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Let's discover Oman, one of the most beautiful countries in the Arabian Peninsula with its traditional architecture and mind-blowing natural beauty, named one of the top 10 "golden" destinations by Lonely Planet! During our 7-day itinerary, we will enjoy various activities, from desert safari to relaxing on the beach and exploring iconic landmarks!

Oman has been on my bucket list for quite some time, and I am looking forward to sharing this trip with passionate travellers who appreciate exploring cultural diversity and alternative destinations. In our itinerary, I included some of my favourite activities we can enjoy together in 7 days.

For our accommodation, I have chosen 3-star hotels with double or triple rooms and single beds for more convenience. For our safari adventure, we are spending the night at a bedouin camp. All of our hotels offer breakfast and our one-day stays also offer dinner (all offered meals are included in the final price). If Oman is on your bucket list as well, I'm happy to be traveling with you soon!

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Day trip on Daymaniyat islands
Transportation (SUV rental)
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Trip Itinerary

You will meet Vana and the group in Muscat

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Day 1-2
Our trip begins in Muscat, Oman's beautiful capital of appx. 1 million people. Oman combines mesmerizing beaches, natural pools and the middle eastern desert, providing unique scenery and various opportunities. When everybody arrives, we will get to know each other better and review our trip.

Fins Beach

Day 2
We are picking up our car and begin our holiday. Our first stop is Fins Beach, just a 1.5-hour drive from Muscat. We are spending half of our day there, relaxing at the beach, enjoying the sun and swimming in the crispy waters. There are many beach options in Muscat and the nearby areas, so if we decide to include a stop, it would be pretty easy and fun!


Day 2-3
We can visit Wadi Shab, a top-rated destination in Oman on our way to Sur. Wadi means valley in Arabic, and this valley has everything it requires to be extra attractive. After a 45-minute hike, which can be demanding at some points, we are enjoying dipping into its refreshing natural blue-green pools. Our final destination for the day is the coastal city of Sur, where we also spend the night at a beachfront hotel.

Wahiba Sands

Day 3-4
We are taking part in a desert safari and spending the night at the renowned Wahiba Sands in Bedouin camp tents. Desert camping is my favourite experience in middle eastern countries. The scenery and atmosphere are surreal, and the local hospitality is authentic and unique. There are plenty of activities such as camel or 4×4 desert rides, sandboarding and desert explorations, I recommend we join before sunset. At night, I am sure you will enjoy the local bedouin feast. On our way, we will swim in the deep pools of Wadi Bani Khalid and explore the hidden Mukal Cave.


Day 4-5
The next stop is Nizwa, Oman's cultural capital. On our way, we will stop at Birka Al Mawz, a charming ancestral village at the base of Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountain), we will explore Oman's most significant forts and castes, and discover Bahla, one of the oldest cities in the region and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Day 5-7
We return to Muscat by late afternoon and set in our hotel. There we have the chance to explore a bit more of the city in the next 2–3 days. We are visiting some of the city's most iconic landmarks, such as the magnificent Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque - the country's tallest structure, the Royal Opera House, Bait Al Zubair Museum, Al Alam Palace and Muttrah Souq. Of course, we can enjoy swimming and relaxing at the beach or try some water activities.

Ad Dimaniyat Islands

Day 7
Finally, we are sailing on a day trip through the 9 Nature Reserve uninhabited Daymaniyat islands. The islands were only recently open to the public, and they are known for the sea turtles that lay their eggs and nest there, as well as their extraordinary flora and fauna. This is a half-day organized experience with experienced locals, snorkelling equipment, and a lunch stop.
Trip Summary
Hotel & Camping
7 days trip
Muscat, Fins Beach & 5 more
Car, Boat
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