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Hello all, I am Willi and I am a passionate kitesurfer. I like it very much to make new acquaintances and to do something together. With me it will never be boring, at least I will make sure 💪💪💪. Immerse yourself in an adventure of kitesurfing and discovering sights of Egypt. We will do all kinds of excursions like kite safari on luxury yachts, trips for diving or snorkeling with dolphins, visit the pyramids of Giza or the Valley of the Kings and much more... ➕ What is included in the price: 🚕 Transfer from Hurghada International Airport. 🏠 4 star hotel with private or shared room. 💧 Water & ⚡ Electricity with extra charge (about 10 € per week). 📡 Wi-Fi 🚕 Driving service to the excursions 🏄 Diving/kitesurfing courses 🕌 Trip to Luxor 🕌 Trip to Cairo 🍽 Lunch or dinner (two meals a day available at an additional cost). ➖ What is not included in the price: 📶 Modem or additional data/bandwidth package. 🧺 Laundry service (in 50 meters from the hotel laundromat). 🚤 Kite safari on luxury yachts ☀️ Learn to kitesurf in Hurghada We are not chasing the wind around the world. The wind blows in Hurghada all year round. There is always a friendly atmosphere at the kite school and not only for beginners. Become part of the kitesurfing culture and meet the pioneers of kitesurfing. Chilling out in the evening in the company of experienced kiters and travelers replaces months of training or searching for the meaning of life! Egypt is a country full of breathtaking monuments, unreal scale, mythology and the feeling of standing among significant pieces of human history. Find out the most important Egypt sights that you should definitely visit during your trip. If you want to visit more sights, just write me!
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Day 1-4
3 days course - 310 Euro 6 hours kite lessons with a personal trainer. Full equipment (kite, board, wetsuit, helmet, harness). Suitable for most students who have no experience. Safely and consistently you will learn how to kite. First you learn how to fly a kite. Then, how to use it to create traction in the right direction. Finally, you will combine these skills with getting on the board and making your first meters. Each level usually lasts a day or two of lessons with an instructor. The unique thing about the offer is that, unlike other kite schools, we give you the opportunity to practice without a time limit. Around the second day (after mastering the basics), you can use the equipment unlimited on the lesson days and practice the acquired skills on your own. P.S. What is not rare - on windless days you could combine the trips.


Day 4-5
Luxor is a southern Egyptian city located today on the site of ancient Thebes. Luxor translated means city of palaces. Even today, Luxor has a lot of interesting things to offer to tourists, because nearby you can still find, among other things, the Valley of Kings and Queens, as well as the Karnak temple complex and the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut, the Egyptian queen who ruled Egypt in the 16th century BC. In the city there is also the Luxor temple, which is relatively "new" compared to Karnak, it was built until 1070 BC and is dedicated to the god Amun and his family. In the evening hours, the light of the sun falls particularly beautiful on the columns and impressive statues and thus creates a mystical image. Explore the famous monuments of Luxor on a day trip. Visit the capital of the Pharaohs and its impressive architectural heritage: the Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, the Memnon Colossi and the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut. Duration 13 - 16 hours Price per person from 89,50€ Check availability with me before your arrival. (There are many possibilities to explore Luxor). Guide: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian Pick up included Pick up is available for hotels in Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh and Makadi. Hotel pickup and return transfers from hotels in El-Gouna, Soma Bay and Safaga can be added at an additional cost. Free cancellation / cancellation up to 24 hours before start with full refund.

Valley of the Kings

Day 5
The Valley of the Kings is located near Luxor and is a burial site for kings of the 18th to 20th dynasties in Egypt. The valley opposite Karnak was the final resting place of probably more than 60 kings. Particularly famous was Tutankhamun's burial chamber, which was completely unopened when it was found. This is unusual, since many tombs were already opened and looted in ancient Egypt. The Valley of the Kings, surrounded by rocks, is joined by additional tombs such as the Valley of the Queens and the Tombs of the Nobles. After the opening of Tutankhamun's burial chamber, the legend of the pharaoh's curse quickly spread, according to which the archaeologists were to meet a cruel death. As a result, some people involved in the excavations actually died, but many by suicide for fear of the curse. The Karnak Temple, the largest temple complex in Egypt, is also located near Luxor and across from the Valley of the Kings. Karnak, like parts of Luxor, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among the largest ancient temple buildings in the world are the temples of Ramses III, Chon and Amun-Re. A gigantic stone hall and finely decorated columns make Karnak a very special experience. The site was used to hold offerings and prayers to appease the gods. This had to be done by kings or specially trained high priests to maintain world order. Therefore, the temples of ancient Egypt were of enormous importance, which explains why the temples, which were considered a small model of the world, were so scrupulously maintained and sumptuously furnished.


