Discovering Douro Valley Gems - The wines, Salling, Gastronomy and Nature

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Hey there!👋 Calling all wine enthusiasts 🍷 – this trip is an absolute must for you! I am beyond excited to unveil my latest adventure, showcasing not just one, but two UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Douro Valley – an ancient hub of winemaking, and The Côa Valley archaeological park – home to mesmerizing prehistoric engraving sites. ℹ️ Did you know? With over 2,000 years of winemaking history, the Douro Valley has transformed into a terraced, vine-covered paradise for wine connoisseurs. Visiting this place is enchanting in itself, but the experiences packed into these 5 days? Absolutely life-changing! Now, why should you join me on this epic journey? Here are five irresistible reasons: 1 - Dive into the world of wines 🍷 2 - Indulge in mouthwatering gastronomy 🥘 3 - Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes 🏞️ 4 - Explore rich archaeological treasures 🦬 5 - Embark on thrilling nautical and recreational adventures 🚢 Bonus – With me as your guide, say goodbye to tourist traps! 🙋🏻‍♀️ So, what's in store for our 5-day escapade? - Delve into the heart of the Douro Valley with a sightseeing tour in Peso da Régua; - Journey back in time aboard the historic Douro railway, dating back to 1887; - Uncover the wonders of the Côa Valley Archaeological Site with exhilarating activities, including a scenic hike spanning around 1000 meters; - Discover the charming village of Pinhão; - Experience the "Feel Favaios" Tour at Quinta da Avessada, nestled in the Favaios vineyard plateau, complete with a delectable lunch; - Sail away on a custom-made adventure along the Douro River; - Plus, explore the villages of Tua and Castedo (our shared home). 🤝 Our itinerary promises a perfect blend of cultural and natural experiences, engaging all your senses. I'll provide detailed insights into each activity, with a few surprises up my sleeve, tailored to the time and preferences of my fellow TripMates. 🫰 And fret not about expenses – we'll effortlessly manage our shared costs with the Splitwise app, ensuring smooth sailing throughout our journey. In the unlikely event of not finding four TripMates, we'll adjust prices accordingly. But let's stay optimistic because this trip is about creating unforgettable memories together!

Now, a little about me – I'm a passionate human being who thrives on crafting meaningful experiences with others! 🤗 Warm, open-minded, and always curious, I guarantee our adventures will be nothing short of extraordinary. Plus, being a native of this region adds a special touch of LOCAL expertise.

Our accommodation 🏡? A charming Typical Douro Villa, once the village school, boasting: - 3 individual bedrooms (couples 🫂 friendly) - 2 shared bedrooms And let's talk amenities – an outdoor private pool, Wi-Fi access, a barbecue area, a well-equipped kitchen, and panoramic views that will leave you speechless! Are you ready to embark on this unforgettable journey through the Douro Valley? Let's create memories that will last a lifetime! See you in Portugal 🇵🇹

What's included?
🏡 Accommodation
🚕 Rental car
🚗 Tranfers from Porto to Douro region
⛽ Gas + Tolls
🛄 Packing list + Planned trip
🦴 Ticket to Côa Park + Activities
🚂 Ticket to iconic train line in Douro
⛴️ Douro river tailor-made sailing tour
🍇Quinta da Avessada - Feel Favaios Tour
❤️ Amazing memories are garanteed!
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Meeting point and Town day! ❗ IMPORTANT WE'LL MEET IN PORTO ❗ Transfer from Porto - Peso da Régua: 🕐1h20 drive by car (one trip) ✈️ at OPO airport (Porto airport), or in case you are all already in Porto the meeting point can change to Porto downtown. If there are other transport options, I'll reach out to you personally and we will solve it! We will meet around 11:00 and have lunch in the heart of Douro Valley - Peso da Régua. We'll explore this notable town known for its pivotal role in the production and trade of Port wine and set amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Douro Valley. 🛒 We can take the chance of being in the town and buy some groceries for the next few days. After that, we'll head to our 5-day stay home 🏡 🕐30 min drive by car

Vila Nova de Foz Côa

Day 2-3
Archaeological and active day! In the morning 🌄 We'll start the day under some amazing golden sun and head to Tua, the place where we'll catch the train 🚂 to get us to Côa Valley Archeological Park. 🕐50 min train trip one-way. Activities: - Visit the Côa museum - 4x4 journey + Hiking through archaeological sites - (Possibility)Tua interpretation centre - (Possibility) Ujo viewpoint sunset


Day 3-4
Relaxed sailing day! 🚢 A tailor-made sailing all-day tour in an amazing wooden 'James Bond' boat waits for us in Pinhão. A picturesque riverside village rich in cultural and historical background! We'll spend our day relaxing, sunbathing, swimming and diving in the Douro River, whilst enjoying the magnificent views of the Douro. Activities: - Embark on a journey through Douro River with Baco (name of the boat), also known as the God of Wine 🍷. Details included in tour: 🕐 6-hour tour 1 - A professional sailor & guide will be our host throughout this unique experience 2 - Lunch will be at one of the restaurants along the river or we can bring our food and drinks; 3 - Porto wine of honour and water included. - Visit Pinhão historic railway station adorned with distinctive handmade blue-and-white azulejo tiles.

Enoteca - Quinta da Avessada

Day 4-5
Wines and gastronomy day! Our program for the day will happen in Quinta da Avessada, Enoteca and includes: - A welcome Moscatel 🍷; - Participants are invited to get into the classic vehicle to begin the Tour to Aldeia Vinhateira de Favaios, - Guided Visit to the Bread and Wine Museum (Favaios); – Visit traditional bakeries to taste bread in wood-fired ovens; – Visit to the Sta. Barbara de Favaios Viewpoint; Splendid view over the Favaios Plateau, unique in the entire Douro Wine Region; – Visit to the Adega Cooperativa de Favaios; – Lunch at Quinta da Avessada (all-inclusive); – Visit to the Enoteca space. Learn about the traditional method of wine production using a sophisticated robotic teaching system.


Day 5
Final day 🛫 This is the day I'll take you back to Porto/Porto airport. 1. In case you decide to depart ✈️ on this same day -> I can take you back to Porto airport. 2. In case the flight is scheduled for another day -> I can take you back to Porto. If we still have time to do/visit someplace I have some suggestions under my sleeve.
Trip Summary
5 days trip
Douro, Vila Nova de Foz Côa & 3 more
Train, Boat, Car
What's excluded?
Restaurants 🍴
Groceries 🛒
Flight tickets ✈️
other activities that we might do
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