Gastro tour in Spain. Explore Navarras Vibrant Cuisine and Atmosphere on Seven-Day Foodie Adventure

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What's special?
special Coocking workshop from local señora
special Paella with sea food dinner
Prepare to be enchanted by the incredible atmosphere that surrounds us as we embark on this gastronomic journey. The Spanish culture is known for its passion, and this is evident in every bite. From the moment you arrive, you will be greeted by the warm embrace of traditional dishes that have been perfected over generations. Picture yourself savoring the exquisite taste of fine wine, perfectly paired with an assortment of delectable cheeses. The flavors will dance on your palate, leaving you longing for more. And let's not forget the liquid gold that is Spanish olive oil, adding its smooth and velvety touch to every dish.

About me! As a Ukrainian filmmaker turned Spanish resident, I have embarked on a captivating journey to uncover the true essence of Spanish cuisine. Driven by my passion for travel and the desire to immerse myself in local food and traditions, I set out to discover the best and most authentic places to eat in Spain. With a deep appreciation for culinary arts, I even opened my own restaurant and honed my skills as a chef, delving into the intricacies of Spanish gastronomy. Constantly seeking new knowledge, I embrace every opportunity to learn and expand my understanding of the rich tapestry of Spanish food. My ongoing exploration of Spanish cuisine is a testament to my unwavering dedication and the boundless joy I find in the flavors, traditions, and stories that make each dish truly remarkable.

Details about the accommodation: You will stay in a beautiful wooden house with a private garden located in the quiet town of Abarzuza. Surrounded by mountains and very close to a beautiful lake. A unique experience in an incomparable environment. It consists of four double bedrooms, three bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, and a cozy living room. From the terrace, you can see the valley and the mountains. Let me know in the Q&A section if you have any questions!

What's included?
Accommodation with share bedrooms
Transportation and petrol (minivan)
Breakfast and lunch
Navarra salt producing tour
Cheese factory tour
Trufa tour
Olive oil factory tour
Wine Bodega tour with tasting
Coocking workshop
One dinner (paella with sea food)
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Ukrainian filmmaker turned Spain resident. Passionate about gastro travel.

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You will meet Oleksandr and the group in Abárzuza

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Day 1-2
On the first day of our adventure we arrive at our charming accommodation house in Abárzuza, eagerly anticipating the experiences that lie ahead. After settling in, we gather for a delightful small lunch, creating an opportunity to connect and get to know one another. As the day progresses, our anticipation grows, and we find ourselves eagerly awaiting the highlight of the evening: a delectable dinner featuring mouthwatering paella, prepared with an array of exquisite seafood. What makes this dining experience truly special is the live cooking demonstration, taking place right before our eyes. With each sizzle and aroma, we immerse ourselves in the culinary process, learning and appreciating the art of paella-making.


Day 2-3
After a delightful breakfast, we set off on an enchanting adventure to visit a local cheese factory that proudly upholds the traditions of the old ways of cheese production. Stepping inside, we are transported to a world of craftsmanship and dedication as we witness the skilled artisans meticulously crafting each batch of cheese. The factory is filled with the captivating aromas of aged cheeses, infusing the air with a sense of culinary excellence. Following our immersive experience, we gather for an extraordinary lunch, indulging in a feast of authentic shepherd's cuisine. From hearty stews to savory grilled meats and rustic bread, every bite tells a story of the region's rich agricultural heritage. This culinary journey offers us a unique glimpse into the flavors and traditions that have been passed down through generations, leaving a lasting impression on our palates and our memories.

