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Explore Dahab, Bedouin Life, The Amazing view of the Mountains around You,View of Coral Reefs, Saint Catherine and Jabal Mousa

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Embark on an extraordinary journey filled with adventure, relaxation😌, and cultural exploration. From starlit nights atop Jabal Al-Tawilat to serene days at Three Pools Beach, every moment promises to captivate😍. Join us as we discover hidden gems and create unforgettable memories together. After you will come from the airport We will meet in our accommodation in The hotel and get to know each other by a nice Breakfast together and then we will go at night to Jabal Al-Tawilat to have a good night there and in the next day we will go to three pools beach and we will go to wadi gone with beach buggy and in the 3rd day we will go to blue hole beach then we will take a small boat to the blue lagoon then we will head to Abo galum and in the 4th day we will go to jabal mousa and saint catrine and in the 5th day we will go on yacht trip🛥️and at the night we will go to lagoons to spend a beautiful evening with the view of the sea. So get ready for your phone or Camera 📷to be full of beautiful pictures🎆 and videos📹.

About me! My name’s Mohamed, a medical student🩺, from Egypt I live in Cairo for my study but my heart in Dahab♥️, and I love Travel Dahab it’s amazing I've been gone a lot before. I know many people there in hotels and camps so don’t worry I will surprise you 😂🫢. Snorkeling🤿 and diving there is very beautiful, we will do it. We can do other activities we will discuss it with WhatsApp group. And don’t worry about the transportation from and to the airport we will arrange it in the group.

About the accommodation: ✅Accommodation in double/twin room ✅Transportation Between Stops ✅ Breakfast 🥰 Our love and care from the moment you sign-up for the whole trip 🥰 Awesome people along your trip If you have any questions, please ask in the Q&A section. Looking forward to meeting you all in Egypt! See you soon in Dahab 👋

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Three pools
Blue Hole
Jabal Al-Tawilat
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Hello, my name is Mohamed, a medical student🩺, I love travel✈and trips🚎,my instagram account (mohamed_abd__elhamed)

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Trip Itinerary

جبل الطويلات

Day 1-2
You will arrive in Sharm elsheikh international airport. Dahab is a 90-min drive from Sharm El-Sheikh airport .Transfer from sharm elsheikh international airport to dahab is provided. On the first day, we will check in at the hotel, we will take the breakfast 🍲 together. On this day we won’t make hard activity to relax from a long road and gain some energy just we will explore the city at night we will go to Jabal Al-Tawilat and drink bedouin tea And we attend the party I am sure you will like it.

Three Pools Dive Site

Day 2-3
First we will have breakfast together, After this we will go to Three pools. The Three Pools were given this name because it consists of Three swimming pools made of coral reefs directly on Three Pools Beach. There you can make an amazing snorkeling the view of Coral reefs is amazing. After this we will go to wadi gone with beach buggy. You will see the view of mountain around you it’s amazing and we will ascend the mountain.

Blue Hole of Dahab

Day 3-4
On the third day we will go to Blue Hole (snorkeling and diving there is very good) I recommended it. Then, we will take a small boat to the Blue Lagoon to another spot for snorkeling and diving. Then will head to Abo galum to rest and see skysurfing. And at night if we not exhausted We will go to eat fish in any restaurant in Tourist walkway.

Jabal Mousa

Day 4-5
‏We will go to Jabal Mousa and the saint Catrine mountain .Jabal Mousa is one of the most prominent peaks in Egypt. It is where Moses was said to have received the ten commandments from God. Our hike will start a few hours after midnight. Hiking Mount Sinai takes about 3 hours. Once we reach the peak, we will get to enjoy the sunrise at this spiritual and tranquil place. You will need to pack a heavy jacket and some gloves for this hike, as the weather will be cold as we get closer to the summit.

Wadi El Weshwash - وادي الوشواش

Day 5-6
On the fifth day we will go to wadi El weshwash and Ras Shetan, Wadi El weshwash is one of Nuweiba’s most important tourist attractions. Wadi El Weshwash is located amidst granite mountains ranging in height from 100 to 150 meters, formed by fresh rainwater. Wadi Elweshwash is about 15 kilometers from Nuweiba towards Taba and near the Ras Shetan area,then we will go to ras shetan, The Ras Shetan area is located between the cities of Nuweiba and Taba in South Sinai Governorate. It is located in the middle of a group of mountains covered by water, valleys, caves, and plains. The region is also famous for its richness in hard coral reefs, octopuses, “puffer” fish, “lunar groupers” and “anemones” in their various shapes and colors.


Day 6-7
On the sixth day we will go on the yacht trip. Will be in the middle of the sea (It includes lunch and a snorkeling mask). And at the night we will go to lagoons To spend a beautiful day with the view of the sea, the stars, the moon, and the view of the fires lighting the place.

Sharm El Sheikh International Airport

Day 7-8
This will be the last day in Dahab. We will go back to the hotel after an amazing evening in lagoona to pack our bags and check out. Check-out is usually around 11:00 am. Transfer to Sharm El-Sheikh airport will be arranged. If you stay longer, I can recommend some activities or sights for you to visit. Hopefully we will see each other on another trip🥰!
Trip Summary
Bed & Breakfast & Hotel
8 days trip
جبل الطويلات, Three Pools Dive Site & 5 more
Car, Boat
What's excluded?
Transportation from and to airport
Personal expenses (flight, food etc)
Wadi El weshwash,Ras shitan
yacht trip
Jabal Mousa
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