Day 5-6
Giza Pyramids & Egyptian Museum by Bus Just 15 kilometers from Cairo are the Pyramids of Giza, one of Egypt's most important sights. The last remaining of the ancient wonders of the world, they were built between 2620 and 2500 BC by approximately 10,000 workers. The pyramids are located on a site previously used as a cemetery for pharaohs. There are no records of the pyramids' construction, so scientists and archaeologists still puzzle over how the blocks of stone, weighing up to 2.5 tons, could have been piled up - and in a relatively short time. Moreover, the architecture exhibits such precision that can only be achieved with the most modern technology and thus can hardly be explained. The Sphinx of Giza is a legendary sculpture, located directly next to the pyramids of Giza, the journey to this Egyptian sight is therefore similar. Cross the barren Egyptian desert and see the Pyramids of Giza as well as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo on a day tour from Hurghada. Walk across the Giza Plateau and visit the Great Sphinx and the Valley Temple of Khafre. Discover Cairo's best sights on a full-day bus tour from Hurghada. See the Giza Plateau and the Egyptian Museum, which displays more than 120,000 relics of Egyptian history. A guide will pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada early in the morning and take you by bus to Cairo. Upon arrival in Cairo, you'll drive to the city center to explore the galleries of the remarkable Egyptian Museum, which houses an amazing collection of relics from the pre-dynastic era through the Pharaonic era to the Greco-Roman period. A highlight of the museum is the artifacts of the child king Tutankhamun. But also take time to see the exhibits of other Pharaonic gods and goddesses and visit the Mummy Room to learn more about mummification in ancient Egypt. Then board a felucca, a type of sailboat typical in Egypt, and cross the Nile. After lunch, your Egyptologist guide will take you to the breathtaking Pyramids of Giza on the Giza Plateau. The oldest of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the pyramids of Cheops, Khafire and Mykerinos are the highlight of the Giza Necropolis. Finally, you will drive back to Hurghada to your hotel. Alternatively, you have the option to change your tour to an individual private tour. Make the most of your trip to Cairo with your own minivan and personal driver and guide. Explore the city in comfort and style thanks to your expert driver who will take you to any destination you desire. Prices per person with bus from -100€ Private tour with minivan price per person - 280€ Please check availability with me before your arrival. (There are many possibilities to explore Cairo) Tour duration: 20 hours Guide: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian Pick up included at your hotel in Hurghada Free cancellation up to 24 hours before departure with full refund


Day 6-7
After the visit of Cairo we continue with diving in Hurghada! I invite you to explore the unforgettable underwater world of the Red Sea. We offer different excursions and courses every day to show you the unimaginable variety under water. Our day trips on the boat include the transfer from and to your hotel, as well as two dives at different dive sites, and the catering. Everything is rounded off with a great fun factor. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced diver, our day trips are suitable for everyone. Trial dive: 50 € - for beginners - for people without diving license - 2 dives from the boat - All equipment incl. - Lunch and drinks - Transfer within Hurghada Snorkeling for non-divers: 30 € The Red Sea near Hurghada in Egypt has a fantastic underwater landscape with pretty corals and a great variety of fish, where snorkeling enthusiasts will get their money's worth. Snorkeling is fun: discover pretty coral gardens, watch schools of fish dance by, and witness up close how anemone fish protect anemones. In between snorkeling, you can enjoy lunch, freshly prepared on board and served in the large salon. Island excursion: 45 € We start our island trip in Hurghada in nice company on a comfortable boat and sail across the Red Sea in the morning air and under a mild sun. It takes us about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the weather conditions, to reach our first exit destination: Giftun Soraya, translated as Little Giftun Island. Small Giftun Island is very popular for excursions because of its proximity to Hurghada and its immaculate beaches. The island is excellent for snorkeling and sunbathing. Snorkeling on the coral reefs here is simply wonderful. It is like visiting an underwater jungle. We are sure to see a fine selection of smaller and larger fish here, such as the Napoleon fish. The Small Poison Island is adorned with delightfully shaped hard and soft corals. With a little luck we may even spot a sea turtle on its rounds. Glass Boat Trip: from 15 € (about 2 hours) The glass bottom boat offers a wonderful opportunity to get to know the underwater world off the coast of Hurghada on dry feet. The hull of the boat gives you a clear view of mountainous reefs and a diverse underwater world through the recessed panoramic windows. A diver on the ship will introduce us to popular fish species, while at this point we will have the opportunity to take professional underwater photographs, which can be purchased afterwards. The ship is constantly moving, so you can see the ever-changing underwater world of the Red Sea in front of you. During the excursion, you also have the opportunity to jump into the water and snorkel when the ship stops. You can see for yourself the colorful variety of fish. The glass bottom boat brings the Red Sea off Hurghada closer in a new way - a great opportunity for young and old to get to know the fascinating underwater world. The ship's crew also provides coffee, tea and other soft drinks (payable on site). Snacks and sweets are also available. The boat trip lasts only half a day, so if you don't want to spend the whole day on the ship but still want to enjoy the Red Sea, this is the trip for you.
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