Discover the beauty of Shimla in the Himalayas: Embrace local life, conquer offbeat treks, and relive the glory of British India's Summer Capital!

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Hello, adventure seekers! I'm Akshay, a passionate traveler from the Himalayan town of Shimla. Traveling is not just a hobby for me, and I'm thrilled to turn it into my profession. Having explored this country's length and breadth, I'm eager to host you and embark on an unforgettable journey through my hometown. Once you arrive in Shimla, we'll delve into its hidden gems. Our first stop will be an offbeat trek to Shali, where we'll camp under the stars, far away from the tourist crowds. Next, we'll head to my village, where you'll experience the authentic Himalayan way of life. We'll explore our lush apple farms, witness the art of terrace farming, and immerse ourselves in the local culture. Next, we'll venture to Chitkul, the last Indian village before the China border. Together, we'll witness awe-inspiring Himalayan vistas that will leave you breathless.

About me: Hey there! I share your burning passion for travel and am excited to connect with like-minded souls like you. Traveling has always been my refuge, a wellspring of inspiration and peace. It all began when I embarked on my first solo trip to India at 17. Since then, I've traversed various corners of this beautiful country, seeking adventure and soul-enriching experiences. I'm back in my hometown, Shimla, but I have a different vision for this place. I want to share its wonders not as a mere tourist but as a traveler. Join me on a Himalayan escapade, where we'll uncover hidden gems known only to the locals. With a couple of newfound friends, we'll embark on a great adventure, weaving unforgettable stories and cherishing the essence of the Himalayas. I hope you're as spontaneous, welcoming, and open to new adventures as I am. Let's make our dreams come true and embrace the joy of traveling together! I can't wait to meet you and embark on this thrilling journey side by side.

Accommodation: As for accommodations, get ready for a mix of experiences. In Shimla, we'll stay in a comfortable hotel with individual rooms. During our camping escapade, you'll have your single tent. And back in my village, I'll host you at my home, ensuring everyone has their room for a cozy stay. Our final stop in Chitkul will be a hostel, highlighting our newfound camaraderie as the trip nears its end. Accommodation costs will be 40 Euros per person per night for hotels (3 nights), 15 Euros for a night of camping, and 12 Euros for 2 nights in the hostel. Your stay in my village comes at no cost. We'll share food and drink expenses equally through Splitwise. Transportation will be in my car, and the estimated trip cost is around 110 Euros to cover gas expenses. Accommodation costs will be 40 Euros per person per night for hotels (3 nights), 15 Euros for a night of camping, and 15 Euros for 2 nights in the hostel. Your stay in my village comes at no cost. We'll share food and drink expenses equally through Splitwise. And, no worries, there's no triple-leader fee, as this is my first time hosting! This is not your typical trip; it's a unique, offbeat adventure. This journey is for you if you're a free-spirited soul ready to embrace new experiences and form lasting friendships. Together, we'll overcome hurdles and create memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready for an epic time. I can't wait to meet you! Let's have a blast!!!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Day 1 This will essentially be the arrivals' day in Shimla. Shimla is also popularly known as the Queen of the Hills. It is now the capital of Himachal Pradesh and is India's one of the most famous hill stations. You can contact me anytime if you need help to get to Shimla. I expect you to arrive here early, and we will stay overnight at the Hotel Whiteland, Shimla. I hope you arrive by afternoon so that you have ample time to rest. In the evening, we will head out into the town to have dinner and get to know each other better.

Shali tibba

Day 2-3
Day 2 We will get ready early and will have breakfast at the hotel itself. We will head to Shali, where the Shalli Tibba trek begins, which is a hike of 7 km and is pretty easy. We will make a pit stop at a grocery store to pack all the essentials for the night. We will pitch our tents at the top and have a bonfire at night. It'll be great if there was no rainfall, as we would get dry wood. Otherwise, I'll arrange for dry wood in advance.


Day 3-5
Day 3 We will return from Shalli Tibba and make our way towards my village. This'll be a drive of around 70 km. We will stop on our way to have some food. Once we get to my home, we can spend the rest of the evening putting up a bonfire and having delicious homemade food. Also, I will show you a few things which are very prevalent in our homes and culture, such as the traditional Verandah, stove, and attic. Day 4 This will essentially be another trekking day. We will explore some quaint Himalayan villages. My home is surrounded by numerous villages which we can hike to. I'll also show you around our apple farms. We will pack our essentials early in the morning and return after a fun day out in the nearby forests and villages. I'll also tell you a few stories about our folklore and our local gods.


Day 5-7
Day 5 We will leave for Chitkul. Chitkul is the last Indian village before the China border. It will be a 200 km drive from my village, which might be quite tiresome on the Himalayan roads. Also, it will be my first time traveling to Chitkul as well. We will explore it together. The views from here onwards of the Himalayas and the rivers are breathtaking. Our stay here will be at the Notonmap homestay, a hostel accommodation. Day 6 This will be our day to explore in and around Chitkul. We can do so by car or by walking as well. We can see the Baspa River, Mathu Temple, and Kamru Fort, which are some of its popular spots. I hope this day we can do something quite adventurous and fulfilling.


Day 7-9
Day 7 We will make our way back to Shimla. This will be an even longer drive of around 250km. We will get back to the Whiteland Hotel in Shimla. It might be evening by the time we get back. We can have an in-house dinner or head out to the town to have it. Day 8 This'll be our last day in Shimla, and I would like to make it as happening as possible. We can go to the major tourist attractions of the town, such as the Ridge, the Jakhoo Temple, it is the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. We can end our day by having a fun night at one of the breweries in Shimla. Day 9 This'll be the day of your departure. Our week-long trip would've come to an end. I hope we can have the craziest time in these mountains and form some lifelong friendships.
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Hotel & Hostel & Camping
9 days trip
Shimla, Shali tibba & 3 more
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