Coastal Wonders: Salvador to Aracaju Escape in Brazil

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Join a local on a barefoot journey along Brazil's northeastern coast. Starting in Bahia's capital, Salvador, we'll witness the glorious Barra Sunset. Then, let's embark on a fun coastal road trip, visiting numerous beaches, and bars, en route to Atalaia shore in Aracaju-SE. Up to about 3-4 tripmates

About me! I am 28, and I am from Salvador, Bahia. After long periods working in the office, I think it is time to shake up my routine a little bit. Need to fill my Brazil's Northeast beach list. Shall we?

Details about the accommodation: We'll stay in lodges or coastal hotels, possibly sharing rooms for two. But, if available, we can opt for private rooms as well. Each stop promises restful nights and morning breakfasts (price included) before our next road trip adventure. Don't worry! I am going to be your native guide and driver!!! Do you have questions? Let me know in the Q&A section below!

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Road trip, beaches, friends. What else does a person need? Almost forgot! Savory dinners and laughter-filled talks before a restful sleep.

You can chat with Vinícius once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Firstly, we will meet in Salvador and stay overnight at the inn (just a few minutes from the Salvador–Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport). When everyone is ready, we will head south, exploring the main beaches in Salvador. Kiosks, bars, beach tents, and a refreshing swim in the sea will allow us to savor the Salvador climate, culminating in a stunning Barra sunset. The next day marks the beginning of our road trip adventure.

Praia do Forte

Day 2-3
I will literally drive you guys on our road trip north way, where we will stop by Praia do Forte. Join me for an incredible trip place, where sun-kissed beaches await, perfect for unwinding and capturing breathtaking moments. Indulge your taste buds in local delights at charming restaurants. We'll not miss the chance to explore Projeto Tamar, a marine conservation gem. Let's make memories against the backdrop of pristine shores, delectable cuisine, and a meaningful conservation experience. The place is known for its really safe and pleasant environment, and I will try to make you guys feel at ease to explore whatever you want. Then we spend the night there to keep full steam ahead on the road!

Mangue Seco

Day 3-4
Get ready for the next leg of our road trip to Mangue Seco, where as thrill-seekers we will conquer vast dunes on a buggy tour or else, just go on a serene boat ride through intricate mangroves It is up to us to decide. Let's try local cuisine at charming eateries, specializing in fresh seafood with a beachside ambiance. We'll enjoy an unwinding vibe, on pristine beaches. We will feel an island countryside climate with the sympathetic and giving people there. Make sure you rest tight after this unforgettable blend of adventure and relaxation so we continue to our last day on the journey northward.

Lagoon tambaquis

Day 4
Gear up for the enchanting allure of Lagoa dos Tambaquis on our road trip north. It's an appealing spot with inviting hammocks suspended over the lagoon, providing the perfect setting for relaxation. However, we also have the option of kayaking and perhaps enjoying live music at the bars and restaurants along the seashore. The true protagonists here are the tambaquis, which swim freely in the lake around us. Don't miss the opportunity to feed these creatures. And, as a rule of thumb, we'll indulge in the delights of exceptional Brazilian food.


Day 4-5
Rest assured, at night, we'll explore one of the most beautiful shores in Brazil—Atalaia. Its more than 6 km extension is not only visually pleasing but also a lively space with a plethora of bars and squares. Let's immerse ourselves in the rhythmic beats of live music pouring from beachside clubs, creating an inviting atmosphere for dancing or simply enjoying the lively ambiance. Enjoy the most as we finish our journey with a flourish in the vibrant nightlife of Aracaju.
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Hotel & Hostel & Bed & Breakfast
5 days trip
Salvador, Praia do Forte & 3 more
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International Flights
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