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What's special?
special Wahiba Sands
special Wadis - Wadi Shab, Al Alberieen, Mibam
special Unique culture and landscape
From the exuberance of the waterfalls hidden among dry land, date palm trees to the splendor of historic forts full of secrets, every step in this promised land is a fascinating discovery. Join us on this adventure through the heart of the Sultanate, where each destination is an invitation to explore its beauty and uniqueness. From Muscat, the vibrant capital, to the ancient villages of Misfat, Nizwa and Jebel Shams, each stop is an enriching experience. Delight in the flavors, colors and aromas of this captivating country as we venture through breathtaking landscapes and connect with genuinely welcoming people. Designed with care by those who have already lived this experience, VIVA will guide you on a deep dive into the Arab world.

Hi there! We are Guilherme and Nadine, a passionate globetrotting couple from Brazil and together we’ve been to over 67 countries bikepacking and backpacking, achieving lifetime goals as crossing more than 4000 km by bicycle in Europe, reaching Everest Base Camp, crossing from Kenya to Cape Town with public transportation. Now decided to share the best experiences we’ve had along our journey. We craft all itineraries with the most authentic and immersive experience we previously had. We both have healthcare skills background to assure your integrity all the way. Join us to live unforgettable lifetime experiences.

We choose hotels well located in the center of cities/villages and close to the main points of interest, in order to facilitate the travel foreseen in the program. These are hotels that breathe the atmosphere of the places visited, characterized by the region's cultural marks, in order to accentuate the contrasts that can be felt throughout the trip. In cities, we sleep in double rooms with private bathrooms. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

What's included?
9 lunches +10 dinners
ground transportation during itinerary
2 day tours, 2 museums and forts
Wahiba Sands desert experience
airport pick-up
6 adventures (hikes, wadis, rapel)
hotel for 9 nights
snacks and water during expedition
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A vascular surgeon and a pharmacist who decided that life was better spent on the outdoors.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Marhaban fi Sultanat Oman! Welcome to the Sultanate of Oman! Upon arrival, our team will be waiting for you at Muscat airport to welcome you to Oman. Afterwards, it will be time to head to the hotel and rest from the flight and meet with other travelers.

Wadi Al Arbeieen

Day 2-3
After a nice breakfast, it's time to explore the capital of this browser empire. We will visit the magnificent mosque, Grand Mosque. We will discover other parts of the capital before leaving for our first destination, our first Oasis: Wadi Al Arbieen.

Wadi Al Arbeieen

Day 3-4
Far from civilization and surrounded by unique flora, we will begin our first hike, heading to a hidden waterfall in our first Oasis. Our night will be different, in the presence of a starry sky and the sound of waves, we camp with a view of the Arabian Sea.


Day 4-5
After watching the sunrise, enjoy breakfast with the best view of the sea, get ready for our first adventure, Canyoning in the Wadi of the day, Wadi Mibam - but don't worry, if you want, you can choose to rest and just observe nature in the middle of the Wadi. Take the opportunity to swim in the refreshing waters and enjoy the scenery that looks like something out of a movie. We will sleep in the city that once belonged to the great navigators, Sur.

Wahiba Sands

Day 5-6
A city that maintains its historical roots while opening up to modern influences, Sur keeps the tradition of its grand vessels alive. After getting to know the city, we will leave for Wadi Bani Khalid. Take the opportunity to dive in its crystal clear waters. Afterwards, we completely change our look and enter the world of sands - welcome to Wahiba Sands. Here, we will fill ourselves with adrenaline on our Jeep safari amidst the intense red dunes of Oman. We will have dinner and watch the stars.

Misfah al Abriyyin

Day 6-7
We said goodbye to Wahiba after our breakfast after enjoying the sunrise and ziplining. We drive to Birkat Al Mouz, a traditional village with a serene atmosphere and here we can observe Omani culture up close. We will visit the ruins and have a coffee in the middle of the Al Hajar mountains. We will then depart for Misfat Al Abryeen, a charming village built on the slopes of Al Hajar. This city has a chance to be your favorite during the trip – get lost in the maze of narrow streets amid date plantations, and take the opportunity to discover the Falaj system, the region's typical irrigation system, which surrounds the village.

Jebel Shams

Day 7-8
We will learn more about this unique village – there are few active cities that have remained frozen in time. Amidst houses made of clay, banana trees, papaya and date trees, we will see every corner of this place that came out of a dream. In the afternoon, we will leave for our next destination, Jebel Shams.


Day 8
Jebel Shams, also known as the Mountain of the Sun, is the highest peak in Oman. After breakfast, we headed out for our expedition of the day, the famous Balcony Hike, or W6, or the Grand Canyon of Oman. Between the mountains of Al Hajar we will have a stunning view. The trail consists of a winding road through the Wadi Ghul gorge, and we have a unique and exciting perspective from the mountains to the waterfall that will give you an unforgettable view. We had lunch and headed towards Nizwa, our new destination.


Day 8-9
In Nizwa we find the Fortress, built in the 17th century, it is an imposing architectural landmark that offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains. The market, or “Souq” as it is called, is locally famous for being one of the most authentic markets in Oman. Take the opportunity to discover crafts, unique pieces and typical foods. Here, I delve into the daily life of a population that has followed the same customs for so many years. We will also visit the Ages Museum and sleep in Muscat, and have our farewell dinner, remembering everything we experienced in the last 10 days, with our new family.


Day 9
This is the end of our amazing journey. After breakfast, our team will drops you off at Muscat airport or anywhere you need to go in the Muscat city area. We are sure, that like us, you will fall in love for this unique country and its people.
Trip Summary
Hotel & Camping
9 days trip
Muscat, Wadi Al Arbeieen & 8 more
What's excluded?
international flights
any activity not described on itinerary
any food/ drinks not described
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