograph the local people. We will see and take pictures of San Idelfonso, the first cathedral built by the Spanish using the stones of an ancient pyramid. We will see the magnificent stonework of the facade of Casa De Montejo, the Maghreb-style Bell Tower, and the Nuns Church and its surroundings and photograph the local people in or in front of these buildings. At the end of the day, we will set off for our hotel where we will stay in Merida. Accommodation and dinner will be at our Merida hotel.


Day 6-7
November 5: This morning, we will take our breakfast as a package and set off for Cancun with our vehicle. We will photograph the ancient city of Chichen Itza. Our journey will take about 2 hours. We aim to reach the area where the Chichen Itza Pyramids are located during the hours when the light is beautiful. Chicken Itza is an ancient city that has been included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO and covers an area of 300 hectares. A large Maya Society developed here between 700-900 years ago and built most of the structures in the southern part of the area. However, the design of the main structures such as the Kukulkan Pyramid, which is dedicated to the Feathered Serpent God and symbolizes the Mayan calendar with a total of 365 steps, located in the middle region, the Temple of the Warriors decorated with Jaguar and Eagle motifs, and the “Juego de Pelota” ball playground, the largest example of the Maya world, are clearly designed. It has a Toltec influence. After our tour, we head to İkkil Cenote to take pictures. We can call the Turkish equivalent of a Cenote a sinkhole. Each of these sinkholes gives very beautiful photos with interesting light plays from the other. The second pothole we will visit today will be Suytun. We will also visit Valladolid village near the sinkhole. When the day is over, accommodation and dinner will be at our Cancun Hotel.


Day 7
November 6: After breakfast, we will go to Tulum for a day tour. Today we will photograph Tulum, another Maya ancient city, located on the seashore. Tulum is a city built by the Mayan Indians as a seaside port city and is still preserved with its temples today. Afterward, we will make a short tour of Tulum City, stop by Dos Ojos Cenote on the way back, and take a photo of the last lights of the day. We will return to Cancun for accommodation. Dinner and accommodation will be at our Cancun hotel.


Day 7-8
7 November: After breakfast at our hotel, we will have free time until the flight today. If we have time, it is not in the program, but we can try to visit Puerto Morelos, a cute little settlement by the sea. Or during this time, anyone can take pictures on the streets of Cancun. Anyone can shop. We will transfer to the airport in the afternoon.


Day 8-9
7 November today is our last day here we have free time until the flight. If you would like to take some photos you can go out freely. Our you can make last minute shopping. It will be an unforgettable dreamy Mexico trip for you.
Trip Summary
9 days trip
Mexico City, Oaxaca & 8 more
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