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Hey 😊 Let’s visit Warsaw together! It’s nice to see you here! My name is Oliwia, and I’m a 22-year-old student in Warsaw. I study Industrial Design. Traveling is my passion and I truly enjoy planning trips. I’ll show you the beauty of Poland’s capital city! Warsaw is the city where you can always find something for yourself! From historical places to nature. From delicious food to fun activities. I’m a native speaker so if you’re interested to learn a little bit of one of the hardest languages in the world, lessons in polish are provided for free during the whole stay 😅. (Of course, I’m fluent in English, and also understand Spanish). Kayak through the Wisla River with me and set a bonfire on a river bank or uninhabited island! You’ll have the occasion to try mystery food - European fusion cuisine - in Invisible Restaurant. Staff are people who are familiar with darkness on a daily basis - the blind. They are trained, polite, and always helpful waiters with whom you can easily go blind. You’ll eat in a completely dark interior to let your senses explore more. Don’t worry if you have any specified preferences. You can choose between meat/fish/vegetarian menu and in case of any allergies, there’s always an option to inform about it. Our accommodation will be close to the city center by public transport. The price is for a shared room. The price includes: - 3 nights in a shared room - Tickets for public transport Other costs, for example, when buying groceries and cooking together, will be shared using the app Splitwise. Additional costs: activities (like canoeing, museums, events, bars, workshops, bonfires) I would like to spend some time together in the city, go out for dinner or cook together at home. I'm also always up for sharing hobby activities and a good conversation :) See you in Warsaw! You can reach out to me or let me know your questions in the Q&A section.
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
DAY 1 (Arrival) We'll start the trip by sightseeing the most important places in Warsaw. A first must-see when you get here is definitely the Palace of Culture ad Science. We can get to the top of it to see a breathtaking panoramic picture of a city. The next stop is - Royal Gardens, a huge complex of architecture and nature with cute squirrels at every corner! In the evening we can join any event taking place in the center or make a pub tour.


Day 2-3
DAY 2 - Nature Kayaking through the Wisła River and setting a bonfire on a river bank or uninhabited island. If you play the guitar or any handy instrument, it's worth taking it with you! Music is always precious. As extra activities, I can suggest ceramics, horse riding, yoga, or dance classes but we'll arrange it through a WhatsApp group.


Day 3-4
DAY 3 - Cuisine: Did you ever try a food that you couldn't see? Although it's invisible it still exists. You'll feel the full flavor of your dish but the only "thing" that you'll see will be darkness. It's a great opportunity to explore the world like people who are familiar with darkness on a daily basis - the blind. DAY 4 - Departure On our last day, we can go for breakfast to the Mokotowski Targ Śniadaniowy which is held only during spring and summer seasons, and make the last walk through the Old Town and Nowy Świat Street with the most well-known monuments. It's a day when we'll have to say goodbye :( but I hope that not for a long time and we'll see each other again! Moreover, during the day we'll visit a usual district of Warsaw that is called Saska Kępa. It's a place loved by the most famous polish singers and painters. We can take bikes, try the best desserts in the capital city or make a picnic in a huge and wild Skaryszewski park that is really nearby. If you'll miss some sunbathing there's also a beach called Poniatówka where we can get some rest from the big city life.
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Hey Oliwia, sorry that I couldn't reply U earlier via chat.. No Idea why. Lol Can U tell me how many... Read More

Hi Jessica, people are still joining to the trip so I can't tell you how big the group will be. Could you tell me what are you preferences about sharing the room?

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