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Join me on an unforgettable journey through Japan, where we'll explore vibrant cities, iconic landmarks, and breathtaking natural wonders. With my proficiency in Japanese, English, and Spanish, along with some knowledge of French and German, I'll be your knowledgeable guide and language teacher throughout the trip. Our itinerary is meticulously planned yet flexible, allowing for spontaneous activities and personal exploration. We'll spend two days immersing ourselves in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo before heading to the majestic Mt. Fuji, with the option to climb for the adventurous souls. From there, we'll venture to Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka, spending three days soaking in the rich history and culture of these ancient cities. After exploring the historical sites of Hiroshima and the vibrant streets of Fukuoka, we'll journey to Okayama before visiting the scenic wonders of Tottori and the relaxing hot springs of Kinosaki. Throughout the trip, comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended as we'll be doing a lot of walking. If you prefer to travel light, I can assist in mailing your luggage from one hotel to the next, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Whether you're captivated by Japan's bustling cities, serene landscapes, or delicious cuisine, this trip offers something for everyone. So pack your bags, leave your suitcases behind, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

About Me! Hi, I'm Leandro. I'm an Argentinian language teacher. I've studied Japanese language and culture for over a decade. Join me as we explore new cities and I take you where only Japanese speakers can go.

We'll be staying at hotels throughout our trip except the last night, where we'll take a night bus from Osaka back to Tokyo and then to the airport. We'll be travelling early in the morning from Tokyo to Shimoyoshida (near Mt. Fuji) by bus and then rent a car. The rest of the trips we'll be done by bullet train, bus and subway. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Hi, I'm Leandro. I'm an Argentinian language teacher. I've studied Japanese language and culture for over a decade

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
Tokyo has 2 airports. If you arrive at the Haneda airport, I'll be there from 10.30 to 11.30 to welcome you. If you arrive earlier, later or through the Narita airport, I'll provide detailed instructions on what train, subway or bus to take from the airport to the meeting point at any point through our trip. Depending on the airport you choose, we can start our trip either at the shibuya Shibuya station and it's tower: Shibuya Sky, or at Tokyo Skytree. The order of destinations will vary depending on the starting point, but we'll go through the same places. We'll visit the the Meiji-jingu shrine, we'll have some time for shopping (especially important in case you want to prepare for climbing Mt. Fuji,) and we'll walk around through the narrow streets of Shinjuku filled with traditional shops until we reach the Hanazono Shrine. We'll enjoy some Karaoke and finish our with a night view of the city at either of the towers we didn't visit during the day. Early risers can start the following day with a visit at the Hie Shrine, then we'll go on a tour through Tokyo's imperial palace. In the afternoon we'll visit the Tokyo National Museum and walk through the Ueno Park. Then we'll experience two different types of Japanese theatre: Rakugo and Kabuki. The alternative option for those who can't understand Japanese or don't want to watch theatre would be the Kanda shrine, Sensō-ji, Asakusa shrine and Teamlab. We can end the day with some late-night shopping in Akihabara.


Day 3
We'll arrive by bus at the Kawaguchiko Station and rent a car. From there we'll explore the Ice Cave and Wind Cave while walking through the Aokigahara forest. We'll drive back to the Sengen Park, climb the stairs and arrive at the famous Pagoda everyone has seen in the famous picture (if the weather is good, you'll see Mt. Fuji as well, just like in the photo.) After lunch we'll stock up on provisions for the climb. Here there are several options: you can Kayak in lake Kawaguchiko, explore the Music Forest Museum and the shrine just a 15 min walk away from it. You can choose climb Mt. Fuji at the Shimoyoshida path to see the sunset (I'll drive you to the station and you'll come to Gotemba by train or bus the next day) or come with me to Gotemba, where you can explore the city or accompany me on a longer but less crowded climbing path. Take into account that the last train from Shimoyoshida to Gotemba leaves at 19.00 and you won't have another until 10.00 next day.


Day 3-5
For those who come to Gotemba but don't want to climb: you'll have time to explore the city and visit the Fuji Sengen Shrine, the Gotemba premium outlet (a large shopping center,) and the hotsprings at the Gotemba Kogen Resort or the Otainai Onsen Kenkou Center. Alternatively, you can visit lake Yamanaka, near Gotemba, but remember buses back to Gotemba don't run past 7 PM. For those who'll climb: After stocking on provisions we'll begin our climb at around 16.00. and reach the top at around sunrise. Next day we'll go on a short excursion to Hakone and ride the cruise on a pirate ship at Lake Ashi. If there's time left, we'll drop by the Odawa Castle.


