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Hello gorgeous People 😃 Join me for a once in a lifetime Road trip to the most beautiful portuguese/spanish national park — GERÊS. From beautiful waterfalls, underwater villages, spectacular mountain trails, stunning viewpoints, and the best local food, in Gerês you can find it all. I'm looking for 4 intrepid travelers who want to experience the authentic and natural beauty of the North of Portugal. We'll travel in an urban car from Lisbon to Gerês and then travel around the National Park for the rest of the days. We'll be staying in local accommodation in shared rooms and used it as a base to explore the rest of the park. 🙋‍♂️ And who am I? My name is Bia, and I'll be your facilitator, driver, guide, motivator, and hopefully a good friend during and after the trip. I was born and raised in Porto Santo, a small island next to Madeira. I have the soul of an island girl inside a world traveler's body. I love being in the mountains as much as I love the beach. I am as happy in the skies as I am in the ocean. I am a paradox from tip to toe, and that always takes me to the funniest adventures ever. I've solo traveled, I traveled with groups, and I traveled in quick layovers. My passion for traveling starts not on the flight, but way before when preparing for the trip. I find it very much enjoyful to search for flights, and accommodation, but especially places to visit. I love sharing my beautiful country, and making meaningful connections whilst exploring this small but so diverse country. I feel most alive when traveling, meeting interesting people, creating deep connections over a bonfire, and exploring the world. We will start this trip as soon as we have 4 confirmed bookings. I'm looking for outgoing and adventurous people who are not afraid of all sides of spending time in nature and are always up for exploring off the grid. Couples are welcome, and it's possible to have a private room for the couple. 💰 What is included in the price? 🏠 Accommodation — stay at local rural accommodation with all the amenities we'll need. Shared room, shared bathroom, living room, kitchen and an outside area to enjoy the sun or stargaze. One family dinner is included in the price, and we can have the other meals either in restaurants or cooking snacks for lunching on the go and dinner at home every night. Let's get the group together and see what we all would prefer :) 🚙 Vehicle is included in the pricing. Pricing is done for 4 people on the car. Petrol and tolls are also included in the pricing from Lisbon to Gerês and the days exploring around. ❌ What is not included? — Park entry fees are not included in the price. — Alcohol and the rest of the meals. — All other activities can be arranged and are to be paid for individually. If all this looks what you are looking for, just contact me, and we can get to know each other over a video call, and I'll answer all your questions. Please send me a message via JOIN MY TRIP. Some additional Infos about Gerês: ☀ Weather and Climate: The average temperature in Geres in July for a typical day ranges from a high of 85°F (30°C) to a low of 56°F (14°C). Some would describe it as mildly cool, and comfortable. ➡ The Route, and Insurance: The route is approximately, 400km from Lisbon to Lordelo, where we will stay, just outside of the park, with a stop for coffee in Leiria and lunch in Porto. In the park we will do more or less 150km a day to explore the most beautiful places of it. Insurance: The car rental doesn't include insurance. You need international medical aid or travel insurance. We have excellent infrastructure and very capable Hospitals and Doctors. Tap water is potable everywhere. Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Send me a message!!
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Hi! My name is Bia, I am a Portuguese Island Girl and my dream was always to travel the world and show my world to other people!

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Trip Itinerary

Estação do Oriente

Day 1
Our meeting point is in Estação do Oriente in Lisbon at 8am to start the journey to the north. Estação do Oriente is one of the most famous train station in Lisbon and easily accessible from every part of the city.


Day 1
Halfway to our destination, we will stop in Leiria to rest, have some coffee or snacks and take a look at this beautiful city in the center of Portugal. Leiria is famous by its castle uphill that we can see from most parts of the city.


Day 1
Porto is the second-biggest city in Portugal, and it's rich in culture, nice people and good food. We will stop here to have the first taste of the amazing food in the north of Portugal and maybe try the famous Francesinha.


Day 1-2
Our accommodation will be just outside the National Park in rural accommodation with all the amenities we will need for the next few days. When we get there, we will check in and then leave to have dinner somewhere around while exploring the surroundings.

Cascata da Portela do Homem

Day 2
On the second day, we will start exploring the park in Cascata de São Miguel. Passing through Vilar da Veiga to get there and Portela do Homem afterwards. Then we will drive through the Spanish border to have a thermal bath in Los Baños, Lobios, in Spain already.

Castro Laboreiro

Day 2
We will visit Castro Laboreiro, exploring the village, the Roman bridge, and its famous castle. Afterwards we will have a great local lunch there before continuing the journey to the next destination.


Day 2
Soajo is a very famous village in the park, because of its Espigueiros and natural pool. The views are amazing, the locals are very welcoming, and you feel like home in this remote village on the mountains.


Day 2
We will have our final stop in Lindoso for sunset and maybe dinner before we start our journey back to our accommodation. This village is also famous for its castle, mountain views and good food.


Day 2-3
After getting home we will have a chilled evening, just relaxing, enjoying each other company and/or having some group activities. Stargazing in this area is also a very good activity, so make sure to not miss it.

Miradouro da Pedra Bela

Day 3
This day will be the day to explore the most famous nature points of the park and maybe the ones with more people around. We will stop in Miradouro da Pedra Bela, go to the 3 famous waterfalls: Cascata do Arado, Cascatas do Tahiti e Cascata de Pincães.

Ponte da Misarela

Day 3
This is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the area. Located right outside the Natural Park, Ponte da Miseral or devil's bridge is a scenic bridge with a waterfall that we for sure can't miss. It's a small walk on the nature to get there, and you will find yourself on a fairytale.


Day 3-4
After getting home we will have a chilled evening, just relaxing, enjoying each other company and/or having some group activities. We can also go out for a drink in the closest town to fully explore the night scene around the area.

Vilarinho de Negrões

Day 4
On the fourth day, we will explore the West side of the park, starting with Vilarinho de Negrões, a peninsula inside a lake. It's a beautiful local village with picturesque stone houses.


Day 4
Then we will visit Montalegre, a small city in the north of Portugal famous for its Barrosã meat. It's also a city very rich historically, with a famous castle and walls. We will explore a bit of the city and have lunch there.

Pitões das Junias

Day 4
This might be my favorite village in all of the National Park. It's famous for its big waterfall and rough mountain views, but my favorite part is the local village, its people and small businesses that you will love.


Day 4-5
After getting home we will have a chilled evening, just relaxing, enjoying each other company and/or having some group activities. Stargazing in this area is also a very good activity, so make sure to not miss it.


Day 5
The last day is the trip back to Lisbon, with a few stops on the way to rest and maybe explore a bit more. By then I hope we are all good friends and able to say goodbye with the hope that we will see each other again and who knows, travel together again :D
Trip Summary
5 days trip
Estação do Oriente, Leiria & 15 more
Car, Trekking
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