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Forget the clichéd tourist traps, the worn-out routes, and the uninspired 'must-sees'. Come join me on an authentic, vibrant, and unforgettable 10-day co-working trip through the heart of Italy’s hidden gems: Napoli and its Islands. Ischia, Capri, and Procida. I've planned a journey that not even the most seasoned travelers could uncover alone. I’ll show you my hometown as only a local could. Before we start, a quick snapshot of me: I'm Nico, born and bred in Napoli, and I’m thrilled to share the magic of my beloved city with you. Picture non-stop adventure, co-working, and cultural immersion with an insider who knows Napoli like the back of his hand, promising you a glimpse into secrets only locals are privy to. A sunny spirit, flexible in nature, and a lover of good music, sunsets, and – you guessed it – food. Over the past years, I've curated over 25 co-working trips, connecting a vibrant network of about 300 remote workers. And, oh, the memories we've made – PRICELESS! That’s why now I want to offer one of the best and truest experiences ever. I want to show you the gem of Italy, the mecca where most of the creativity, art, good food, music, and laughter come from; that land where there’s no space for sadness and regrets, the place where what counts is only today and not tomorrow. Ready to experience the real Napoli? Buckle up, and let's go! The Journey Begins in Napoli Our journey begins in the vibrant streets of Napoli, where the true essence of the city lies – from traditional street food to the rhythmic pulse of local hangouts and the true Neapolitan nightlife. We’ll stroll through the old city center of Napoli, stop at the best pizzeria in the world, enjoy the real Margherita, and then experience the nightlife in Napoli. I promise it will be VERY fun! Plus, with me here, you are completely in safe hands. A day later, we’ll visit the main spots of Napoli, the main street of this magical city, visit some hidden gems in the old city center, and try some traditional Neapolitan meals at one of the funniest trattorias in the world. Here, food is not the only actor; here, everyone is in party mode. People will dance, sing, and laugh, creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. Next Stop: Ischia But hold on, the ride doesn’t stop there. Next, we sail to the paradisiacal island of Ischia - once crowned the best island in the world. We'll divide our days between productive co-working in a historic villa, plunging into natural thermal baths under a star-studded sky, and feasting on mouthwatering seafood. Talk about work-life balance! Here, we’ll engage in activities and workshops, as well as in a cooking masterclass with the owner of one of the most historical villas in Napoli. This villa, our paradisiac accommodation with a dreamy view and an insane garden, is the perfect hub for connection and relaxation. Our Accommodation in Ischia: The Historical Villa Picture this: After a day's work, you step out onto one of the terraces at the historical villa perched on the Punta Imperatore promontory, taking in the panoramic views of Ischia's stunning landscapes! The house is surrounded by a giant garden full of old trees, fruit plants, and olive groves. And if you feel like having a lazy afternoon nap, just pick a hammock, lie down, and let the island breeze sing you a lullaby. For our daily hustle, we have different spots to work and co-work during the day and a spacious communal living area where we'll focus on our daily tasks. Due to the villa's thick, old walls and expansive garden, the Wi-Fi might be a bit shy in certain corners. But don’t worry! We’ve made sure to install high-speed fiber in one of the main areas of the house. You’ll just pick your cozy corner, and you're good to go. Once in Ischia, we’ll visit the best natural spots of this island, such as the natural thermal baths, where we’ll go during the evening when the lights are down and the sky is full of stars. One of the best experiences ever. Next, there are many other spots to visit, things to do, as well as games/workshops to play with our group of tripmates in one of the main areas of our fantastic accommodation. The Grand Finale: Capri & Procida As our Ischian idyll is slowly ending, we’ll rent a boat (included in the price), and we’ll sail the waves at the discovery of Procida, the smallest of the three Neapolitan Islands. Unique for its colors, this small town is the manifesto of Napoli; here, you can get the most authentic Neapolitan experience. We’ll be visiting these islands from another perspective… from the crystal-clear sea! The day later?! We’ll head to Capri! Many people say that’s the real gem of Napoli, nothing to do with the Amalfi coast. This Island is a picture, looks not real for how pretty and perfect it is. Here, we’ll walk through the main areas of this island, stop for a tasty fish lunch, then watch the sunset and go back to our villa and island, Ischia. Here, a closing party in the garden and next to the pool will be arranged by us to celebrate the closing of this 10-day experience in Napoli!

