Experience an Unforgettable Arctic Adventure: Sled Dog Rides, Snowmobiling, and More in Sweden

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special True wildernes
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Embark on an Authentic Arctic Adventure, where the exhilarating thrill of sled dog rides, snowmobiling, and more awaits you. Immerse yourself in the stunning Arctic landscape as you mush your way through snow-covered trails, guided by a team of energetic sled dogs. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you navigate the snowy terrain on a thrilling snowmobile ride. Along the way, indulge in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Arctic, with its vast icy landscapes and breathtaking natural wonders. This trip promises an unforgettable adventure, filled with excitement and the true spirit of the Arctic wilderness.

About me: hej hej i am Marcos Glez and Spanish musher living in the arctic circle with my 25 Alaskan huskies. from this trip, I want to share my passion for dog sledding, snowmobiling, and my love for what I consider the best place on earth, north of Sweden.

Details about the accommodation: The accommodation has everything you need: electricity, running water, toilet, shower, nice comfy beds, chill room with tv and wifi, fridge, kitchen, dishwasher, oven, porche, fire stove, and nice heating system. The rooms will be shared. the camp where the accommodation is has also a lot to offer such as a sauna ice bath, party cabin, and beautiful surroundings with trails to take walks. If you have any questions we can have a call to check if this trip goes accordantly your expectations else you can ask for any details about the trip in the Q&A section on this trip!

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Winter clothes
Crosscountry skies
Accommodation (Shared rooms)
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my name is marcos glez a joung musher living alone rigth at the arctic circle kennel with 24 alaskn husky

You can chat with Marcos once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1
Murjek is a small charming town located in the heart of the north Swedish forest it also possesses a well-connected train station. the train from stckolm make a stop in murjek. and we are so thankful for it. that it is why is the location where we pick up our guests and the location where we send them home.


Day 1-6
On day 1: If you arrive from Lulea airport I will drive you by van from the airport to the accommodation directly. if you take the night train from stocolm. we will drive you from murjek train to your accommodation by sled dog and snowmobile. if you are up to an spontaneous and exciting tour this is the one beautiful surrounding in combination with a fast trail but do not worry you will be sitting in the sled and I will be driving the sled. At half of the tours, the ones that started the tour with dogs switch to snowmobiles and vice-versa( your luggage will be driven by car to your accommodation).( if you prefer to get picked up by car is also an option) once we arrive at the acomodation will be time to do the check-in make sure you feel comfortable and nice before we have a nice dinner all together to start to get to know each other in favor of the god social health of the trip. On day 2: This day is more focused on the dogs. the ones that feel like they can join me in the dog's routines and see my first hands at the headquarters of a professional dog sled kennel. that includes feeding the dogs if you wish and of course so cuddles. we try to make this experience as interactive as possible plus answering all questions about the mushing lifestyle and mushing history. That short mushing introduction should help to prepare de equipment and the dogs for an ower next adventure which will consist in getting a dog team and the snowmobiles to the best lake in town to do some ice fishing and fika (Swedish coffee break) after that the ones who arrived to the lake with the dog team will come back to the accommodation by snowmobile vice versa. Once we arrive in the accommodations would be a nice occasion for having a small northeast party with some local food. taking advantage of the free and chill day ahead of us the next day. On day 3: This will be your free day to enjoy the camp. you can still join me in my dog routines, do some cross-country skiing or hikes around the area take deep snow snowmobile lessons from me, sauna, ice bath bbq basically just enjoy what my camp has to offer. and prepare for the true adventure that will come the next day.


Day 6
On day 4: This will be the most adventurous day of the trip since this is the day you will get to drive your own dogsled team. it will start with an early strong breakfast to get us prepared for whats coming. After that, we will keep doing our morning dog routine to get the dogs and snowmobiles ready for the trip. I will do a compact but complete explanation about how to drive your dog team and snowmobile as well as the necessary security instructions necessary to warrant ower safety out there on the trail. Before we hit the trails out in the wild we will do short simulations and practice different common scenarios that we will face later in the trail these practices will take place in a safe environment. This extra steep will provide you with the confidence needed before a run and it will provide useful information about your skills and control of your team. On day 5: Dog routine will take place like usual and like always you are welcome to join. Around 12 00 the transfer will leave for jokkmokk. Where you will have the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine visit the Sapmi Museum and do local shopping. the day will conclude with a last nice party dinner at the camp. On day 6 : Early breakfast before the transfer to murjek train station or Lulea airport and a warm good bye.


Day 6
Voullerim is the town closer to ower camp. vuollerim is where we do some shopping or eat at their restaurants once in a while. it also provides a small sky slope worthy to visit for its cross-country skiing trails. At the end of out trip depending on your departure time I can suggest some extra activities to do in the mean time.
Trip Summary
Bed & Breakfast & Camping & Hostel
6 days trip
Murjek, Jokkmokk & 2 more
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Cultural visits
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