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special Crossing Budapest by canoe
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special Crossing the Great Danube Bend by canoe
All highlights of the Danube in 3 days in one trip! Canoeing trip through the majestic Great Danube Bend and Budapest city centre! Come and canoe the largest, safe river of Europe where it cuts itself through mountains and is the most beautiful: the Great Danube Bend. Then canoe on and cross the City Of Budapest, the capital that is divided by the river and is a gem of the Danube. World-famous UNESCO sites and buildings (Parliament for example) and fascinating bridges, see it like no one else: From the River! Three days of canoeing, camping, sitting around the fire, swimming in the warm river, cooking, connecting and making friends, playing and having fun together. Friendly, knowledgeable guide and team with 20 years of experience. We take lunch on an island, play volleyball, canoe around other islands, swim in the Danube… GAMES: splash-and-capsize canoe fight, ninja, killer game, meta and many more! 72% of the participants are beginners on our trips, we teach canoeing everyone PLACE AND RIVER: Danube, north of Budapest (between Esztergom – Budapest south) The river is safe for everyone, still fast enough for carrying us, with beautiful campsites and islands. See the largest basilique of Hungary at Esztergom from the Danube! Others say: "...a fabulous time...", "...incredible journey...", "...unforgettable memory...", "...the highlight of last summer” ... „the best week of my entire life".

About Me! Hi, I have been working as a professional canoe guide for 21 years now, I have guided canoers from 54 countries, several thousands of them. This is my passion: Nature, rivers, camping and good company. I love travelling, languages, reading, learning about myself, I have a family: son (9), daughter (3 months) and a wife (secret), we live in Budapest, although returned from living in Spain one year ago. People usually say I am a good leader, I care about needs and emotions likewise, I am said to be a good organizer. Actually, I executed the First Hungarian Mekong Expedition all alone in 2006. I really love adventures... I also hosted the annual CouchSurfing canoeing trip for 15 years. Lived in New Zealand and Japan. I am also a qualified karate trainer/coach and author of 2 books.

We will camp at 2 designated campsites with toilet, running water, etc. These are beautiful places just by the river. with comfortable places to lay your tent. You can watch the 5 billion stars, listen to the Danube, the most international, fabulous river of the world. You can bring your own camping gear or rent from me on low price. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Food 3 times a day
Canoes and equipment
Luggage transport along the trip
Pro guiding
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Passionate river-man, book-lover, nature-lover, who believes that human connections are the most important part of life.

You can chat with Zsolt once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1
See the largest basilique of Hungary from the Danube! The dome of the temple is 99 metres high, can be seen for many kilometres while we are leaving this charming town, still the capital of catholic church in Hungary.

Helemba Island

Day 1
Lunch break on this hidden island that belongs to Slovakia, but noone bothers you for a passport. Perfect spot for relaxing and sunbathing or swimming after stuffing your belly with nutritious food.

Pilismarót Dunapart

Day 1-2
Gateway of the Great Danube Bend with a serene swimming beach. We will camp here just by the river and watch the 5 billion stars. We cook on open fire, play funny games and even sink the canoes during a splash-and-capsize fun-fight.


Day 2
We don't stop exactly here, but see it from the river while crossing the Great Danube Bend. Beautiful green hilly-mountanious terrain with serene villages alongside, seen from a 300 m wide river as is cuts its way through.

Szigetcsúcs Büfé és Recepció

Day 2
Another lunch on an "not just another" island! Island, yes, but this is an iconic place, the tip of island has probably the best views in Hungary: see the Great Danube Bend and the castle of Visegrad in one picture! We will play here a special Hungarian game and enjoy this unmatched beach.

Vadkacsa egyesület

Day 2-3
Fabulous campsite by the river with a large camping spot and excellent place for making fire and singing through the night. Natural beach with huge trees and there is also a high-class sauna park if the natural heat wasn't enough for you!


Day 3
We just have here a short stop to enjoy the smallest, but still offocially existing island of Hungary: the One Tree Island. It is actually composed of 2 trees that are keeping the soil together with their roots, standing there at least since 1870.

Római part

Day 3
The best-known beach of Budapest with several eateries, cafés and huges trees we take lunch under. A real historical place for canoers, The Departure point of trips even all the way down to the Black Sea. Here we start our crossing of Budapest, culturally the highlight of the trip.

Inner City

Day 3
Well, stopping is not allowed for a good reason, but we can cross Under The Bridge (see RHCP-song)! Downtown of Budapest from the river, and UNESCO world heritage-listed place with iconic buildings like: Royal Castle, House of Parlaiment, Citadel and 4 historical bridges!


Day 3
A small, hidden riverside spot for finishing our trip where we take public transport and gho back to the city together and say goodbye there. We have lunch together, take the last photos. Optinally we can visit Széchenyi SPA, the best spa-complex of Budapest.
Trip Summary
3 days trip
Esztergom, Helemba Island & 8 more
What's excluded?
Sauna enrty
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