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Explore Northern Albania and it's Beautiful Nature - Theth and many other spots☀️

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Hello everyone! So happy to see you are interested in exploring Northern Albania 🥰 We will be staying in Shkodra, which is one of the oldest cities in Albania, blessed with many beautiful monuments such as Theth Falls, thirteen peeks of the Albanian Alps, the great lake of Buni Jezerce, Mesi bridge: a symbol of ancient civilization, and many other beautiful places. Albania has been in the process of growth since the downfall of the Communist Party, and you can see their efforts, people are hardworking and very kind. This trip is made for those who are willing to wake up at 6 am to go for a hike in the Alps and go for a swim. We will enjoy delicious traditional food, 4 days of fully organized tours, and discover places only known by locals.

About Me! I arrived in Shkodër on the 27th of April and am eager to get to know everything. At the moment, I am working as a volunteer in Shkodra Hostel, which is going to be our accommodation. After quitting my job in Athens, I traveled by bus with a friend to Shkodra, and I couldn't believe how I didn't know about Albania before. It is so beautiful and peaceful 💛 You can find more about me here

Nestled in the heart of the small city, Shkodra Hostel has been a thriving hub for explorers for over 3 years. With a prime location in this historic city, we've been dedicated to providing exceptional hostel services that embody the spirit of adventure. From comfortable accommodations to curated tours, we've been your trusted companion in uncovering the wonders of Shkodra and its breathtaking surroundings. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Great tripleader. She organised and cared for everything. And great trip!
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1
We will meet at Tirana to introduce ourselves with a coffee and take a short walk before heading towards Shkodra. After confirming the trip I will check with you to set a time to arrive at the airport.


Day 1-7
Day 1 - Here we will save our bags in the Shkodër Hostel, and rest a bit. We will have a welcome dinner and if we still have some energy left we can stroll the city, and go for a drink ^^ We will talk about the itinerary as well.

Dukagjin highlands

Day 7
Day 2 - The Highlands besides its outstanding beauty holds a great history in its surroundings. The heartland of the Dukagjini family was in northern Albania. Mirditë, between the Drin and Mat rivers, is the oldest region to be mentioned as part of the lands of the Dukagjini. The multifaceted connections of the Dukagjini with their domains in medieval Albanian lands are a testament to the deep roots and the impact of the family on the history of Albania.*

Albanian Alps

Day 7
Day 3 - We will visit Theth, a small village in the Albanian Alps. The park is a haven for hikers and adventure seekers, boasting numerous hiking trails, including the famous path to the Blue Eye waterfall – a mesmerizing natural spring with crystal-clear waters. You can do mostly outdoor activities, like hiking, swimming, and exploring the historical Lock-in Tower. It’s a great opportunity to take in the serene atmosphere and appreciate the slower pace of life in the Albanian Alps.* *


Day 7
Day 4 - Located only 30 minutes driving away from Shkoder city center is the canyon of Prekal with the River Kiri running through it. It is also known as Kanione I Prekal and Kanione I Ures se Shtrejte – most locals just call it ‘Prekal’. This is a popular swimming spot for locals in the summer. Unlike going to the beaches in Albania where you normally have to pay for a sunbed, going to Prekal is more cost-friendly for families.* *

Rozafa Castle

Day 7
Day 6 - Deriving from the Middle Ages, according to the legend of Rozafat, the construction of the Castle was cursed by the gods, who would demolish each day’s work overnight. In order to let castle walls stand, the gods demanded a sacrifice from the family residing within it. Through the manipulative tactics of the oldest brothers, the sacrifice to be made was innocent Rozafa, the youngest bride of the household. Before she was to be buried alive inside the castle walls, Rozafa demonstrated her magnanimity by requesting that half of her body remain exposed so that she could continue nourishing her baby. (For more about the myth, follow the link here). Inside the castle, you can see a beautiful sculpture of Rozafa’s figure carved inside her wall at the main entrance.*
Trip Summary
7 days trip
Tirana, Shkodër & 4 more
Car, Other
Questions and Answers

Hi Yuli! How are you doing? Just came across this itinerary and it looks pretty interesting. Am I ... Read More

Hello Lemia, I'm doing well. You are more than welcome to join me :)

Hello I would like to know how is the accommodation in the hostel I am traveling alone and I would n... Read More

Hi, unfortunately, the accommodation is only in the hostel for this trip. About the transportation question; it includes traveling by car to the different tours planned.

Hi , it Looks like a really nice trip :) When would you be able to tell if it's happening? When woul... Read More

Hello, happy to hear that you are interested! I have confirmed the trip ☺️

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