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INTERESTING NOTE. The trip is flexible and I can organize yours at anytime. So if the date listed here doesn't favor you, still message me. We can still plan your own separate trip at your discretion. πŸ‘‹ THE ORGANIZER Hello guys, my name is Ngong Donald, I'm a Cameroon based in Douala Cameroon, I'm a law student and freelancer at Upwork as content writer, copywriter, website designer and SEO ranking and Transcriber. Physically, engage in other activities such as farming, tutoring. I love meeting and interacting with people, I love travelling though I have never gotten an opportunity to travel outside my country, which is something I really dream to do. However, I have seen the JoinMyTrip platform as an opportunity to invite foreigners to visit my beautiful country Cameroon. I have a vast knowledge about touristic sites in Cameroon because I visit them frequently since I'm a native. I speak both English and French. πŸ“ THE TRIP After this trip, you will have ever lasting memories because of the too much fun. Cameroon is a country that has a lot natural touristic sites and on this we will be residing in one of the most beautiful touristic towns in Cameroon (LIMBE), where we will have quick and easy access to the places we are going to visit. I attend school in this town so, the environment won't be new to me. I want 5 to 10 nature loving people who are willing to discover this beautiful part of the earth to join me in October to spend a few days in Limbe, Southwest Region of Cameroon. During this trip, we will visit Mount Cameroon which the highest point in West Africa and also an active volcanic mountain. We will visit its different layers and summits. On this trip, we are also going to visit the Debundcha which is the 6th wettest place in the world with constant rainfall throughout the year. We will continue to visit the Boucareau, which is one of the most beautiful beach in Cameroon, with a very attractive Island. Also, we will visit the Botanical garden and Limbe wildlife center. If you are someone that loves wild animals and beautiful flowering environment, then this is not a trip for you want to miss. We shall also visit the Tole Tea estate which is the largest tea estate in Cameroon and third in Africa. Some nights, we can hangout and find one of the best spots with good wine to make a toast and relax with some extra fun (more details in private chat). πŸ’° What is included? πŸ›οΈ ACCOMMODATION Accomodation will be at WDC Hotel, Seme Beach Hotel or or Fini Hotel in which luxurious rooms cost $150 per night multiply by 7 days =$1050. We can get rooms at lower cost depending on your taste or share rooms to minimise cost (depends on the tripmates). πŸš— Transportation The best option is to rent a car (The hotel can still provide one). We will be carrying out a single trip per day, that is from the Hotel to the touristic site and back to the hotel then next day next trip... Outing at night for extra fun depends on the tripmates (I already gave a clue above and more in private chat). The transportation fee is from the hotel to the touristic site each day. 1) Mount Cameroon transportation $40, entrance fee $250 2) Debunscha transportation $20, entrance fee $100 3) Limbe Wildlife transportation $20, entrance fee $150 4) Boucareau transportation $20, entrance $150 5) Tea Estate transportation $30, entrance $100 6) Botanical garden transportation $20, entrance $100. I'm going to be your mouth piece at the tour should in case you need any assistance, so you don't need to worry about your way around. I can help with currency exchange value estimation if you want to buy anything of your choice maybe arts and craft, a snack etc. There is no better way for me to describe how fun the trip will be, it's just for you to come and witness. Send me a message if you are interest, so we can have a proper and deep discussion about the trip. πŸ“¬ Are you in? Send me a message.
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Trip Itinerary

Mount Cameroon

Day 1-2
This will be our first place to visit during the trip. It is know globally as mount Cameroon and locally as Mount Fako because it is found in the Fako division. In the city of Buea near the gulf of Guinea. The mountain is 30th on global ranking.


Day 2-3
This is the 6th wettest place in the world found on the western corner of Mount Cameroon facing the South Atlantic Ocean. The place has very wet climate with about 10,299 millimetres of rainfall annually.

Limbe Botanic Garden

Day 3-4
This Garden was created in 1892 during the German colonial era. The garden has over 1500 taxa (1000 herbaceous plants and 500 woody plants). It has rare plants such as the Pimenta racemosa which can only be found in the Caribbean.

Limbe Wildlife Centre

Day 4-5
This wildlife center is a recue, rehabilitation and conservation education project. This centre has mostly the Gorilla family species. It was founded in 1993 and is managed by the ministry of Forestry and wildlife.


Day 5-6
Boucareau is simply the Limbe beach, is part of the Atlantic ocean. It is a nice Island to swim and catch fun, watch the sunset, make vows etc. It has all amenities a bitch is suppose to have; seafood etc.

Cameroon Tea

Day 6-7
The Cameroon Tea Estate is found in the Southwest region. It is locally referred to a the TolΓ© Tea Estate. It's one of the largest tea estates in Africa, producing tea for exportation to be consumed in other countries.
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