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special Argentinian Football (Soccer) Experience
Welcome to Argentina: Home of the World Champions! ⚽️🏆 If you are passionate about football (soccer) and/or Argentinian culture, then this trip is the right place for you! Let's explore River Plate and Boca Juniors museums and stadiums, and eat some asado and empanadas together, while we enjoy a Tango show! 🕺💃 We can expect sharing our passion for football, learning from Argentinian culture, and also taste the excellent food we have there, with typical ¨asados¨ (which is a gathering of family and friends where typical Argentinian meats are cooked), empadanadas, and wine. Buenos Aires is an amazing city with the unique blend of European architecture and Latin American charm. We will visit iconic landmarks such as the Obelisco, Plaza de Mayo, and the historic neighborhoods of San Telmo and La Boca. Let's explore the bustling streets, lively markets, and vibrant street art. Have you ever dream about traveling to Argentina? Well, I did too and I was excited during my first trip to Buenos Aires, so why not repeat it? But this time, with other football fans from around the world. You can also expect learning stadium chants from us! So you can better understand the football culture in Argentina, how people feel about it, and the huge impact this sport has on the Argentinian society. Let's immerse ourselves in the electric atmosphere of local football by attending a live match. Whether it's a top-flight fixture or a lower-league game, the passion and intensity of Argentinian football are unmatched. Let's join the crowd, cheer for the home team, and embrace the unique rituals and chants that make football in Argentina an unforgettable experience. 🚶/🚇/🚌 Most of the time, we will use public transportation (which is not included in the travel price, but in Argentina it is really cheap, so this will not affect your budget), walk around the city, but what the price actually includes is a 48-hour Hop On Hop Off bus ticket for the last two days, so we can explore landmarks and other interesting places. ❗ We cannot guarantee match tickets for River Plate or Boca Juniors due to the high demand. However, we will do our best to arrange tickets (not included in the fee) for a great match there. ⚽️ Also, are you up to play a football match? This would be a funny optional activity, don't worry, you don't have to be Maradona or Messi, let's just play and have some fun!

ABOUT ME! Hi, my name is Joseph. I'm from Costa Rica, but a huge sports fan, specially football (soccer), and also an Argentinian culture lover. I like meeting new people, traveling around the world, and collecting new and unique experiences instead of buying expensive cars, a huge house, or fancy things. Back in 2022, I went to Argentina and experienced their culture, their passion for football and even for music, so this is a country we must visit. However, I will be glad to be back this time with other football fans too. This would not be possible if I haven't met Mely, we met each other in 2016 in a cruise ship sailing in the Caribbean. Mely actually is from Argentina, and she will join us as the local guide. Her favorite team is River Plate and she is so passionate (you can see a photo of us at the River Plate stadium in the trip gallery). We are friendly and love meeting new people from other countries, we would love to share this experience and football passion with you. So come on and join us! 😎

DETAILS ABOUT THE ACCOMMODATION: Our accommodation will be in a hotel in Buenos Aires. Shared hotel rooms with single beds and breakfast included. Please, keep in mind that the hotel itself might vary depending on the amount of TripMates joining this trip, but we will make our best to ensure we keep the conditions. Having single private rooms could be an option, but please let us know to check availability first, we cannot guarantee it.

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Accommodation (Shared rooms)
River Plate and Boca Juniors Museums
Tickets for a Tango Show
Hop On Hop Off Bus Ticket for 48 Hours
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Trip Itinerary

Buenos Aires

Day 1-3
Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, you will be greeted by the vibrant atmosphere of the city. After settling into our accommodation, we will meet each other and share as a group during our first day. We will look for a local food restaurant to get started and feel we are now in Argentina. During the weekend, we will try to attend to a football match considering that there should be a lot of matches. We cannot guarantee that we will go to a River Plate or Boca Juniors match, but we will do our best to attend and get the ultimate football experience in Argentina. (The cost of the ticket is not included).

Estadio Mâs Monumental

Day 3-4
Let's continue our football-focused adventure with a visit to the Estadio Monumental, home of the legendary Club Atlético River Plate. We will take a guided tour of the stadium to witness its impressive architecture and learn about the rich history of one of Argentina's most successful football clubs. Explore the trophy room, walk through the player's tunnel, and stand on the pitch, experiencing the electric atmosphere of this iconic venue. *This could vary depending if it is a match day, then the full stadium tour will not be available.

Estadio Alberto J. Armando

Day 4-5
Then, we will visit another legendary football stadium: La Bombonera, home to Boca Juniors, one of the most renowned football clubs in Argentina. Discover the club's fascinating history, explore the museum dedicated to its achievements, and take a guided tour of the stadium. Stand in the famous "La Doce" section, where the passionate Boca Juniors supporters gather, and feel the energy that fills this iconic arena. *The full stadium tour could not be available, but we will visit the museum.


Day 5-6
Dedicate a day to immersing yourself in the local culture of Buenos Aires. Indulge in the flavors of Argentine cuisine by tasting traditional dishes like empanadas and asado. Explore the neighborhoods of Palermo and Recoleta, known for their charming cafes, boutique shops, and beautiful parks. In the evening, experience the passion of tango by attending a captivating live show, where the sultry dance form originated.

Buenos Aires

Day 6-8
Let's visit iconic landmarks such as the Obelisco, Plaza de Mayo, and the historic neighborhoods of San Telmo and La Boca. Immerse yourself in the bustling streets, lively markets, and vibrant street art. As our trip comes to an end, let's take some time to reflect on the incredible experiences and memories you have made during your journey through the world of Argentine football. Bid farewell to Buenos Aires, knowing that you have gained a deeper appreciation for the passion, history, and cultural significance of football in Argentina. Depart with a newfound love for the game and the desire to return to this vibrant country in the future.
Trip Summary
Bed & Breakfast & Hotel & Apartments
8 days trip
Buenos Aires, Estadio Mâs Monumental & 3 more
What's excluded?
International Flights
Travel Insurance
Food and Drinks, except for breakfasts
Match Tickets
Transportation, except Hop On Hop Off
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