Day 5-6
In nagoya we'll explore the Osu Kannon Temple, the Bansho-ji temple, the Nagoya Castle and the Tokugawa Art museum, which has a beautiful park surrounding it. In the evening we'll visit the Osu shotengai shopping district or Oasis 21 commercial area. We'll finish the night with a view of the night city from the Sky Promenade observation tower.


Day 6-7
We'll use the bus and subway to travel around Kyoto. The Sanyo Sanin pass (included in the trip cost) will save you paying for one of the busses that goes through some of the major sights. The day will begin with a visit to the Heian Jingū shrine and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Then we'll go to the Nijo Castle and the famous golden Kinkaku-ji temple. If time allows it, we'll visit the Tenryuu-ji temple or we'll head directly to the Arashiyama bamboo groove. We'll finish the night visiting the Gion district (there are certain areas of the Gion district inaccessible to foreigners due to previous misbehaviour towards the locals.)


Day 7
On our second day in Kyoto we'll go to the Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and the Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine. Then we'll ride the subway to Nara where we'll visit the Tōdai-ji shrine, known for its "Daibutsu-san," or Great Buddha. Right next to the shrine, you'll find Nara Park (where you can pet and feed deer. Bow to them and they'll bow back!) We'll then ride the subway to Osaka, where our next hotel will be. After checking-in, we can finish the night by walking through the neon lights of the Minami District or head to the Umeda Sky Tower for another impressive view.


Day 7-9
We'll begin our trip through Osaka by visiting the Dotonbori, the Kuromon Ichiba market, and riding the Tsutenkaku tower. You can then go to one of many themed Cafes (all marked on the online map I'll share with you.) We'll continue early in the afternoon to Shitennoji Temple, and the Osaka Castle. Then we'll go to Den Den Town to buy souvenirs and end the evening wiith a river cruise.


Day 9-10
Our day in Hiroshima will begin with a visit to the Gokoku-jinja shrine, the Hiroshima Castle, the Atomic Bomb Dome, and the Peace Memorial Park. After lunch we can visit the Peace Memorial Park or the Hiroshima Orizuru Tower. We'll then head to the Toshogu Shrine which holds a Peace Pagoda. Coming back we'll stop by the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum and enjoy the Shukkeien garden. In the evening we can visit the Hondori Shopping Street.


Day 10-11
Early risers will have time to visit Shofuku-ji temple, the Jōten-ji temple, or the Tochoji Temple. Don't miss the rooftop view at Hakata Station. Our next stop will be a bit away from Fukuoka: we'll visit Nanzoin, where we can find the world's largest Reclining Buddha statue (due to previous foreigners' misbehaviour, there might be difficulties entering with a large group, so if you want to take part in this activity, please be on your best behaviour and don't disturb the people who go there for religious reasons.) Coming back to Fukuoka we'll visit the Sumiyoshida shrine, the Kushida Shrine, and go through the Tenjin Underground mall. We'll walk through the Maizuru Park on our way to the Hakata Museum. Then we'll walk through the Ohori park to hopefully reach the Fukuoka tower just as the sun sets. Right next to the tower you'll be able to feel the sand on your feet at the Momochihama beach.


Day 11-12
Now we're heading back in the Tokyo direction. Okayama is a great city with very traditionally-looking houses. We'll see the statue of the legenday Momotaro near the station, then head to the Okayama Castle and it's park. At noon we'll have the option to rent a car and visit a shrine in the nearby mountains called Saijo Inari-san Myoukyoji. Coming back we'll explore the southern park of Okayama, with it's beautiful houses, as well as the Kanryuji Hondo and Achi Shrines.


Day 12
On our last touring day, we'll visit Tottori, for its Sand Museum and sand dunes, you'll even be able to ride camel! On our way to Kinosaki we'll stop at the Sun-beach, a middle point where we can stretch our legs and enjoy the sea.

Kinosaki Onsen

Day 12
Our last stop will be Kinosaki Onsen. You'll see lots of people wearing kimono here. This town boasts 7 famous hotsprings (and they allow tattoos). After relaxing in a hotspring or two, we'll return the car and head back to Osaka to catch our night-bus to Tokyo if your flight takes off at Haneda or Narita. Alternatively, you can depart from the Kansai Airport right next to Osaka.
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