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Join us on this expedition not just as travelers but as seekers of unforgettable experiences. This journey through Ethiopia promises not only breathtaking sights but an opportunity to forge connections with the people, taste the essence of Ethiopian life, and create memories that will linger long after the journey concludes. Come, be part of this extraordinary adventure! Embark on a captivating odyssey through the heart of Ethiopia, a land where ancient history meets vibrant culture, and each step unfolds a new chapter of discovery. Our journey commences in the pulsating rhythm of Addis Ababa, a city that effortlessly balances tradition and modernity. Wander through the labyrinthine Mercato, where lively markets burst with color and aroma, offering a sensory feast of spices, textiles, and local crafts. Delve into the captivating past at the National Museum, home to Lucy's fossilized remains, a poignant symbol of Ethiopia's rich heritage. As we venture eastward to Harar, a city steeped in history and mystique, you'll find yourself transported to a bygone era within the ancient walls of its UNESCO-listed old town. Meander through narrow alleys, where vibrant markets showcase the city's unique cultural blend shaped by Islamic, Christian, and African influences. Indulge in the culinary delights of injera paired with flavorful stews, immersing yourself in the delicious tapestry of Ethiopian cuisine. The journey culminates in the ethereal town of Lalibela, where spirituality and architecture converge in a mesmerizing display of rock-hewn churches. Carved into the living rock, these architectural marvels transport you to a realm of unwavering faith and artistic brilliance. Engage with the warm-hearted locals, share moments over communal meals, and experience the genuine hospitality that defines the soul of Ethiopia. Beyond the historical and cultural wonders, this trip is a celebration of Ethiopia's culinary prowess. From the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee at traditional ceremonies to the diverse flavors of local dishes, every meal becomes a cultural immersion.

Hey, I’m Chellah. An adrenaline junkie, always up for trying new and exciting things, whether going on a hike or rock climbing. Also, I am an avid backpacker, hitting the road with nothing more than the necessities gives me an unmatched sense of freedom. I'm always looking for new adventures to embark on and would love to find a travel buddy with the same lust for travel. I speak 4 languages and currently learning Arabic. I am a really outgoing person and sometimes a bit talkative. I am a lot into world politics and there is something about understanding the unique relationship that exists between various nations and cultures. I am a fun-loving and laid-back person always down for a night out (every day).

All accommodations are arranged on a shared basis, ensuring a cozy and communal atmosphere throughout our journey. Each traveler will be paired with a roommate, and we'll be staying in comfortable double rooms at our lodging establishments. Sharing accommodations not only promotes camaraderie among our group but also allows for cost savings, enabling us to allocate more resources towards immersive experiences and cultural activities. However, if you have specific preferences or requirements regarding accommodations, please don't hesitate to reach out. Whether you prefer a single room for added privacy or have particular lodging preferences, I'm here to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout the trip. Your preferences matter, and I'm dedicated to accommodating them to the best of my ability. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Hi, I'm Chellah,an avid backpacker, hitting the road with nothing more than the necessities gives me an unmatched sense of freedom

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Trip Itinerary

Addis Ababa

Day 1-3
The Journey would start with transfers from Bole International Airport. You would be picked and driven to our first hotel stay. Depending on the time you arrive, you would rest till everyone has arrived then we would proceed to our first activity of the trip. The nights plan would be to checkout Yod Abysinia, a traditional Ethiopian Restaurant. We will try the delicious and different Ethiopian dishes while enjoying traditional Ethiopian music and dances. We will then retire to our hotel for the night and get ready for the next day. Day 2 will start with Breakfast at the hotel, we will have a lot to do this day so wake up early as there will be a lot of walking. We will start with a trip to Merkato, it is considered one of the largest open air markets in Africa. Our next stop would be the National Museum of Ethiopia, famous for the exhibit of ‘lucy’ a 3.5. Million year old fossil. After the museum we will go to the Menelik II memorial Monastery, as you already know a large percentage of the Ethiopian Population is Orthodox and this would be one of the first places we would learn about their religion. We would then proceed to Meskel Square where we would try Ethiopia’s street food. The night would end with us having dinner then proceeding to retire for the night. We would have an option of checking out Addis Ababa’s nightlife, this is optional.


Day 3-5
We have to wake up early and catch a bus to Harar. This is a 8 hour journey but also smooth as Ethiopian roads are in great condition same as the buses. We will get to the traditional city of Harar at around 3 pm. We will check in at a traditional Harari home at the oldest part of the city. We will get dinner and our guide for the trip will join us then. We will go feed the Hyenas of Harar early in the night before retiring to bed. We will then start the next day with a traditional Harari breakfast then go check out the museums in Harar, Haile Selassie’s home, feed the hawks, and check out the 5 gates of the old town while learning about the Harari culture. We will spend our last night in Harar before proceeding to our next destination.


Day 5-7
After breakfast the next day we will proceed to Dire dawa international airport where we will then fly to Lalibella. We would spend 3 nights here. Lalibella is home to 11 incredible rock hewn churches which are designated UNESCO sites. We will check into our hotel *Afternoon: Explore the Cluster One churches, including Bete Gebriel-Rufael (St. Gabriel and Raphael), Bete Abba Libanos (St. Libanos), and Bete Maryam (St. Mary). Evening: Enjoy traditional Ethiopian cuisine at a local restaurant. Experience a coffee ceremony, a unique Ethiopian cultural experience. The next day we will visit Visit the Cluster Two churches, including Bete Medhane Alem (House of the Redeemer of the World), Bete Amanuel (St. Emmanuel), and Bete Merkorios (St. Mercurius). Hike to Asheton Maryam Monastery, a 45-minute uphill climb offering panoramic views of Lalibela and the surrounding countryside. In the evening Attend the evening prayers at one of the rock-hewn churches, a moving and spiritual experience. We would then spend our last day in Lalibella resting and checking out the remaining churches.

Addis Ababa

Day 7-8
We will fly back to Addis, Here the trip comes to an end. This trip won’t include a trip to the southern tribes of Ethiopia in Omo Valley but if interested that could be arranged. We will then have our last group dinner and our last night in Addis Ababa.
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Addis Ababa, Harar & 2 more
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