Exploring Majestic Galway - Aran Island, Doolin and Cliff of Moher during Sunset

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A combination of stunning landscapes and ancient ruins in Galway, Republic of Ireland. This trip is for everyone who enjoys walking, cycling, and nature! We will only be using public transport (Buses, Trains, and Ferries) for this trip! We will spend 2 nights staying in Galway. The days will be spent exploring a few of the best sights in Galway from majestic cliffs to Castles and I do hope we get to see some wildlife along the way. I will also give some information and history on the places we are visiting (In document format) so that we have a more in-depth understanding of the places. The trip will start at Dublin Airport in the late afternoon. A bus ride will then take us to our accommodation in Galway, where we can get to know everyone better. We begin the next day early so that we have ample time to visit the sights for today, have some Irish chocolates and see the Cliff of Moher in the glorious sunset light (Subject to weather conditions). The third day will begin with a ferry ride to one of the Aran Islands. Upon arrival, our mode of transport would be bicycles. Cycling is one of the easiest ways to view the beautiful landscapes and architecture on the island. I can’t wait to explore and capture the beauty of Galway with you! The cost of the Trip includes ✅: 🛏️ Accommodation with Breakfast 🚝 Transportation (Train, Bus, Ferry) 🚲 1-Day Electric Bicycle Rental (Aran Island) 📝 Brief information about certain sights and important things to note 💻 Trip Leader fee for organising and guiding the tour 🎧 24/7 customer service The price does NOT include ❌: ✈️ Flight tickets 🍝 Food 🏥 Insurance (free for German and Austrian residents) ✨ Any additional expenses Accommodation 🏠: A 6-bed mixed dorm en-suite in a modern hostel. There might be a possibility of travelers staying in different rooms. I do understand that travelers might have certain preferences for their accommodation. Thus, if you are not comfortable with this arrangement, please make sure to contact me and I will see how I can assist you. Other Things to Note 📋: 🚅 For further information on how to get to Dublin Airport, I am always happy to help. 🌧 As the weather in February in Galway can be cold with snow, rain, or gusty winds, be prepared with clothes that can keep you toasty warm and shield you from the different weather elements. Additionally, have proper shoes for lots of walking and cycling. ⚠️ I believe open communication is important so that everyone can feel comfortable and ensure that you have a good trip. Definitely, showing respect and having honesty is important too! About me 👋 : My name is Kai Jie and I will be your trip leader (I will do all the bookings and planning so that you do not have to spend time researching for the trip). I have studied Tourism and Hospitality management, and I love to travel and meet new people in the process. In the past, I have planned trips of varying durations for family and friends in countries such as Finland, Iceland, and South Korea. After booking, we can gladly exchange contact (Telegram) to clarify further details :) For more information, feel free to get in touch with me ​📩​ You may click on my profile to see my other trips =)
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Hello, my name is Kai Jie! One of my passions is to travel the World. Come and explore with me on my trips!

Trip Itinerary

Dublin Airport

Day 1
We will gather at Dublin Airport in the late afternoon. This is where we will board the bus to our accommodation in Galway. Once we arrive at Galway, we will settle down and have some time to bond with each other.


Day 1-2
Perched on the edge of Ireland's west coast lies Galway, the country's second-biggest county. It is full of natural beauty, from dramatic mountains to glistening beaches, and home to some of Ireland's most iconic tourist destinations, including the wild and beautiful landscape of Connemara and the Aran Islands.


Day 2
Today, we will start the day bright and early with a ride to the town of Kinvarra – “The Head of the Sea”. The town is County Galway’s only prominent sea village on the southern shores of Galway Bay. A short stroll will also take us to Dunguaire Castle, which guards the end of the bay. The Castle is one of the most enchanting and picture-perfect castles in the West of Ireland and, with the added appeal of its waterside setting, it is also one of the most photogenic.


Day 2
Next, we will make our way to Doolin, the gateway town to the Cliff of Moher. Over here, we can take some time to try out some Irish Artisan Chocolate or get a view of a 16th-century Disney-like tower. Or perhaps we can take a short walk near the oceanfront.

Cliffs of Moher

Day 2-3
Our last stop of the day will be the Cliff of Moher. On a clear day, the views from the cliff are tremendous, with the Aran Islands etched on the waters of Galway Bay. From the cliff edge, you can just hear the booming far below as the waves crash and gnaw at the soft shale and sandstone. Have good walking shoes for this stop, as we will be hiking some distance along the cliff while waiting for the glorious sunset.


Day 3
We will begin the new day with a ferry to one of the Aran Island. Upon arrival on the island, we will grab our bicycles - one of the most convenient ways to explore the island and experience the different sights and sounds. We will be spending around 5 hours on the island, where we will be able to view some of Galway's most amazing sights, several ancient stone forts and churches, and perhaps some seals.


Day 3
Upon arrival on Galway, we would have dinner together to celebrate the wonderful memories made, and the great friendships made during the trip. Then, we will wave goodbye to each other and hope that the friends made on this trip will cross paths again in the future!
3 days trip
Dublin Airport, Galway & 5 more
Train, Boat
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