Slow paced co-working and guided trip in Bali with sightseeing, sailing and yoga classes with your own instructor.

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special Sailing tour on a luxury boat
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special Villa suited for remote working
Organizing a memorable experience in Bali sightseeing, sailing and yoga classes. It is a quite slow paced trip organized in that way, so it would be good for both remote workers and those who are planning just to relax and have a vacation. All the group activities like sailing tour and day trips with a local guide are planned on the weekends. During working days we are going to take it slow, meaning remote workers can work, others can enjoy Bali and its surroundings, or maybe have some yoga practices. 😊🧘🏻‍♀️ What you can expect from the trip: -Sightseeing around Bali with a local guide -Sailing trip with luxury boat to Komodo Island -Yoga classes and more self focused experiences

I have always wanted to visit Bali. Fun fact - I have never been there, but I have planned trips to Bali for my clients. 😊 So I feel like I already know the island pretty well. 😄 I also know a local guide there who will be more than happy to assist us while travelling around Bali. I am a yoga teacher myself, so my schedule is definitely going to include some yoga classes. What can be a better place for that than Bali? 😌

We are going to live in 2 different villas, so we can experience all parts of Bali. Both villas have Wi-Fi and comfortable areas for remote work. I am going to rent quite huge villas that have 4 to 6 bedrooms, so we can all have separate beds. We are also going to spend 2 nights in a luxury boat on our sailing trip around most beautiful islands in Indonesia. Do you have any questions? You can let me know in the Q&A section.

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Hello! My name is Migle. I'm Lithuanian, 27 years old, passionate traveler, writer, blogger, story-teller, yoga teacher.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-10
For the first 9 nights, we are going to stay in a beautiful villa in the south of Bali, area between Seminyak and Canggu. The beachside area where we are going to stay is packed with amazing bars, clubs, beach clubs and spots to party all night long. It has all kinds of parties, from easygoing sunset drinks to hectic rave parties in Bali. On the 14th-15th of March, you will arrive to the villa. Getting to know each other and getting familiar with the area.

Ceking Rice Terrace

Day 10
On the 16th of March (Saturday) we are going to do our first sightseeing tour together. The plan is to leave very early in the morning at 6-7 am. Our tour will be led by a local guide which I personally know and who was leading my previous travelers in Bali before. :) We are going to travel with his car. During the day we are going to visit Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Bali Swing and Tirta Empul Temple. Coming back to the villa in the evening. Dinner and relaxation.


Day 10
From the 18th of March, five slow paced days in Bali. For those who are working remotely, you could work in villa or other cafés, restaurants in the area which are plenty. For those who are planning just to chill and relax, you can enjoy a beach or sightseeing. I am very much into yoga, so my plan is to look for the best yoga schools and classes in the area and attend at least a few of them. You are very much welcomed to join me. If we don't like local teachers, you can be assured we will have yoga classes in our villa, since I am a yoga teacher myself. :) So 5 days for a bit of working, a bit of yoga, a bit of sightseeing. Do not worry, I will prepare with a list of places we can visit around during those 5 days. I am also up for a day trip to Nusa Penida island on one of the days.


Day 10-16
On the 23rd of March (Saturday) we are checking out from our villa and moving to Ubud, Bali. I will organize a transfer for our group, so we can comfortably move with our luggage. Staying in another villa which is in more calm, cultural and sightseeing part of Bali. Checking in and visiting Monkey forest in the afternoon. Staying here for 6 nights.


Day 16
On the 24th of March (Sunday) our second sightseeing tour with a local guide. Visiting 3 different waterfalls and a couple of temples. Leaving very early in the morning again and coming to the villa in the evening.


Day 16
Another 4 slow paced days in Ubud, Bali. Remote work, yoga classes and sightseeing for those who are interested. Possible day trip to Hanging Gardens of Bali, or early morning hike to Mount Batun. Do not worry, again I will prepare with a list of sightseeing places we can visit around for those who are not planning to work.

Komodo Island

Day 16
On the 29th of March (Friday) we are checking out from our villa. Our time together ends here. Unless, we will decide to stay in Bali for longer... :) For those who want to prolong the trip, there is an option to go on a sailing tour. We would fly from Bali to Komodo Island Airport. We would have 3 days, 2 nights Komodo Island sailing tour, visiting the most beautiful and picturesque islands of Indonesia, Pink beach, watching Komodo dragons. Sailing and sleeping in a beautiful luxury boat. There are two options for a sailing tour: private luxury boat or sailing with a group of people. Price varies from 500 to 2000 per person. From Sunday to Monday, staying in a hotel and flying back to Bali on Monday - the 1st of April.
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16 days trip
Seminyak, Ceking Rice Terrace & 5 more
Car, Boat, Other
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Transfer to/from Bali airport
Your expenses for food, entrance fees
Sailing tour on a luxury boat
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