But remember: Napoli, with its islands, isn’t just a city; it's a way of life. So, prepare to immerse yourself in its rich culture, captivating art, music, and gastronomic traditions that’ll tantalize your taste buds and not break the bank. I'm inviting 6-8 spirited, flexible, and jovial people to share this adventure with me. Not only will this be an opportunity to network and regenerate our energies, but it's also a chance to form lifelong friendships, which is probably the best way you can ever have to visit Napoli in your life. My Goal? To create an environment bursting with motivation, inspiration, and excitement for life and work in the vibrant and colorful landscapes of Napoli.

Are you as excited as I am? Then drop me a message, and we'll schedule a quick video call to share more details about the accommodations, group, type of experience and more. Un abbraccio, Nico P.S.: If you were planning to stay longer, I’m open to hosting a little group at my old summer house, which is 20-30 minutes from Napoli and a 5-minute walking distance from the beach. Here, we could rent a car and co-live for a few more days. The cost would be 18€/ night for a shared room.

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Boat Trip: Discover Procida
Cooking Masterclass: Traditional Neapoli
Guided Neapolitan Street Food Tour
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
Let's start our adventure by exploring the dynamic streets of my hometown, Napoli. I'll take you to the heart of the city, where you'll get to sample some of the most delicious street food. At night, we’ll become true Neapolitans, diving into the local meeting areas, absorbing the city's vibrant energy. We'll then tuck into a meal at one of my favourite traditional restaurants, where the food is simply unforgettable, the atmosphere lively, and the prices friendly.


Day 3
Next, we'll move to the beautiful seafront of Mergellina, where the stunning view of the Neapolitan Gulf will captivate you. This represents one of the main spots in Napoli we'll see. Of course, all the best hidden gems are not spoiled here, but you would have to join to discover them.


Day 3-10
Then, we'll retreat to the stunning island of Ischia for 7 days of bliss. We'll co-work and chill in a historic villa, nestled in a massive garden. It's a unique work-life balance experience with the breathtaking beauty of Ischia as our backdrop.

Baia di Sorgeto Ischia

Day 10
Fancy a dip under the stars? At Baia di Sorgeto, we'll enjoy an evening like no other, immersed in warm, natural thermal baths right by the sea. It's nature's own jacuzzi! These hot springs, with healing properties, bubble up from the ocean floor, creating a unique spa experience. Surrounded by the serene beauty of the star-studded sky, we’ll soak our stress away. Post our heavenly soak, we'll tickle our taste buds with some fresh, local seafood at a nearby trattoria - it's pure bliss, I promise!


Day 10
Dive into the heart of the Mediterranean with a quick, enchanting ferry ride from Ischia to Capri. This magical island escape promises a brief but unforgettable adventure. We'll explore Capri's stunning landscapes and charming streets, followed by a delightful lunch at a local gem, savoring the island's culinary wonders. It's a compact, emotion-packed experience, leaving us with lasting memories before we sail back to Ischia, hearts and cameras full.


Day 10
Picture this: the sun kissing your skin, the breeze whispering tales of yore, as we either circle Ischia, unveiling her beauty from a new vantage, or glide towards Procida's vibrant embrace, viewing its kaleidoscopic shores from the cradle of the waves. This day is more than a trip; it's a heartfelt homage to my roots, a celebration of the sea that binds us to these islands. It will be one of those unforgettable days where emotions, laughter, and joy mix together. We'll have a memorable time seeing these majestic landscapes from the sea!
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