Colombia 360º Trip Full of Local Experiences: Coffee Tour in the Eje Cafetero, SecretGastroExperience, ⛵️ Boat Trip to Islas del Rosario and much more, together with a Trip Coordinator WITH EXPERIENCE IN THE COUNTRY!

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What's special?
special Coffee tasting in the Eje cafetero
special Gastronomic Experience with locals
special Boat trip to Islas del Rosario
TO MEET EACH OTHER AND TALK ABOUT ALL THE DETAILS, PLEASE BOOK OUR VIRTUAL COFFEE HERE: Welcome to an exhilarating group trip to Colombia, where enchantment awaits at every corner! Our 10-day journey will lead you through a KALEIDOSOPE OF LOCAL EXPERIENCES, offering an immersive blend of captivating culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality. Kickstart your adventure in the vibrant Medellín, a city which has experienced a transformation from a troubled past to a vibrant metropolis. Marvel at innovative architecture, take a cable car to the hillside neighborhoods, and soak in the city's artistic spirit. Next, we'll venture into the heart of Colombia's coffee region, where emerald-green hills and charming coffee plantations will leave you in awe. Delve into the coffee-making process, interact with local farmers, and taste the finest brews that energize the nation. As we journey to the Caribbean coast, Cartagena's romantic allure will sweep you off your feet. Stroll through the UNESCO-listed walled city, indulge in delectable seafood, and dance the night away to infectious salsa rhythms. Finally, connect with nature in a boat trip to Islas del Rosario. Snorkel in crystal-clear waters and enjoy the white sandy beaches. Throughout the trip, our experienced guide will ensure your safety and enrich your understanding of Colombia's vibrant history and culture. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure, forging lifelong memories with like-minded travelers on this mesmerizing journey to Colombia.

About me! I am Monica, an Italian smiley 🙃 girl living in Spain since 2015! I’m really friendly and open-minded, and I love to spend time having nice conversations, a good lunch, a walk on the beach, practicing sports, exploring new places, or whatever makes me feel alive 🫶 I've explored Colombia 🇨🇴 and I totally fell in love with this Country! I can guarantee it's an authentic paradise, full of diverse landscapes, a lot of history, astonishing nature and nice food!

Details about the accommodation: All the accommodation are carefully chosen according to a well-located position and comfortable facilities. You will sleep in individual beds and share the room with people of our group. Rooms are for 2, 3 and maximum 4 persons. Girls and boys will stay in different rooms. If you want to sleep in an individual room you would need to pay an extra fee, to define depending on the city and hotel. We will have an amazing time, fellows!

What's included?
Accommodations for 9 nights
Coffee tour in the coffee region
Boat trip to islas del Rosario
Colombian Gastro Experience
Internal transportation
Day trip to Guatape from Medellin
Lunch and breakfast in Guatape
Cocora Valley ticket
Coordinator experienced in the Country
Cartagena,Medellín,Eje Cafetero
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I’m Monica, a charismatic Italian traveler always ready to create adventures while connecting with people! Hobbies?! 🌏🍷🍕🐶🌱🧘‍♀️☀️🌊

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-4
Medellín is a must-visit destination in Colombia. This vibrant city has transformed itself from a troubled past into a model for urban innovation and social progress. A pleasant climate, stunning mountain views, and efficient public transportation. Immerse yourself in the local culture through art, music, and cuisine. Explore historical sites, experience the friendly atmosphere, and revel in the energetic nightlife. We will visit the iconic district of Comuna 13, now a symbol of the city's transformation, together with a local guide. Vibrant street art, inspiring stories of resilience, and witness of the community's positive change. A must-see for its cultural richness and powerful message of hope.


Day 4
Guatapé is a charming Colombian town known for its vibrant and colorful houses. The town offers a picturesque setting against the backdrop of the stunning Guatapé Lake. We will climb the iconic El Peñol rock -with more than 700 stairs- for breathtaking panoramic views. We will stroll through the cobblestone streets adorned with intricate zocalos artwork and experience the warmth of the locals. Guatapé's unique beauty and tranquil ambiance make it an ideal escape from city life and a delightful addition to any Colombian itinerary.

Coffee Axis

Day 4-7
From Medellin we will start our journey - by a private mini van especially booked for us - to the unforgettable Eje cafetero region, where one of the most famous coffee in the world is planted. We will sleep in a typical house, explore the picturesque coffee plantations, learn about the coffee-making process, and indulge in the finest brews. Discover the region's lush landscapes, rolling hills, and charming towns like Salento with its colorful buildings. We will hike through the enchanting Cocora Valley, home to the towering wax palms, taste authentic Colombian cuisine and experience the warm hospitality of the locals. Included in the price you also have the experience in the Termales de Santa Rosa de Cabal, a natural paradise of hot springs nestled amidst lush forests. Relax in rejuvenating thermal waters, surrounded by breathtaking views. Experience tranquility, soothe your senses, and immerse yourself in nature's therapeutic embrace for a truly refreshing getaway. We will also visit the iconic village of Filandia,with its colorful colonial architecture, friendly locals, and beautiful surrounding landscapes.


Day 7-10
Cartagena de Indias, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers a wealth of captivating attractions and festive and positive vibes you can't miss. The enchanting walled city with its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and vibrant plazas like Plaza de Bolivar and Plaza Santo Domingo, the historic Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a fortress with panoramic views, are just few of the things we will visit. Cartagena's charm and cultural heritage make it an unforgettable destination in the Caribbean. INCLUDED: - To top it off, we'll embark on a breathtaking boat trip to the mesmerizing Islas del Rosario, a tropical paradise just off the coast of Cartagena. Spend a day exploring the crystal-clear turquoise waters, sunbathe on pristine beaches, snorkel amidst colorful coral reefs, and unwind in the serene surroundings of this idyllic archipelago. - Gastronomic experience with a local chef. We will learn how to cook the Colombian most iconic meals and eat and drink all together while living unforgettable moments!

Rosario Islands

Day 10
The Rosario Islands National Park, a protected area known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs. With this boat ride through the park, you will marvel at the picturesque landscapes, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking surroundings.
Trip Summary
10 days trip
Medellín, Guatapé & 3 more
Car, Plane, Boat
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International flights to/from Colombia
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Food and drinks where not included
Money pot for common expenses
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