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Hello! My name is Heba, I am 35 years old Egyptian, who would love to share with you new adventures. I love to travel and explore the world, and living in Egypt gave me the chance to know most of its hidden gems. That’s why I chose Siwa, one of my Favorite Destinations in the world, it has it all - Desert, Lakes and Springs, amazing nature, Safari Adventure, history, the friendliest and welcoming locals, and much more. 📍 What's the plan? At the beginning, we will spend 2 nights in Cairo, Egypt’s Capital. We will stay in a 5 stars Hotel. The rate is based on double rooms, Half Board. The hotel in Cairo is near the road to Siwa, that’s why I chose it. (it is also 25 minutes away from the pyramids). In Cairo, we will visit one of the World Wonders: The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. And if we are lucky, The New Grand Egyptian Museum will be opened, so it is a must-visit. We will also go to Cairo Citadel and just get lost in the old streets of Islamic Cairo, and be amazed by the architecture, art, and the food. I am flexible regarding the nights in Cairo; if you visited it before, and you want to spend 1 night only to just take a rest after your flight, (as the road to Siwa is 9 hrs), that’s totally fine, and I will change the fees accordingly. We will move to Siwa very early, and we will arrive around noon. Siwa’s accommodation is an experience itself; we will stay in an amazing Eco Lodge. The rate is also based on double rooms, Half Board. I went to Siwa many times before, so rest assure you are in good hands, but also we will have on board the friendliest and most professional local guide. So be prepared to spend 4 Amazing Days, and expect a once in a lifetime adventure. Siwa is suitable for anyone and everyone; young travelers, couples, old ones, you won’t regret it. Also, if you have kids, they will love it, last year we went with our daughter (she was 3), and she had an amazing time. So do not worry, it is THE DESTINATION for all of you! 💰 Trip Fees include: • 3 Nights’ Accommodation in Cairo (flexible to changes) • 4 Nights’ Accommodation in Siwa Accommodation rates based on double rooms, half board (breakfast at accommodation, and dinner in different amazing restaurants) • Transportation from/to airport • Transportation within Cairo • Transportation to/from Siwa • Transportation within Siwa • Safari Trip (Jeep Cars) • All entrance and tickets in Cairo and Siwa • Tour Guides in Cairo and Siwa • Water Trip Fees exclude: • Flight tickets to Egypt • Any extra meal • Shopping Let me know if you have a question in the Q&A below! See you in Egypt :)
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I’m 35 years old Egyptian, married & mother of a 4 years old beautiful girl. I’m a traveler who is always looking for new adventures

Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
We will stay at the Helnan Dreamland Hotel & Conference Center for Two Nights in Cairo, with stunning views over the Pool & Hotel gardens! It is located 20 to 30 minutes from the Giza pyramids. Visits in Cairo: The Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx: Discover the amazing history of the Ancient Egyptians. We will visit the New Grand Egyptian Museum (if opened)! It will house the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the world, and will have an amazing assortment of objects, like: - Tutankhamun’s funerary collection, - Khufu’s solar boat, - A colossal statue of Ramses the Great, And much more… The Citadel of Cairo or Salah ElDin Citadel: It is one of the most iconic monuments in Islamic Cairo, and among the most impressive defensive fortresses dating to the Middle Ages. Khan El Khalili & Al Moez Street: Visit stunning, centuries-old mosques and monuments that line the historic street, from Bab El Fetouh to the Mosque of El Saleh Tala. Then, browse historic shops and stalls in the city’s sprawling outdoor marketplace. We will also have a delicious dinner in this amazing area!

