Explore northeastern Italy like a local 🌞 Venice, Lake Garda, Padua and amazing food in Veneto 🍕🥂

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Hi fellow travelers! I would like to take you on a little escape to Italy with lots of aperitivos, nice food and a good balance between nature and culture! I'd prefer for this trip to take place during the week because popular places like Venice are awfully crowded during weekends. On this trip to Padua I'll take you around my city, on trips to Venice 🛶 and Lake Garda ⛵️, and I can teach you how to cook something typical from my region 🍝. If this sounds exciting for you, you should come along! 👋 About me: I'm Veronica, a 28 yo Italian girl born and raised in Padua, Italy. My biggest passions are languages and travel, and this is why I decided to become a freelance translator, so that I can be free to hop on as many trips as I can. One year ago I moved to Berlin with my girlfriend and that's where I've been living for the past year, but I'm always ready for a change of plans and new adventures, so who knows what the future holds! I'm very fond of my city, and I love showing my friends around when they visit me from other cities or countries. This way they can discover Padua through my eyes (and they usually fall in love with it!) and, at the same time, they allow me to see it in a different light, which is something beautiful.💜 🏠 Accommodation: I'm gonna look for a nice apartment, so we can have our own kitchen and cook something together and reach the main highlights on foot. 💰 The costs include: - 4 nights accommodation in shared rooms 🏠 - Trains and buses to other destinations + short boat trip on Lake Garda 🚝 - A trip leader fee for taking care of the organization 🌍 I would like to find 4 TripMates to go on this trip with me. I'm looking for girls around my age, preferably friends or couples, since the apartment is likely to have double beds :) the costs can slightly change depending on availability and how many people join. 😊 If you're interested, don't hesitate to send me a message so that we can get to know each other!
Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Depending on the airport you land at (Venice or Treviso), you'll have to take the bus to go to Padua. We'll meet at our flat in the afternoon and after we check-in I'll take you to the city center where we can have a typical aperitivo with Aperol or Campari spritz (which was actually invented here, and it's quite cheap!) with pizza/focaccia 🍹 The next morning I'll take you around to show you the main squares, among which the second largest one in Europe, the most ancient mechanical astronomical clock of this kind, still working, the Jewish quarter, the very famous Sant'Antonio church, the university area and the indoor market stalls where we can have some street food.


Day 2-3
After exploring Padua in the morning, we'll go to Venice where I'll show you the touristy stuff (Piazza San Marco and Rialto), but also my favorite viewpoints and parts of the city, and I'll take you on a "bacaro tour" until the sun sets. “Bacaro” is the term Venetians use for bars that offer the typical Venetian aperitivo with an “ombra” (small glass of wine) and a “cicchetto” (a small bite of typical food). This is basically a bar hopping tour along the pretty canals. 🤸‍♀️💃🏽🧜🏾


Day 3-4
Today we can have a chill morning, having breakfast at home or at a café and then cooking together! I'll teach you how to make a typical dish with fresh ingredients (it could be some kind of pasta sauce) and/or tiramisu, which comes from my region 🍰! After lunch, we'll stay in the city center and I'll leave you free to go to museums or shopping or chill at a park or explore more parts of the city. We'll meet again around dinner time to go to a typical restaurant.

Lake Garda

Day 4-5
Today we'll travel for about 2 hours by train and bus to reach Sirmione, one of my favorite locations on Lake Garda. Here we'll go on a 30-min boat trip around the peninsula 🌅, explore the pretty city centre 🌸, its castle and the roman ruins Grotte di Catullo. Depending on how tired we are, on the way back we could stop in Verona for a couple of hours and go see the Arena and the Castel San Pietro viewpoint at sunset, but we'll decide spontaneously! This is going to be our last night together, the day after we'll say goodbye! 💖
5 days trip
Padua, Venice & 2 more
Questions and Answers

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Hi, would you arrive at Venice Marco Polo or Venice Treviso? From Marco Polo there are local buses and trains until about 21, but later there should be Itabus and Flixbus until 22/23, so it shouldn't ... Read More

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Hey, you can send me a private message on the chat!

Hey Veronica, I am interested in this trip. Just a question. The return is from Venice too? Can I bo... Read More

Hey! From Treviso is also ok, actually it’s often cheaper than Venice! Then there’s a bus that goes to/ from Padua and takes one hour :)

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