Co-Working in a Buenos Aires Mansión and Iguazú waterfalls - Amazing let’s work in the center of Buenos Aires , and live like Gardel 😎

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special Discover Buenos Aires hidden spots
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**Week 1: Buenos Aires Bliss 🌆🍷🎉** *Day 1-3: Settling in* - Check into our chic co-working flat in Buenos Aires, complete with a refreshing pool. - Evening kick-off in La Boca—tango, local cuisine, and vibrant street life. *Day 4-6: Palermo Soho Vibes* - Dive into Palermo Soho's nightlife—craft cocktails, trendy bars, and hidden gems. - Rooftop romance in Puerto Madero with stunning city views. *Day 7-9: San Telmo Bohemia* - Cultural night in San Telmo—antique markets, historic courtyards, and live music. - Explore coworking during the day and immerse in Buenos Aires' eclectic evenings. **Week 2: Iguazu Adventure 🌿🌅🦋** *Day 10-12: Waterfall Wonder* - Fly to Iguazu Falls for a breathtaking change of scenery. *Day 13-14: Jungle Nights* - Moonlit rainforest adventure—discover nocturnal wildlife. Two weeks of co-working, cultural immersion, and nature's embrace—Buenos Aires and Iguazu, a perfect blend of work and adventure! 🚀🌎💼

Hi guys, I'm Dave, or you can call me Chaac I’m an eternal explorer. Since 18, I've hitchhiked, rode in trailers, and hopped on cargo trucks, discovering the heart and soul of Mexico. From breathtaking waterfalls to hidden beaches and cozy restaurants, I've not just seen places but also connected with incredible people. I've got the lowdown on the pros and cons of different Mexican regions. Currently, I've swapped sombreros for snow in Estonia, working as a Cybersecurity Analyst for the past four years. Despite the tech life, my heart beats for adventure. I've run marathons, conquered triathlons, I love sports. Always open for fun, good conversation, and adventures, let's make memories together.

Lets find the perfect fancy spot in Buenos Aires haven! Picture this: a cozy flat, or residencia nestled in the heart of the city, complete with a refreshing pool to cool off after a day of adventures. 🏡🏊‍♂️ As the sun sets, the city comes alive with possibilities. Whip up your own culinary masterpiece with an Argentine twist—a sizzling asado (barbecue) awaits. 🔥🥩 Let’s find a football match, cheering alongside passionate locals in the electrifying atmosphere of the stadium. ⚽🔥 and finish with a good choripan 🤩 Or, opt for a more relaxed evening with a casual beer crawl through local bars, soaking in the authentic Argentine vibes and forging memories that'll last a lifetime. 🍻🌆 Buenos Aires awaits for us 😎where comfort meets excitement, and every evening promises a new chapter of discovery! 🌟 #BuenosAiresBliss Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Residence in Iguazo waterfalls
Round flight from Buenos Aires to Iguazo
Residence in Center of Buenos Aires
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"Join me, Chaak, your expert guide to Mexico's hidden gems. Let's embark on an amazing adventure together and discover the must-see spots!"

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Trip Itinerary

Buenos Aires

Day 1-9
Indulge in luxury at our Buenos Aires villa! Your retreat near the city center promises a pool oasis and a dedicated space for sizzling traditional Argentine asados. Join 8-9 explorers for an unforgettable stay in a grand mansion! 🏰🏊‍♂️🥩 #LuxuryRetreats

Iguazu Falls

Day 9-15
Unwind in Iguazu paradise! Discover accommodations with a pool near the falls, perfect for 8 remote workers. Our coworking space brings nature and productivity together seamlessly. Dive into the beauty of Iguazu with the ultimate workcation! 🏡🌊🌿 #IguazuRetreat #RemoteWorkOasis
Trip Summary
15 days trip
Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls
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