Lácar / Lakar

Day 3-4
On this exciting day, we embark on a visit to the local bodega, an essential part of any Spanish experience. As we enter the vineyard, we are greeted by rows of lush vines, basking in the warm sun. Our senses come alive as we explore the winemaking process, from grape cultivation to the intricacies of fermentation and aging. The highlight of our visit awaits as we partake in a delightful wine tasting session. Sipping on a variety of exquisite wines, we indulge in the flavors and aromas that characterize the region. After the tasting, we are treated to a sumptuous lunch thoughtfully prepared for us, allowing us to fully savor the local cuisine. To enhance the experience, we dine right in the heart of the bodega, surrounded by barrels and the lingering ambiance of the winemaking process. This unforgettable day immerses us in the culture and traditions of Spanish winemaking, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Salinas de Oro

Day 4
we will witness the unique mountain salt harvesting process in the Navarra region. Discover the origins of salt, a vital ingredient in every meal. Experience firsthand how saline water from the mountains is transformed into delicate salt crystals. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and learn about the skilled craftsmanship involved in producing the finest salt. This remarkable adventure will deepen your appreciation for this essential ingredient and the Navarra region's rich culinary heritage.


Day 4-5
Discover the intricacies of truffle harvesting, understanding why it is an arduous task. Witness skilled truffle hunters and their exceptional canine companions in action as they seek out these elusive treasures. Then, prepare your palate for an unforgettable experience as you indulge in a delectable degustation. Delight in a series of carefully crafted dishes, each infused with the exquisite flavors and aromas of these prized gems.


Day 5-6
In Arróniz we will see the fascinating world of the Iturri family canning factory, renowned for their production of the region's signature delicacies: asparagus and roasted peppers. Explore the captivating process of preserving these local treasures, witnessing the family's dedication to quality and tradition. After that we will visit olive oil factory. You will get to know one of the trujales that have developed their own and original autochthonous variety of Spanish olive oil. You will see the olive groves where they collect, you will learn about the process of making their oil and you will start tasting extra virgin olive oil.


Day 6
Step into the enchanting world of Pacharán Zoco as we embark on a captivating visit to their distillery, a haven for crafting the iconic liquor of Navarre. Immerse yourself in the artistry of liquor-making as you witness the meticulous process and traditional techniques employed by the skilled artisans. Marvel at the careful selection of sloe berries and the infusion process that transforms them into the rich and flavorful Pacharán. Discover the secrets passed down through generations as you delve into the history and heritage of this beloved Navarrese drink.


Day 6-7
We will discover culinary traditions of Spain as we venture into a charming, small typical village. Here, we have the unique opportunity to learn the art of preparing iconic Spanish dishes such as tortilla de patatas, croquetas, and more. Guided by a local señora, whose culinary wisdom has been passed down through generations, we will embark on a journey to recreate the flavors that define Spanish cuisine. With her expert guidance, we will discover the secrets behind the perfect tortilla flip and the art of crafting creamy, flavorful croquetas. This hands-on experience will not only deepen our understanding of Spanish gastronomy but also provide us with cherished memories of learning from the traditions preserved by this knowledgeable señora.

Monastery of Iranzu

Day 7
After an immersive cooking workshop, we embark on a captivating journey to explore the historic Irantzu Monastery. This magnificent Cistercian abbey, built between the 12th and 14th centuries, stands as a testament to centuries of history and architectural grandeur. As we wander through its hallowed halls and serene courtyards, we are transported back in time, marveling at the intricate craftsmanship and spiritual ambiance that permeates the monastery. Admire the elegant arches, vaulted ceilings, and ornate details that showcase the artistic prowess of the era. Let the tranquility of the monastery envelop your senses, as you reflect on the profound historical significance of this sacred place.


Day 7
Concluding our journey in the vibrant city of Pamplona, prepare to be captivated by the enchanting world of pinchos and the rich traditions that define this remarkable place. Embark on a culinary adventure, sampling a delightful array of these delectable bite-sized creations, each representing the creativity and flavors of the region. As we wander through the charming streets, immerse yourself in the city's rich history and traditions, from the iconic Running of the Bulls to the lively festivals that fill the air with joyous celebrations. Pamplona's picturesque architecture and warm hospitality will leave an indelible mark on your heart, offering a truly unforgettable conclusion to our remarkable journey.
Trip Summary
7 days trip
Abárzuza, Lezáun & 8 more
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Which airport is the closest to fly into?

I think the best is in Bilbao what is 2 hours from Pamplona, where I can pick up you. But also check option to Pamplona airport or Zaragoza.

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Fly tikets
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