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Discovering Columbia: A Local Travel Adventure!

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Join us on an extraordinary journey, where you'll experience the vibrant heart and soul of this South American gem. This trip isn't just a tour; it's a deep dive into the local culture, traditions, and landscapes of Colombia. From the colorful streets of Cartagena to the lush coffee plantations in the Andean foothills, every day promises new adventures and authentic experiences.

Hello, fellow adventurers! As a seasoned travel blogger and photographer who has explored over 50 countries, I'm thrilled to guide you through the wonders of Colombia. My passion for connecting with different cultures and capturing their essence through my lens has led me on many incredible journeys. Now, I'm excited to share this experience with you.

During our journey through Colombia, we will be staying in carefully selected hotels that offer both comfort and a taste of local charm.This trip is designed to combine the comforts of quality accommodations with the immersive experience of living like a local. You'll have the chance to unwind in private rooms while still enjoying the communal and social aspects of traveling in a group. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through Colombia, full of new flavors, sights, and memories! Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
Cartagena, a jewel of the Caribbean coast, is one of the most enchanting cities you'll experience on our Colombian adventure. This historic port city, renowned for its well-preserved colonial architecture, vibrant street life, and stunning beaches, offers a captivating blend of old and new.


Day 3-4
Medellín, once known for its tumultuous past, has transformed into a vibrant, innovative city, earning its nickname, "The City of Eternal Spring," for its pleasant climate. Nestled in the Aburrá Valley of the Andes Mountains, Medellín is a testament to Colombia's resilience and spirit.

Valle de Cocora

Day 4-6
Salento, a small town in the Quindío department, is the gateway to the stunning Cocora Valley, famous for its tall wax palm trees, lush green landscapes, and coffee estates. What to Expect in Salento and Cocora Valley: Breathtaking Landscapes: Hike through the Cocora Valley, home to the world's tallest palm trees, offering scenic views and rich biodiversity. Colorful Town: Discover the charm of Salento with its colorful balconies, craft shops, and quaint streets. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the town square sipping on local coffee. Local Coffee Farms: Visit a nearby coffee farm to learn about the coffee-making process, from bean to cup. Engage with local farmers and understand the art of coffee cultivation. Trout Fishing: Try your hand at trout fishing, a popular activity in this region, followed by a delicious meal of freshly caught fish.
Trip Summary
6 days trip
Cartagena, Medellín & 1 more
Car, Train
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