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Without any doubt you have to turn your gaze to Kenya, if you want to discover the wildest savannah! This African state has several natural parks of inestimable naturalistic value and truly spectacular and unique landscapes. The local wildlife is amazing. You can meet the largest land mammals on our planet, such as giraffes, elephants, wildebeests, hippopotamuses, zebras, rhinos and...the splendid lions! To recover from the emotion of contact with these unusual animals, it is undoubtedly necessary to rest on the splendid beaches of the Indian Ocean. Welcome to Mysterious Kenya! We will visit MOMBASA which is the largest city on the Kenyan coast. It is also the most important commercial port on the east coast of Africa. Its old part is located on a coral island of thirteen square kilometers, and has numerous buildings of the past, a legacy of the Portuguese occupation and Oman. Among old houses with superbly historiated doors, winding streets will lead you to Fort Jésus (a fortress built by the Portuguese to protect the city), or up to the Mandhry Mosque. Its colonial influences add charm to the city! The beaches of its coasts, both northern and southern, have the advantage of users of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean! WASINI ISLAND We will dive in a typical day on the ocean waters, we will see dolphins, we will visit a famous island where only 300 inhabitants live and we will eat with them... to then swim in an enchanted place... TSAVO NATIONAL PARK, southeast of Nairobi, is the largest in the country, at 21,000 km². Relatively close to Mombasa. About fifty species of mammals including lions, giraffes, elephants and hippos, 400 species of birds and a very varied landscape including the Chyulu Hills, the youngest volcanic chain in the world are its main attractions. WATAMU The parks of Kisite and Malindi are magnificent, but it is the Watamu Marine National Park that deserves a special mention with nearly 1,500 species of fish, 150 types of coral and the occasional visit from dolphins and whale sharks. In general it will be easy to practice scuba diving because the locals are numerous, but in addition to this you will be able to walk on stretches of white sand that play hide and seek and disappear with the particular effect of the tid We are Simone and Daphyn, I am Italian and she is of Ugandan origin, but we have been living in Kenya together for more than 5 years and we will take you on a discovery of this splendid country, giving you the opportunity to get to know it through the eyes of those who live there... 💰 What is included in the price? All accommodations are included, from Luxury Airbnb in Mombasa to Rustic Room in the Tsavo National park. The scope of our accommodation will vary and the focus will be on authenticity and the overall experience. Some nights we will enjoy the social setting and other nights we will take in the serene beauty in the comfort of an Airbnb at the beach. 🚙 All transportation is included in the trip 💰 What is not included? — Airline tickets are not included in the price. — Alcohol, drinks and food in restaurants are not included in the price. — All other activities can be arranged and must be paid for individually. There are many opportunities for Yoga and Kite surfing or quad biking. Hiking, fishing, swimming, snorkelling and many other activities can be enjoyed in a spectacular setting.
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Day 1-4
The first two days in Mombasa we were able to visit Fort Jesus which was built between 1593 and 1596 and represents an important piece of history given the role it has had over the years between clashes and fights in order to protect the port. The structure dates back to the Renaissance, designed by the Italian Giovanni Battista Cairati commissioned by the Portuguese between 1593 and 1596. Inside there are many military artifacts dating back to the various battles and a beautiful panoramic view of the Indian Ocean opens up. After that, at the gates of the old city, right in the heart of Mombasa, there is an incredible, almost surreal place. Mackinnon Market is a city market where you can find everything from meat to fish, from vegetables to spices, and even preserves. A tour of this market will leave you speechless for its colors and scents, but above all for the unusual products you will encounter such as camel meat or spicy baobab fruit, which you will not miss the opportunity to taste thanks to the generosity of the super excited to make their flavors known. In short, a typical African market for the shopping of local families, where, however, the tourist is still welcome! The following day we will visit Haller Park the largest natural park in Mombasa, located in the nearby Bamburi district. This large green area is the result of an ecological project dedicated to the creation of new natural habitats for birds, insects, mammals and other species introduced over time to balance the ecosystem. Inside, the park is divided into different areas dedicated for example to butterflies, hippos, turtles, giraffes and beetles, a real discovery especially for younger visitors!

Wasini Island

Day 4
Board a traditional dhow boat to sail through Kisite Marine Park during this small-group excursion. Keep an eye out for dolphins, stop to snorkel and swim in the pristine waters, and visit Wasini Island for a delicious Swahili seafood lunch plus a tour of a local fishing village. Enjoy a hassle-free day on the water with all entrance fees, equipment, meals, and drinks included.

Tsavo East National Park

Day 4-6
Departure by private off-road vehicle in the direction of the Tsavo East National Park. After having traveled just over a thousand kilometers on the main road that connects Mombasa with the capital Nairobi, I arrive at the south-western entrance of the Tsavo East National Park, "Bachuma Gate ”. First photographic safari along the transfer to the reserved camp. Arrival and accommodation in the private tent. Early afternoon at leisure to relax inside the field with the possibility of admiring the animals that approach the pool in the field to drink. In the late afternoon Photo Safari in the park until sunset. Dinner and overnight at the camp. Famous for the huge herds of elephants, for the big cats and for the great variety of gazelles and antelopes. The park takes its name from the Tsavo River, which flows through it. It was opened in April 1948 and was divided into Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park. The two parks are divided by the Nairobi to Mombasa road and the railway. The presence of animals is abundant throughout the territory, throughout the year. Tsavo East largely includes savannah, while Tsavo West has a greater variety of environments and ecosystems. Thanks to its exceptional biodiversity, the park is considered one of the most valuable nature reserves in the world, and is one of Kenya's major tourist attractions.

Watamu Marine National Park & Reserve

Day 6-7
Pristine white-sand beaches and coral reef-protected lagoons line the Watamu National Marine Park and Reserves, which is the oldest in East Africa and covers over 229 sq km. It is one of the best kept secrets in the world with only the Great Barrier Reef itself having a bigger species roster and just in a much bigger expanse! The Watamu Marine Protected Area is also internationally recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This means that the area is designated a site of natural excellence and should help how local people and the environment can co-exist through careful management of our natural marine resources and human heritage. The Park and Marine Reserve is renowned worldwide for its natural beauty and boasts abundant marine life. It's virtually impossible to snorkel without seeing at least a few dozen species within the main reef; divers outside the reef have an excellent chance of seeing the magnificent whale shark and manta rays that are seasonal visitors. November is the best time to spot these animals. The Park is also home to three species of sea turtles which also nest on the beaches of the Marine Park. If there will be time, before leaving we will make a small excursion to the town of Watamu for a typical Kenyan breakfast and perhaps for the last souvenir shopping On the last day we return to Mombasa to then arrive at the airport, say goodbye and take the flight back home.
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