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Ethiopia is a fascinating country located in the Horn of Africa, and it is known for its ancient history, dating back thousands of years. It is home to some of the oldest known human ancestors, including "Lucy," a 3.2-million-year-old hominid fossil. The country has a unique cultural identity, influenced by Christianity (Ethiopian Orthodox Church), Islam, and indigenous traditions. One of the most thrilling areas in the country is the Omo Valley. The place is a fascinating and complex region, offering a glimpse into a world where ancient traditions intersect with modern realities. Has become a destination for cultural tourism and anthropological study, attracting visitors from around the world who are interested in experiencing the unique traditions and lifestyles of its indigenous tribes. The highlight of our adventure, will be coming to explore the region. We will be hosted by a legally registered Tour Operator in Ethiopia, with years of experience in the tourism industry, who will embark us into a journey to discover the most intriguing indigenous tribes like the amazing Mursi, the Hammer and Karo tribes, among others. A quick look into the itinerary: ➡️Addis Abeba- the capital of the country. Overnight in Addis. ➡️Addis Abeba- Arba Minch by bus. Chamo lake tour. Overnight in Arba Minch ➡️Arba Minch to Jinka- meeting our host and enjoying a relaxing evening in the lodge. ➡️First day of the tour we will go to visit the Hammer tribe-Overnight in Turmi village ➡️Second day of the tour, we´ll drive to visit the Karo tribe-the masters of body painting. In the afternoon we´ll go to Demaka market-overnight in Turmi ➡️in the third day of the tour, we will visit the Dansche tribal villare. In the afternoon, we will go to visit the Arbora tribe-overnight in Turmi ➡️Fourth day, the plan is to drive and visit the Nagato tribe. In the afternoon we´ll head to Kako weekly market and finishing with a hike through the Ari village. ➡️The last day of the tour, we will go and visit the fascinating Mursi tribe- Dinner and overnight in Jinka. ➡️The following day we will go back by plane to Addis Abeba. We will visit the merkato and the National Museum, where the remains of Lucy are kept. INCLUDED: ✅ Accommodation with breakfast included during the whole trip. ✅ Domestic flight ✅ Omo valley tour includes: lunch& breakfast& bottled water- Provided by Ethiopian tour operator ✅Airport transfers ✅Activities mentioned in the itinerary ✅Local and tribal guides ✅4x4 car and fuel expenses ✅ National park entry fees ✅ All villages fees ✅ Pictures and videos fee Omo valley tour ✅ Travel insurance German and Austrian residents ✅ Trip leader ✅Pre-departure briefing and guiding including support finding flights, what to bring, etc via WhatsApp group. NOT INCLUDED ❌ International flights ❌Travel insurance non Germans/ Austrians ❌Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

About Me: I am Manuel. I like to describe myself as a Peruvian born - Spanish raised, resident in the Netherlands. Or better said: world citizen. Passionate traveler, who wants to share unique and differentent experiences with like-minded people. Chill, easy going and willing to help anytime. Looking forward to meet people interested in visiting off the beaten path destination and create memorable trips together.

Accomodation in Addis Abeba and Arba Minch: Hotels Accomodation in lower Omo Valley is provided by our host and it is a combination of hotels and lodges in the area of the tribal villages. Based on shared accomodation. Breakfast will be included every day. Omo valley tour includes both lunch & breakfast. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Trip Itinerary

Addis Ababa

Day 1-2
The first day we will arrive to the capital of Ethiopia. Transfer to accomodation. Depending on timing we may go and visit the Merkato and the National museum, where the remains of "Lucy" are kept. Lucy is the fossil of the earliest human ancestor, which was found in north Ethiopia.If no time to do these activities upon arrival, we will postpone for our come back to the capital.

Arba Minch

Day 2-3
From Addis, the day after we will take a bus ride towards Arba Minch. It is situated near the Rift Valley, known for its stunning landscapes, including the nearby Rift Valley lakes like Lake Chamo and Lake Abaya. We will make a boat tour in the Chamo lake, where we will be able to witness the majestic reptile, the Nile cocodrile in its shore and other wildlife

Omo Valley Tribes

Day 3-9
From Arba Minch we will drive to Jinka. In Jinka we will have our base for the Omo Valley experience. First day in Jinka we will meet our host, who will provide accomodation and group tour through the tribalvillages. We will have dinner together at the lodge. On the second day, first we will a coffe stop before we head to the Hammer tribal village. Overnight in the town of Turmi. This tribe is fanour for the bull jumping ceremony. The third day we wil go and visit the master of body painting people, the Karo tribe. In the afternoon, we will visit the Demaka weekly market. Overnight again in Turmi village. On the fourth day, we will drive to visit the Dasnche tribe. In the afternoon, we will visit the Arbora tribe and it will be our last night at Turmi village. The fifth day we drive from Turmi to visit the Nagato tribe. In the afternoon we will visit the the kako weekly market and the Ari village. We will finish the day with a short and nice hike in the Ari tribe area. Overnight in Jinka. The sixth day we will go and visit the famous Mursi tribe. This tribe has been featured in the National geographic and they are known for their unique traditions, the lip plates worn by Mursi women and resilience in the face of modern challenges. This day will be the last day of the tour in the lower Omo Valley. We will have our last group dinner and spend the last night at the town of Jinka.

Addis Ababa

Day 9-10
Last day we will head to the capital city. We will have the chance to enjoy our last coffes together and visit the city, market and national Museum. This will be our last night in Ethiopia. Next day, transfer to the airport to get our flights back home
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10 days trip
Addis Ababa, Arba Minch & 2 more
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Other meals and drinks
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