Siwa Oasis

Day 3-4
Day 1 in Siwa: • Arrival to Siwa around 12 pm • Check in one of Siwa’s amazing Ecolodges “Ghaliet EcoLodge” and relax in your room • Take a delicious late Breakfast (Brunch) Get ready for our first day tour! 1. “Gebel Al-Mawta” (Mountain of the Dead) An archaeological landmark; located in Siwa Oasis, where several tombs were carved on its base, terraces, and at the top. Most of them are tombs for Romans, and they differ in terms of shape and size. It is famous for containing four important cemeteries: Si Amun, Mesu Isis, Niperbathot, and the Crocodile tomb. The mountain is one of the main attractions of Siwa Oasis. 2. Sunset at Fatnas island Surrounded by reeds and the shallow water of the Salt Lake. This is one of the best places in Siwa to watch the sun goes down. Just relax and sit under the date palms to watch the sunset. Dinner in our Ecolodge & Sweet Dreams

Siwa Oasis

Day 4-5
Day 2 in Siwa: • Start your day with a delicious breakfast • Start our second day’s adventure 1. Salt Lakes Where you can swim in the middle of the desert and float on the surface of the water thanks to the large presence of salt, which also helps heal many medical conditions. 2. Cleopatra Spring Cleopatra Bath is also called (Eye of the Sun) and its name dates back to the 5th century BC, when the historian (Herodotus) described it by this name. It is a natural water spring, fed naturally by the underground water and is considered the best-known water spring in the area, and it is said that the Egyptian queen (Cleopatra) swam in it during her visit to Siwa. 3. Oracle Temple In the mostly abandoned village of Aghurmi in the Siwa Oasis is a most famous temple of Amun, now more known as the Temple of the Oracle because of Alexander's visit when he conquered Egypt. Reputedly, it is believed that the Macedonian leader asked the oracle if he was going to 'rule the world,' legend has it that the answer was 'yes, but not for very long.' 4. Dakrour Mountain A mountain known for its healing climatic properties, especially for patients with rheumatism. As it is famous for the healing properties of its hot sand since ancient times, there are two cemeteries, one of which are the six columns cut in earlier times and the Greek era.

Siwa Oasis

Day 5-6
Day 3 in Siwa: Take an early Breakfast and get ready for a very special day! 1. Shali Village It was built uniquely of construction, from the material of the archive, which is clay saturated with salt. If it dries up, it becomes similar to cement in its hardness. The city is surrounded by a sturdy building wall that has only one entrance called “The Bab Anshal”, meaning the gate of the City, and on the northern side of the city wall there is the ancient mosque, which is the oldest mosque built with mud in Africa. 2. Siwa House Museum (El Bait El Siwi) Located in a traditional Siwan house, the museum boasts traditional Siwan objects such as silver jewellery, music instruments, wedding costumes, baskets and ceramics. 3. Safari Adventure Covering over 72,000 square km, forming the northern edge of the Sahara; the Great Sand Sea is the world's third-largest dune field. It’s the perfect starting point for a safari expedition into a truly magical landmark. Discovering Bir Wahed Area: Hot spring: Where sulfurous water bubbles in a pool where you can take a bath. Cold Lake: Where you can cool down. This is an area in the Great Sand Sea that contains numerous fossils from an ancient sea. You can go Sand Boarding and watch the sun setting over the dunes, is a surreal experience. Bedouin Dinner at Camp: Stop at one of the desert camps for a magical night under the stars. Enjoy the warmth of candlelight and camp fire, and eat an unforgettable meal with your favorite kind of meat. And just relax under the moon and the stars, watching the magnificent evening glow and unblemished tranquility of the desert by night. Back to our eco lodge and take a good and long Sleep.

Siwa Oasis

Day 6-7
Day 4 in Siwa: • Eat your last delicious siwi breakfast • Free shopping tour • Cycling around Siwa • Sunset in Taghaghien Island: Surrounded by turquoise waters, limestone rock formations, green fields, and golden desert sands, you are guaranteed breathtaking 360 degree views within these stunning surroundings • Dinner in Ecolodge and sleep early


Day 7-8
Day 5 – Departure from Siwa: • Early Breakfast and moving to Cairo very Early (6 am) • Arrival at Hotel in Cairo around 4 Pm • Take a dinner together • Relax and Spend the night in hotel Say Goodbye to Egypt and Fly Back to your home on 4/3/2023.
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