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Coworking trip
Would you like to travel and see the world? Would you like to escape the cold in Europe? Would you like to find out what it's like to live in the rainforest? Are you currently in a home office and have time to travel or can you work independently? Well, then I might have the right trip for you. I am currently living at a tropical research station near the Piedras Blancas National Park in the small village of La Gamba in Costa Rica. Here I am doing a 10-month social service, which I am doing instead of community service back home in Austria. I have heard from many friends that they would like to come here and we have a lot of space that is not being used at the moment. Normally scientists and students from all over the world come to this station to do research on the rainforest, but at the moment the universities don't allow them to travel. So we have space for more than 30 people, but at the moment there are very few people living here. We are missing the people from other countries who bring life back to the station. That's why I now offer two different versions of co-working here in Costa Rica. 1. Do you have a full-time job that you can do from your computer or do you have your own business on the internet? Why not swap your workplace? The tropical station in the rainforest is equipped with fast internet, so you can easily conduct business meetings. Besides, if it gets too hot on a day or you want some privacy, just use your room, which is equipped with a desk, a fan and many other things. Or if you want to use the air-conditioning in the lab during work, where there is always a free space, then just do that. Or how does it sound if you don't have to cook your own food every day? Let's say you live in Germany or Austria and there's a lockdown in your country and all the restaurants are closed and you're sick of cooking every day and would rather use the time for other things. Just enjoy the freshly cooked meals 3 times a day and concentrate more on your work or free time. You can of course also work from a hammock as you like. Did I mention that you can walk around in a T-shirt and shorts all day ;) And on your days off or after work, you can join us for a bike ride to the nearby sea or to the various waterfalls in the area. Or just get the mountain bike from us and explore the surroundings on your own. Or if you want to go hiking on one of the paths in the rainforest, then grab your rubber boots and machete, and off you go. Depending on the length of stay, we have different price models (for students the stay is cheaper), but you can expect to pay 69 dollars or (approx. 58 euros) per day for a stay of 30 days or more. Please note that this price includes three freshly cooked meals per day and accommodation. Please also notice that the price will increase from 01.10.2021 onwards it will be 76 $ per night = approximately 65 € per day. 2. have you ever thought about volunteering or doing an internship? You would like to see how reforestation works and how trees are planted and rainforest is created? Maybe you would like to support us and work hand in hand with us on different projects? You will gain great experience and insight into a different culture and perspective. You will also enjoy the delicious Costa Rican food and get a freshly cooked meal 3 times a day. On our days off, you can join us on bike tours to the nearby sea or to the various waterfalls in the area. Or you can simply grab one of our mountain bikes and explore the surroundings on your own. Or would you like to go hiking on one of the paths in the rainforest? Don't forget your rubber boots and machete and off you go. The accommodation price for volunteers and interns including three freshly cooked meals per day is only 40 USD or about 33 € per day (with a minimum stay of 30 days). The price on Join-my-trip is a calculation for a typical 30-day stay. Please notice that from 01.10.2021 onwards the price will increase to 44 $ per day = approximately 38 € per day. With the price of your stay, you also support our local village staff and the conservation and exploration of the tropical rainforest in the region. At the moment (as of August 2021), Costa Rica's borders are open to many countries around the world. You only need a few documents such as filling out a questionnaire before entering the country, travel insurance (this is included in Join-my-Trip if you are an Austrian or German citizen), liability insurance, and a return ticket. You can stay with us for as long as you like and arrive on any day (prices are scaled according to the length of stay). So, why not venture to a new country and maybe learn to surf in your free time or see a toucan or other wild animals in the wild every day before breakfast? Living in the rainforest is special, I promise you. It has changed me massively in a positive way. I would definitely recommend you to travel through Costa Rica for another week or two to get to know the nature, the different landscapes and the sights of the country. Are you interested? Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact me.
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La Gamba centro

Day 1-31
Please have a look at the description for more details. You can stay as long as you like. If you want to see some impressions from here have a look at my own shot pictures (use the arrow keys).
31 days trip
La Gamba centro
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